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Maps and Location Details
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:32 am    Post subject: Maps and Location Details Reply with quote

This is where I'll post any maps, and details on Worlds, Cities and Locations visited, so all can refer to them easily.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 6:27 am    Post subject: Planet - Tros Reply with quote

Planet - Tros
Planet Function - Trade
Government - Military
Planet Type - Artificial
Terrain - Artificial (Buildings) on top of mining tunnels
Temperature - Varies by Area
Gravity - Standard
Atmosphere - Varies by Area
Hydrosphere - No naturally occurring water sources
Length of Day - 33 Hours
Length of Year - 135 Local Days
Sentient Races - Varied
Starport - Stellar Class
Population - Approx 500 Million
Tech Level - Space
Major Imports - Foodstuffs, Trade goods, Luxury goods
Major Exports - Luxury goods, Trade goods
Lifeforms - No indigenous Lifeforms

A truely epic space station, the planet of Tros, is more accurately a rogue moon.

After being ripped from it's original location, orbiting the local gas giant, it was coaxed into an eliptical orbit at the edge of the system, where it remains today, no longer the captive of any one world, but instead serving as the local hyperspace marker, for those brave souls wishing to enter the sector.

With the moon barren of life, geologically stable and possessing an adequate volcanic presence to be able to be safely tapped to provide geothermal power, rather than further sources of power having to be provided, the moon was the Republic's flag of presence among the small cluster of systems which were found within the nebula.

The construction on the moon which was soon to be renamed, was started around the year 200BBY, by the Neimoidan Trade Federation being supported with financial aid, by the Intergalactic Banking Clan, which realized the profits which could be reaped from opening up an otherwise unknown sector of space.

With the formidible power which the union was able to present, the building went quickly, with the basic transport and power services being quickly put into place by droids, before the first starport was constructed, to enable raw and processed materials to be brought to the surface more efficiently.

During the contruction, the planet was guarded by legions from both the IBC's "Collections and Securities" Division, and the fleets that the Trade Federation were building to stop piracy in such remote sectors of space, so it was common to see the wheeled Hailfire Droids, stationed alongside the droids which were constructing buildings and transport systems alike.

With the construction of the State-of-the-art Starport, the Neimoidans started manning the planet's surface, activating the droid control units which they had constructed beneath their impressive, if architecturaly uninspiring buildings.

Much as had happened to Coruscant, the encroaching multitude of peoples required more and more building, with the moon's surface soon overrun by the constructs needed to support the ever increasing range of life which was visiting.

When all the surface space had been consumed, they started building in the only direction which was available to them - Upwards.

Thankfully, unlike Coruscant, they didn't have to worry about affecting the climate, but the ever increasing height of the buildings, combined with the relatively weak light from the system's suns, brought a new problem - Lighting.

To solve this problem, as had been done on Coruscant, gigantic Solar reflectors were set in orbit around the moon, to catch, focus and enhance the natural sunlight coming from the system's suns.

This, as well as the continuing expansion of the buildings, soon led to distinct sectors forming within the station -

Section 1 (or "Down-Below")

The whole of Section 1 is, as Mos Eisley has often been claimed to be "A Hive of Scum and Villany." Filled with those workers whose manual task can't be done by droids, those down on their luck, and anyone that the Military government deems "Undesirable", Section 1 is a maze of tunnels, with one-room shacks crowded along as much of the corridors as possible.

The only communal areas are the Comissary, and the "Rec" room, where employees of the Station are required to do a minimum of three hours exercise a day.

The whole section is lit by overhead lamps, which form the only illumination, with no natural light managing to filter it's way down that far. These lamps are dimmed to a dull blue to simulate night on the surface above, this often being the only timing system that the dwellers in this section have.

Section 2

Section 2 is the largest section of the station, with the towering structures often being interlaced with pressurised aerial walkways and gantries. This sector is what can be considered "Mid-level" housing, with the quality of housing often (but not always) following the overall "Higher, the best" system which is prevalent everywhere.

Section 3

Section 3 has the highest security of anywhere on the planet, with this level bearing several distinct types of areas.

Not only does it hold the barracks, armories and training facilities for the planet's military, but it also holds all of the command and governmental offices, which have their own housing complexes attached.

Section 4 (or "Richville")

Section 4 is the most opulent area of all, which is mostly lit by natural light from the solar reflectors, which remain high above the surface of the world-station.

Vast plexiglass bubbles dominate the surface, filled with Arboretums, parks and other "outdoor" terrains. The remaining areas are filled with high-class stores, restaurants and entertainment suites, which provide for the relatively low number of residents, who are the "Ultra-rich" of the planet, who often own the entire parts of their domicile, which are classed as Section 4.

Others, who might not have as much influence, credits, or who try to live a more modest lifestyle, often own a whole floor in their respective buildings, an amount of personal space which is unimaginable to those unfortunates who are restricted to Section 1.

Within each of the Sections, other sectors are scattered around haphazardly. Each sector contains a different type of atmosphere, to provide for the wide variety of lifeforms which inhabit the planet. They are color coded as follows:

Green - Type I Gaseous Atmosphere.

Yellow - Type II Gaseous Atmosphere.

Orange - Type III Gaseous Atmosphere.

Red - Type IV Gaseous Atmosphere.

Shades of Blue - Water-Filled sectors, the darker shades representing water types from deeper sectors.

In each transition zone, there are two sets of color-coded lockers, with each locker containing the appropriate breathing equipment to allow species to breath in the opposing type of atmosphere. Occasionally, other equipment will be present, with this normally occuring in the lockers for Water-Filled sectors.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For those of you wondering, the blobs with 5 radiating lines are trees, while the arcs (I hope) should be clear to be the field of vision for each camera.
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