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Character Sheets
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:49 pm    Post subject: Character Sheets Reply with quote

Player Name: Vong
Character Name: Zain Nerhrn
Template Type: BountyHunter
Gender/Species: M/Human
Age: 29 Height: 1.7m Weight: 170
Character Points: 5
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Move: 10

Dexterity: 3D
Blaster 5D
Dodge 5D
Knowledge: 2D+2
Mechanical: 2D+2
Perception: 4D
Search 5D
Sneak 6D
Strength: 3D
Technical: 2D+2
Security 4D+2

Credits: 100
Equipment: Blast Vest (+1D physical, +1 energy (torso)) - 300 - p5
Shadowsuit (Adds +2D to sneak) - 600 - p7
Holorecording Macrobinoculars(+2D to all search or Perception rolls) - 2000 - p97
BlasTech T-6 "Thunderer" - 750 (power packs: 25) - p43
10 powerpacks
recording rod

Zain Nerhrn was born on Kuat. His father worked in the Kuat Drive yards until a group of rebels did a raid on the yards. His father was suspected of assisting the rebels escape, so their Imperial masters came to their house. A sick and twisted woman named Karmi Lorbaoth loved to torture people. She killed his father and his mother over the course of an hour, as Zain was force to watch every minute of it. By the end of it, he was a broken 10 year old. Karmi left Zain with the dead bodies of his parents, chuckling as she left. He sat there for 5 days, staring at his parents corpses. It was a random stranger coming to clean up the mess that came in and found Zain sitting there. He took Zain in and fed and cleanend him. But Zain would never bee the same ever again. He became a cold person, and quite aggressive. He didn't want to join the rebels to get back at the imperials, as there methods were too .. humane. He left his new house when he was 12 and started learning what he could where he could. He was a petty criminal for a few years, until he got enough credits to get off the planet. Then he just snuck on ships and hoped from port to port, learning what he could when he could. He spent a few stays in various prisons, earning a few scars and tattoos. It was in his most recent stay at a prison that he learned about bounty hunters. When he got out, he took his new found knowledge and started the process of becoming a bounty hunter.
He learned how to shoot a blaster, and knew how to be quiet and sneaky from all his jumping around, so it was easy enough to prove he could be a part of a crew. He joined the guild, and found a group of people to help him amass some wealth, and maybe get back at the Empire at the same time...

Get get revenge on Kami and the Imperials

Connection with other Characters:
Fellow Bounty Hunter

A Quote:
"Don't make me kill you"
The Vong have Arrived

PM me if you want user created content uploaded to my site:

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Template Type: Ex-SWAT-Operative/Vigilante Gunslinger
Name: Lazlo M’ourn
Species: Human
Sex: male Age: 25 Height: 1.89 Weight: 94
Force Sensitive: n Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:
Move: 10
Character Points: 3


Dexterity 4D
Blaster: 5D+2
Dodge: 4D+2
Firearms: 5D
Melee Combat (S) Batons: 5D

Knowledge 2D+1
Intimidation: 3D+1
Intimidation (S) Glare: 4D+1
Lawenforcement: 3D
Willpower: 3D

Mechanical 2D
Repulsorlift Operations: 3D

Perception 3D+1
Con: 4D+1
Search: 4D
Sneak: 4D

Strength 3D+2
Brawling (S) Martial Arts: 4D+2
Climbing/Jumping: 4D
Stamina: 4D
Swimming: 4D

Technical 2D+2
Blaster Reapair: 4D
Firearms Repair: 4D
First Aid: 4D

Special Abilities:

Credits: 3125

Equipment: Snap Baton(Str+1D), Palandrix Personal Protection Stun Gauntlets(Str+2D Stun), Z2 Stun Baton, Cresh Luck armor (+1D Phys, +1D Energy, Torso front/back Legs front, no Dex), Czerka Adjudicator w/wristclamp, 40 rounds, 40 explosive slugs, Merr-Sonn Silencer, Ultrasonic Sighting System, Blaster Target Board & Sensor (pg116), Blaster Repair Kit(pg116), Slugthrower Repair Kit, SorooSub Security S-5 Ascension Gun, 3 Powerpacks, 10 liquid Cables, 40 Microdarts, 10 Acid Darts, 10 Tracer Darts, Quickdraw Holster (+2D to quickdraw), long leather coat, hat, a box of cigarillos and a box of matches, Medkit, 3-Mal Personal Comlink, Spacer's Chest,

Model: Merr-Sonn Snap Baton
Type: Modified personal defense baton
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: baton
Cost 200
Availability: 2
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: Str+1D

Model: Palandrix Personal Protection Gear Stun Gauntlets
Type: Hand-to-Hand Stun Gauntlets
Skill: Brawling
Ammo: 10 charges
Availability: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Str+2D Stun

Model: Merr-Sonn Z2 Stun Baton
Type: Stun baton
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: stun baton
Cost: 400
Availability: R
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: STR+1D or 5D stun (two settings)
Game Notes: Power pack lasts for three

SoroSuub Security S-5
Ascension Gun
Model: SoroSuub Security S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Type: Heavy blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: S-5 (for heavy blaster), Firearms: S-5 (for
microdarts and cable/grappling hook)
Ammo: 20 blast charges, 10 microdarts, and 2 twentymeter
long liquid cables
Cost: 1,000 (power packs: 25)
Availability: 3, F, R, or X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-10/30/60 (blaster and microdarts), 3-12/36/72 (cable)
Damage: 5D (blaster), Paralysis (poison microdarts, see below), or Entanglement (liquid cable)
Game Notes: This weapon can fire normal heavy blast charges, poisoned microdarts, or a length of liquid cable. Microdarts inflict no damage, but if used against an unarmored target (or an unarmored portion of a target,
see the rules for called shots on page 91 of the Rulebook), they inject a paralyzing poison. The target of such an attack must succeed at a Moderate Strength check or be paralyzed and unable to move for 2D minutes. The liquid cable can be used to scale walls (in conjunction with a grappling hook attachment), or can be used to ensnare an opponent. If
a hit his scored with the cable, roll 4D “damage” against the target’s Dexterity rating with the following results: 0-3: Grazed, -2 pips to Dexterity until freed, Very Easy Strength check to break free; 4-8: Lightly entangled, -1D to Dexterity until freed, Easy Strength check to break free; 9-12: Heavily entangled, -2D to Dexterity until freed, Moderate Strength check to break free; 13-15: Severely entangled, -3D to Dexterity until freed, Very Difficult Strength check to break free; 16+: Completely entangled, cannot perform any actions, Heroic Strength check to break free

Model: Czerka Adjudicator
Type: Slug throwing hold-out pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms
Ammo: 4
Cost: 300, 50 (wrist clamp magnetic holstering lock), 10
Availability: 2, F or R
Fire Rate: 2
Range: 1-5/10/25
Damage: 3D+1
Game Notes: If optional spring clamp is employed, user
gains +1D to the character’s firearms skill to quickdraw
against an opponent (for quickdraw rules, see Han Solo and
the Corporate Sector Sourcebook, page 122)

Model: Merr-Sonn NonSonic Silencer
Type: Firearm noise suppresor
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster repair: modification
Cost: 1,200
Availability: 2, R
Game Notes: Absorbs the sound of a firearm, preventing the need for a Perception check when fired.

Model: Novaless Soni-Optics Target Imager
Type: Sonic targeting system
Skill: Blaster
Cost: 800
Availability: 2
Game Notes: Device adds +1D+2 to blaster when firer takes one round to aim (this is in addition to the normal aiming bonus). Maximum effective range is 50 meters.

Model: Crozo Industrial Products 3-Mal
Type: Personal comlink
Skill: Communications
Cost: 250
Availability: 1
Range: 50 kilometers over land and up to low orbit
Game Notes: Automatically monitors local “standard clear frequencies”, which are used for emergency news bulletins by military and civilian authorities.

Physical Description: Dressed in a black leather coat and a black hat, Lazlo is a sinister figure. A glare from his cold, gunmetal grey eyes has given many a criminal pause. Knowing that he is not the best brawler, he always wears his stun gloves. A black banthaleather gunbelt, holds both a quickdraw holster, a holster for a snap baton and several pouches for additional equipment. He wears his Adjudicator on it's wristclamp on his left forearm, to have an "ace" up his sleeve. This has already saved his live more than once.

Personality: Once a friendly team-player, Lazlo has turned into a taciturn loner. He hates pirates with a passion. He still spends several hours a day training to keep his edge.

Modus Operandi: A mixture of "The Challenger", "The Minimalist" and the "Secret Power". Lazlo prefers to offer one chance to surrender to his targets, hoping that his growing reputation as a gunslinger will help. If they don't accept, he will challenge them to a duel. There's two cases in which Lazlo will change his approach: Cheaters and pirates. In both cases, all bets are off. As a former LEO, Lazlo does his best to keep collateral damage to a minimum, sometimes even letting targets go if the danger to innocents is too great. Usually he prefers "Dead or Alive" bounties.

Objectives: To redeem himself in his own eyes. To take revenge on the Pirates.

Background: Born on Petr’ando, an Agroworld in the Expansion Region, the future life of Lazlo M’ourn was pretty much predetermined. He would be either a farmer or an engineer in the North West Quarter Cooperative, just like generations of his family and relatives before him, live in a prefab, marry have children who would also become farmers and die of old age or maybe in one of the very few accidents that happened.
Growing up on Petr’ando had it’s advantages. It was a peacefull world, with the few outsiders usually keeping to the few larger towns with spaceports. There was virtually no crime and a very good education system and fulla access to both education and entertainment channels. The climate was temperate and wildlife had few dangerous predators. Lazlo was his parents’ only son, ha had two sisters, M’chel older and Dera younger than him. As a boy, Lazlo spend his time at school, helping on the farm and watching the entcom channel. He was fascinated by the tales of famous gunmen, like Gallandro and Jango Fett, defending all that’s good and fighting evil. At ten, he made himself a toy pistol and a gun belt and started to “slap leather”, practicing his quickdraw. Three years later, he joined the mandatory Youth Militia Program which lastet for three years. This program had been established for several reasons. The first was that though Petr’ando was a peaceful world with only agricultural exportd there existed the possibility of attack. On a sparsely populated world that did not have a garrison, the need for a militia was apparent. Militia training could actually start very early. The second reason was that possibly unruly teenagers, growing disenchanted with their lives and futures, could be easily disciplined. And thirdly , the fact that the program was for both boys and girls from different villages, who after getting to know each other better while on field excersises often married and thus helped to enrich the genetic pool. Lazlo took to the Youth Militia training like a fish to water. He loved weapons training, both with energy weapons and firearms and did very good at heavy weapons too. Already tall for his age and big from farmwork, the idea of field excercises appealed to him. During this time, and the additional education he got, Lazlo started to look to the skies more and more often, asking himself what other worlds and what wonders were out there. At sixteen he graduated both from school and Youth Militia with honors. He was immediately made two offers. He could either go to Pentra City, the capital and get preparation schooling for higher education or he could join the local Emergency Corps, a mostly volunteer organization which most males were part of and go to University later. The Emergency Corps had two branches, Emergency Rescue and Emergency Response. Lazlo was torn between the alternatives. Going to prep school would enable him to live near the capital and those of his friends with good enough grades chose to do so, as did his girlfriend. The Emergency Corps on the other hand would enable him to get further training and to stay in the North West Quarter for two more years and help people there. In the end it was the sight of his future squad leader, Tria Gh’ant that decided him. Five years older than him, she was very striking in her Emergency Response uniform. Lazlo split up with his girlfriend and joined Emergency Response.
Emergency Response training was very different from what he already knew. Advanced first aid, firefighting and disaster relief were just as important as basic investigation techniques, advanced weapons and unarmed combat training and fast-roping from air-speeders. Where the Youth Milita had been only part time, leaving more than enough time for school and helping on the farm, Emergency Response was full-time, six and sometimes even seven days a week, twentyfour hours a day. The excitement, continous challenges to both mind and body and the feeling that he was doing good work for the community were what Lazlo had been looking for. Through hard work, he even managed to impress Tria and after a lot of flirting they ended up in bed together. The love affair had to be kept secret, as Tria was his squad leader and Lazlo was still under eighteen. Tria told him stories of her homeworld, where she had gone to school and through military training. She wanted to become an officer and to get experience and necessary credit points, she had opted to serve as a squad leader and instructor in Emergency Response. She would leave Petr’ando for the academy just a few months after Lazlo’s two year basic enlistement in EmRes would end. They were both distressed at this, as they had fallen deeply in love with each other. Tria asked Lazlo if he did not want to join the military, but he declined knowing that there were virtually no ground forces and mainly because he did not want to leave Petr’ando. Both did everything they could to gain as much as possible from their time together, but the time of their parting was fast approaching. Shortly before the end of his basic enlistment Lazlo decided to extend for another year because it would give him and Tria another five months together. There was another reason for the extension though. A few days before his graduation ceremony, Lazlo had been approached by Bardan Veley, the commander of the North West Quarter Emergency Response SWAT Team. The NWQ EmRes SWAT would run a series of entrance tests three months later to select new members. With his grades, physical and psychological tests and commendations he might make a good team member. Would he be interrested? Lazlo was. He knew that SWAT was like EmRes on steroids. More training, more responsibilities and more action. That he would have to further extend his enlistment if he was chosen for SWAT didn’t bother him. If he was not selected, he’d be out half a year later and could go to University without problems. He presented his plans to his parent with exactly this argumentation. They were not really thrilled by his plans, but they had to admit that he had at least thought things through.
When he passed the SWAT selection with flying colours, Lazlo was very happy and proud, as was Tria because he would be out of her chain of command and he now rated his own flat and got a raise on his salary. There was no more need to conceal their relationship, which was a good thing as Tria had been offered a post with the militia on Petr’ando and had accepted.
Lazlo loved SWAT duty and training, mainly because the challenges and advanced training never seemed to end. After a year, he and Tria moved together and got married.
Two years into SWAT, Lazlo began to push for better equipment. Most of the weapons, armor and non-lethal stuff was outdated, as was most of the training equipment. There had been accidents because of that already, none of which had been fatal that far. Still it was only a question of time. Lazlo used more and more of his time to fill out reports, requisition orders and to battle bureaucracy for funding. He was growing more and more frustrated with the whole process. His wife and family became even more important for him during that time, as they provided him with a place to relax from his struggles. Finally after an uphill battle that took him over a year, Lazlo managed to get approval for new equipment. A happy time, especially because it turned out that Tria was pregnant.
The new equipment arrived shortly after harvest and was put into the same warehouses as the produce that would be exported off-planet.
The morning the SWAT Team was scheduled to get their new toys, a pirate ship jumped into the system and attacked the spaceport. The militia arrived first to cordone the area and to wait for several SWAT teams to arrive, as the warehouse complex was too big to secure with just one team. Tria’s unit was part of the militia force. When the SWAT teams arrived, a short discussion broke out about the reason for the pirate attack. Most thought it was for the havest of valuable spices and the stock that was kept there. Lazlo knew that they had come for the new equipment. Seven Swat teams went in after the pirates and soon several pitched battles ensued. Athough Close-Quarters-Battle was what the SWAT teams trained for, their adversaries were better equipped and did not care too much about collateral damage. At one point several hours into the fight, a group of pirates set of a couple of thermal detonators to cover their escape. Lazlo was point-man for his team and did not see the explosives in time; his team was caught in the ensuing explosion leaving all of the members severly wounded or dead. The teams and the militia finally managed to force the pirates back into their ship. Lifting of, the pirates fired their turbolasers into the warehouses and at the militia. In the end, the piretes had lost 85 dead and captured, while the defenders suffered over one hundred casualties, mainly from the explosion and the barrage at the end. When Lazlo woke up in the hospital, the fight had been over for two weeks already. Hearing of the number of casualties and the massive damage done to the space port, Lazlo wished he had died himself. Especially as he found out that one of the dead had been his pregnant wife. His grief over his dead wife and child was only worsened by his conviction that it all had been his fault. He had been the one that had pushed for the equipment the pirates wanted to steal, he had missed the thermal detonators and he hed not told his wife to stay at home. It was all his fault.
After Lazlo was released from the hospital, he immediately resigned from SWAT because he did not want to be responsible for any lives except his own any more. He had contemplated suicide, but had rejected the idea as it would have been the easy way out. It would not change anything, and the pirates and he himself would go unpunished. Lazlo sold everything he owned and left Petr’andor forever just two months after the attack. With a sad smile he realized the irony of his situation. The heroes of his childhood and teenage years had been the lone gunmen out to take revenge. Now he was going to be one of them himself…

Quote: "Dead or alive, the choice is yours. I don't care."

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Template Type: Bounty Hunter n00b
Name: Glie (James Krellis)
Species: Human
Sex: M Age: 32 Height: 1.72m Weight: 62kg
Force Sensitive: No Force Points: 1 Dark Side Points: 0
Move: 10
Character Points: 5
.: Dexterity 2D+2
-- Blaster 4D
-- Dodge 4D
-- Melee Combat 3D
.: Knowledge 3D
-- Alien Species 3D+1
-- Languages 4D+1
-- Law Enforcement (s) Imperial Law 4D
-- Streetwise 4D
.: Mechanical 2D
-- Communications 3D
.: Perception 4D
-- Con 5D
-- Forgery 4D+2
-- Investigation 4D+2
-- Persuasion 5D
-- Search 4D+1
.: Strength 2D+1
.: Technical 4D
-- Computer Programming/Repair 5D
-- Droid Programming 4D+1
-- Security 5D

Credits: 240
Equipment: Relby-k23 Blaster pistol(4D+1, 3-15/40/140); Blastech DLT-20A Blaster rifle (5D+1, 4-35/110/280); Cresh Luck Armor; Balster Packs - 4; Tagger; magnacuffs - 2; Security Kit; Comlink; Datapad; Imperial Bounty Hunter License; Casual clothing; Holo Communicator; Pocket Scrambler; Handheld Computer (+1D+1 Computer Progamming/Repair); Remote Text Data Scanner; DCD-4800 Cryptographer Coder; Unitech "Patch"

Physical Description: Averge height but slight of build, Glie is a caucasian human with short, dark hair, brown eyes and sports a couple days of stubble. His eyes look tired and his hair and clothing dishevelled. His armour and equipment are well worn, as though they've seen better days... and they have, just in someone else's hands.

Personality: Determined and edgy, Glie is also cautious and nervous. His life experiences have made him a little twitchy, but he's trying to adopt a new, powerful, in-control mein.

Background: Glie, formerly known as James Krellis, has never been a major player. Born into a poor family in a bad district, and not being particularly capable, James was the subject of neighbourhood and schoolyard torment all through his youth. Things got no better as he got older. He managed to get a job as a clerk at a used droid parts dealer under a bully of a boss who made sure James understood just how worthless he was. His boss, a large, boorish man named Aldo Brippal was a lower level thug in a local gang, the Chiss Spike, led by a Chiss crime lord, Feldan Scrape.
Through his involvement with Aldo, James became a pawn in local underground feuds and operations, becoming the fall guy in many situations... but James was smart enough to keep his mouth shut when the law was concerned. James, while becoming a major operative (maening he was the guy on the ground doing the grunt work in a lot of operations) of the Chiss Spike, never gained any respect in the organization; he was a pawn and nothing more and they made sure to make it clear what would happen if he betrayed the Spike.
While working an operation for the Spike, involving a rival gang, the Bloody Mynocks, James was sedated and taken by members of the Mynocks. The Mynocks offered him a choice, die, or administer Glie poison to one of the Spike's lieutenants. Though James knew the consequences of being caught attempting the poisoning, he also liked the idea of being alive in the immediate moments, and took the contract. The Mynock's arranged the situation and set James on the course.
While James was successful in the task, killing the lieutenant, he was discovered making his get away by Aldo. Cornered, with his life about to end in a hideous manner at the hands of the Spike thug, James was empowered with adrenaline, attacked Aldo and managed to kill the man and get away, though he suffered terrible injuries in the process. He managed to rendezvous with the Mynocks as planned and received his reward.
Empowered by the experience and the taste of power and control over his own destiny (though it was a sham), James took a transformation. James Krellis was no more... there was only Glie, a contract hunter in control of his own destiny who would be no one's b**** any longer!
Glie took his earnings from the assassination and outfitted himself with weapons, equipment and armour and went straight for the Imperial office to apply for a bounty hunter license.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Player Name: Esoomian
Character Name: Travak à Malex (Travak of clan Malex)
Template Type: Bounty Hunter
Gender/Species: M/True Ubese
Age: 32 Height: 1.9m Weight: 55kgs
Character Points: 5
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Move: 4 (7) [8]

Dexterity: 0D+2 (1D) [2D+2]
Blaster 2D+2 (2D+2) [4D+2]

Knowledge: 2D
Scholar: Pharmacology (4D)
Survival 4D
Bureaucracy 4D
Law enforcement 4D

Mechanical: 1D+2
Powersuit operation (3D+2)
Sensors 3D+2

Perception: 4D+2 (3D+2)
Bargain (5D+2)
Search 5D

Strength: 0D+1 (3D) [3D]

Technical: 4D
Amour repair 6D
Amour engineering (A) 2D
Droid programming 6D
Droid Repair 6D
Droid engineering (A) 2D
Computer programming/repair 6D (6D+2)
First aid 6D
Special Abilities:

Type II Atmosphere Breathing: “True Ubese” require adjusted breath masks to filter and breath Type I atmospheres. Without the masks, Ubese suffer a -1D penalty to all skills and attributes.
Technical Aptitude: At the time of character creation only, “true Ubese” characters receive 2D for every 1D they place in Technical skills.
Survival: “True Ubese” get a +2D bonus to their survival skill due to the harsh conditions they are forced to endure on their homeworld.

Abridged background
-Coming soon-

Background Factors:
If Travak is ever not under the influence of Carsyll he suffers a -1D penalty to all skills and attributes (one dose lasts for a day)

Travak cannot raise his strength, dexterity or move with the expenditure of character points

Travak is addicted to Carsyll; if he goes without Carsyll for seven consecutive days he suffers and additional 1D penalty to all skills and attributes this lasts for 1D weeks at the end of this period Travak must make a difficult stamina roll or die (success indicates he is no longer addicted to Carsyll)

When Travak’s weapons are being controlled by the droid brain he is subject to the life preservation programming which he has not yet managed to remove as such he can only use the stun setting.

Credits: 1025
Exceptionally heavily modified powersuit
24 doses of Carsyll (buit into powersuit)
Modified (IE brainless) IC-M Maintenance Droid
Various tools

Travak is never seen without his amour, he sleeps in it, he eats in it. He only takes it off to maintain or repair it and this he does in absolute secrecy. When seen without his amour he is an incredibly gaunt figure, bald with blackened, burnt skin and ice blue eyes.

Travak does not waste words he is curt with everyone he meets and will almost never talk of his past. He almost never looks at his unarmoured reflection as it inspires such a deep sense of self loathing. He is clinical and business like in all matters, especially hunts. Rather than chasing someone down Travak believes you can research their habits and then let them come to you.

Become self sufficient, find a cure.

Connection with other Characters:
Fellow Bounty Hunter

A Quote:

Full background
Travak awoke aboard the Thorn-Back War Dragon, not the most original name for an Ubese ship he mused as he slipped lithely from his sleeping pod but it was apt. The sensor array that sprouted from the hull at regular intervals did resemble horns and the retrieval arms were closer to clawed appendages than they were the stumpy robotic arms that were installed on the ship before the modifications.

Travak allowed himself a moment’s vanity, admiring his physique in his mirror before donning his amour. At seventeen he was the youngest member of the crew and at his physical peak. Though as an Ubese he was naturally slight but his contoured body allowed him to move with a fluid grace and quiet power. He caught himself smiling as he remembered that his record slaying the smaller wasteland predators had still not been surpassed, not bad considering he set it almost three years ago. His smile widened when he thought back to his now almost legendary reputation with a blaster. Sure he was good but he’d never even come close to beating his old record. Fate had smiled on him that day and what’s more it had done so when ther was a large crowd to impress. Clearly he was deastined to live a charmed life.

He shook his head to quell his reverie as he checked the environmental stabilizers he’d built into his raider amour. Unlike the more standard suits his new design allowed the wearer to function in the vacuum of space, something this scavenger mission would have been doomed without. When at last he was fully encased in his amour he stepped our of his quarters he headed for the retrieval bay, or maw as it had been nicknamed. He still had several minutes before his shift started but there was no harm in arriving early, it underlined to the more senior technicians that he wasn’t getting a free ride.

Jassel met his arrival with a curt nod and pointed him to an unoccupied workstation, sifting through the asteroid belt that remained of Uba III was dangerous work and provided plenty of opportunities to test the resilience of one’s amour. Despite his savage upbringing on Uba IV, Travak enjoyed the peace that came with his work. Tinkering with technical items was almost a genetic compulsion but even the more repetitive tasks such as filling out incident reports and documenting procedural changes gave him a sense of achievement and left his mind free to consider other things.

Three hours into his shift a possible cache was discovered and all personal were ordered to report to the bridge. Though there was no urgency Travak enjoyed outdistancing Jassel with his long, easy strides making it to the bridge a full eight seconds before his supervisor. Childish perhaps but no-one could see him smile under his helmet anyway. Taking up an auxiliary sensor station Travak soon found out what had caused the excitement. An asteroid three times larger than the ship itself was giving out some anomalous readings that could be an indication of a vault. It was all Travak could do to keep his hands from shaking as he worked the controls. A vault! He’d heard of them, who hadn’t but to think he might actually be seeing one was unimaginable.

“By now you all know what these readings could mean.” Captain Lavek’s voice rang out, the mechanical augmentation clearly audible as the words filled the normally silent ship. “We may have found a vault, a weapons and technology cache so valuable that it was sealed up and buried in an impossibly reinforced vault but also shielded in case the unthinkable should happen. Well the unthinkable did happen, the contents of this vault may well be intact and I say that it is our legacy, granted to us by right of salvage. Earned through years of searching and refining technologies so that we might filter through the ruins of our former home and take back what was ours to begin with. Now let’s keep our minds on our jobs and take things slow and carefully.”

The silence following the captain’s announcement was almost deafening but it was also expected. A True Ubese knew what was expected of them, they did not waste energy with fruitless jubilation or frivolity, especially when the job wasn’t done. The insertion team assembled in the maw while Travak and the other technicians made last minute checks and modifications to the team’s amour. Unwilling to risk destabilizing the asteroid’s orbit or structural integrity the Thorn-Back War Dragon maintained a constant distance, the asteroid’s gravity was insufficient for a true geosynchronous orbit but that was impossible to tell from the way the ship handled. Travak smiled the pilots had been well chosen for this mission and he allowed himself to consider for a moment the possibility of success and what might be found in the vault.

The atmosphere shield crackled slightly as the insertion team slipped into space, traversing the distance carefully. It would not do to have a stray micrometeorite damage the team’s amour and diminish their chances. Travak caught himself holding his breath as the team neared the asteroid, he flushed slightly beneath his amour, he’d not realised just how exited he was. Thankful for the barrier of his amour he moved to a comm. station, chiding himself for his foolishness. Minutes dragged on and on feeling like hours before the comm. finally came.

“Successful insertion, vault confirmed. We’re proceeding with the entry sequence.” A careful observer may have detected the tension seeping out of the armoured figures as they worked their consoles there were no other signs that anyone was doing anything other than routine procedures. Travak’s smile became a wide grin as he proudly noticed the crew’s stoicism in the face of long awaited success. Reports filtered through the comm. over the next hour detailing the insertion team’s gradual progress as they attempted to bypass the vault’s seals. No-one wanted to use force and possibly damage the contents and sensors showed no other ships in the vicinity so there were no time constraints.

Finally the announcement everyone had been waiting for came in. “Vault opened, proceeding inside in teams of two.” Anticipation gave way to anxiety as another announcement followed seconds later. “Active droid defences encountered, taking heavy fire.” Travak sprinted to his workstation where he could patch directly into the interface with the insertion team’s amour.

“Suits one and five have taken substantial damage; they’re no longer completely sealed. If someone doesn’t get out there in the next five minutes then half the insertion team will be dead!” Travak found the words tumbling from his own mouth without him even being aware of them; it was a surreal sensation as he had to mentally replay what he’d just said so he himself could understand it. “My amour is also space worthy, it’s a prototype I’ve been working on, I can get to them and patch their suits before they die.” Before Jassel had even finished nodding Travak had gathered his tools and was sprinting for the atmosphere field. As the field crackled around him and he activated his thrusters he was dimly aware of the report that the guardians had been subdued. Unable to take the time for a careful approach Travak accelerated to full speed and trusted his luck. Travak felt sweat begin to bead on his forehead as he raced to the landing zone, scans had showed that there were very little in the way of micrometeorites in the area but all it would take was one. With an impact that exposed his haste Travak landed near the insertion team, not pausing to take in his surroundings he sprinted to the team and started work. Ignoring all other stimulus he sprayed the patching compound over the cracks and sealed it with his mini-welder. Only when he was done and the insertion team were safe did he notice the alarm in his own suit.

His HUD had and indigo warning light, radiation. His suit could withstand large amounts of radiation but the rest of the team’s suit’s hadn’t been upgraded yet. Sensors were reading an excess of three times the safe limit for the insertion team. Travak ordered them to fall back to a safe distance before the radiation overwhelmed them only to see they had already done so. He smiled knowing the team had their own sensors and were smart enough to know what to do without panicing. Travak notified the Ship of the situation and proceeded forward alone. He knew that if there was to be any chance of a salvage operation he would need to seal the radiation leak. Fortunately his expertise with amour made him the right man for the job. Using his suit’s scanners he located the leak. It seemed one of the old defence droids was atomically powered and it’s casing had been damaged somehow. Not surprising really. Travak got down to work and after twenty minutes of exceedingly delicate work a fine sweat was breaking out on his forehead. He was good with droids, perhaps even great but the radioactive core made every action critical. Finally he had the leak patched, any remaining radiation could be cleaned up and the vault’s could finally be explored. Travak stood up to look around the vault truly was amazing. Suddenly the droid he’d been working on attacked. With it’s leak patched it had come online and had enough powwer for one lunge. Travak was knocked into what looked to be tiny ship of some sort. Some sort of valve punced through Travak’s he registered a strange smell. Travak patched his suit as best he could while it was impaled on this ship, unable to pull free until the patch was almost complete for fear of exposing himself to explosive decompression. With the patch in place Travak fled back to the ship. “I’ve been exposed to something from the vault, I’ve been contaminated. Need urgent medical assistance n…” As the nausea rose in his stomach Travak thought I can’t vomit in my amour it’s got nowhere to go. Blackness engulfed him.

Pain racked Travak’s body and a bitter taste filled his mouth making him want to vomit but even when he was sure his stomach had turned itself inside out he had nothing to purge. Endless moments floated past with only varying degrees of agony and nausea to differentiate one moment from another. Eventually Travak realized he was in a bacta tank, the bacta accounting for the bitter taste, his mind began to make shapes in the darkness, occupying itself with fever dreams. Scenes so real Travak could no longer tell memory from imagination gripped him and he laughed, fumed, pouted and wept as emotions surged through him.

A star went nova in his face, he screamed and heard his own voice for the first time in living memory; however he did not immolate as he suspected and the shock and pain subsided to a more tolerable level. After blinking rapidly the nova resolved to be a dim light being shone in his eyes and he became aware of another voice.

“…your eyes, good response seems to be normal. Looks like you won’t be going blind just yet.” His throat ached from the screaming but he had to respond.

“Wha...” He croaked.

“Easy there, no-one was sure you’d pull through. You’ve got severe radiation poison; you’re going to need a lot more rest before you’re ready for any answers. This will help you sleep.”

“But…” Travak didn’t even feel the injection as he passed into blissful unconsciousness.

In his fleeting moments of consciousness Travak managed to glean that the vault contained a number of artefacts including some of the banned weaponry that had sparked the destruction of Uba III, including a planet slayer and Travak had been exposed to the weapon’s viral cocktail. Like something from a horror holo the planet slayers were designed to destroy all biological life on a planet with viruses that dissolved biological matter and warped DNA causing muscular atrophy in those it didn’t kill outright. It seems the weapons were designed by a sadist because a sapient’s mind and nerves remained unaffected as their body withered and died. No wonder we were bombed Travak mused bitterly. Non-biological entities such as buildings and droids were completely unharmed leaving the target of a planet slayer ready to be looted by anyone with the right protection. Travak was informed that due to his suit’s filtration system his dosage was comparatively minor and he was lucky enough to have his muscle tissue wither and die rather than dissolve. Lucky me, I get to spend the rest of my life in agony as machine breathe for me.

The crew of the Thorn-Back War Dragon took it upon themselves to support Travak; his actions had saved the life of two members of the crew, Ubese look out for their clan mates and the plunder from the vault was more than enough to set them all up for life anyway. Days drifted into moths and months drifted into years for Travak. The crew kept his mind active by providing him with technical problems to work on during his lucid moments and he volunteered for every experimental medical procedure he could. Anything to end his suffering one way or another.

One such treatment was an infusion of bacta combined with some other drugs of dubiously legalality used to accelerate and shape the growth of clones directly into the atrophied muscles. Travak’s DNA had been too warped for this to result in a cure but it did result in limited muscle regeneration. In just a few short weeks the doctors were able to remove his breathing apparatus and though every breath sent waves of agony through him Travak could breathe again.

Rehabilitation took much longer, learning to walk again on his withered legs was almost impossible. Every time he wanted to give up Travak looked in the mirror, the sight of the gaunt, disfigured reflection always filled him with enough loathing and anger to push on. It was bad enough he looked like a corpse but he was not going to act like one as well.

Hating the fact that he was dependant on the generosity of the Thorn-Back’s crew Travak began looking for ways to sustain himself as soon as he could work unaided, eventually his knowledge of procedure and documentation landed him a job as an office administrator in a remote branch of the bounty hunter’s guild. Choosing his moment carefully Travak booked passage off Uba IV under an assumed name and severed the ties from the crew that had sustained him for so long. He would no longer be their burden to bear.

Encasing himself in his amour Travak never disclosed his condition to his workmates or employers, his behaviour was easily attributed to normal Ubese secrecy and his attitude dissuaded people from asking questions. While Travak’s new job paid well and he was able to support himself even with the exorbitant medical costs he incurred in his day to day life it was not satisfying. He wanted action, something to remind him that he was alive. He transferred to the front line of bounty hunting administration, being an expediator.

With his new role he had more direct contact with bounty hunters; he used his knowledge of the internal workings of the guild and the laws to assist them and they in turn gave him a percentage of the bounty and filled him in on the details of a hunt that aren’t filed in official reports. Initially this sated Travak’s lust for action but all too soon living vicariously through the bounty hunters became torturous, reminding him of a life he could once have had but was now beyond him. During this time he processed a bounty for Bobba Fett. Fett required no expediator but the permit still had to be signed off by an official and Travak happened to be that official. Seeing Fett in person Travak realized two things. One Fett could not be talked into recounting any more than the official details of any hunt and two No-one had ever recorded seeing Fett’s face. He could be a Jawa in a droid suit and yet he was the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Travak began to work on his amour again attempting to integrate a droid brain into the unit however his constant level of pain still made it hard to concentrate and the task was exceedingly difficult.

Determined to amount to more than a bureaucrat Travak again volunteered for experimental medical treatments. A new pain management drug Carsyll was being trialled. It was a combination of Carsunum and Ryll and was theorized to boost physical and mental abilities as well as relieving pain. After slicing the system to make sure he wasn’t in the control group and setting up a program to remove all trace of him being on the trial after it concluded Travak, using a false identity was given controlled doses of Carsyll and for the first time in years experienced life without pain. The euphoria was so great that he wept openly, allowing others to hear unfiltered emotion resonating from his masked face.

During the trial Travak encountered an athletic, handsome young man by the name of Xavier. Seeing many of the qualities that he himself used to posses reflected in Xavier Travak took an instant dislike to him. As the trials were being conducted in a small medical facility and Travak had sliced the system to ‘randomly’ assign him the room closest to the database where Xavier worked Travak was forced to endure a lot of Xavier’s company. Xavier was polite and his company would not have been any burden had he not been a living reminder of what Travak had lost. Xavier soon took the hints and stopped trying to initiate conversation but as he worked quietly on the databases Travak could not help but become interested in what he was doing. After observing Xavier Travak realised Xavier might be capable of uncovering his slicing so he clamped down on his resentment and initiated a conversation. At first Xavier was suspicious of Travak's motivations since he'd been so standoffish in the past but he'd heard of the Ubese's facination with all things technical and soon the two were having an in depth conversation on the difference between computer programming and droid programming. Travak talked a little of his work as an expediator and Xavier expressed an interest in bounty hunting. In order to continue the conversation and further distract Xavier (lest he uncover Travak's slicing) Travak gave him a few tips on how to get into the business and told him how to get his licence fast-tracked.

When the trial concluded Carsyll was deemed too addictive for commercial use but Travak had come too close to realizing his dream to let legality stand in his way. He sliced the medical centre’s database and uncovered the formula for Carsyll. When he returned to work he devoted all of his spare time to obtaining the required drugs and synthesizing Carsyll. He used small doses stolen from the trial for testing and to keep his pain at bay while he worked. The quality of Travak’s work slipped as he obsessed over getting the formula right fewer hunters requested him as their expediator and his income diminished accordingly. After the death of many lab rats and the loss of all but his most loyal clients Travak finally synthesized a viable batch of Carsyll.

With his financial reserves diminishing and knowing that rebuilding his client base would take too long Travak took desperate measures. He integrated his prototype Carsyll dispenser with his atmosphere filtration system and rubberstamped his application for a bounty hunter licence. Knowing that movement was difficult but also that he required a lot of cash and fast Travak researched the available bounties very carefully. His efforts were rewarded with a promising bounty. A Houk simply known as Ragnarok; He’d been a small time thug or enforcer for a criminal organization with delusions of adequacy until the Imperials had tried to arrest him. It had started out as a standard capture operation, track down the subject, surround the subject with overwhelming numbers and then threaten to fire unless the subject came out peacefully. However it seemed Ragnarok was more resistant than he looked, a combination of surprisingly quick moves, unnatural stamina and intelligent improvised combat allowed him to escape with what seemed to be limited personal injury and more than eighty percent of the squad sent to apprehend him dead or injured.

Travak particularly enjoyed reading the part of the report where Ragnarok used a door he ripped off a building as cover and charged the Imperial lines, grabbing to officer and then using him as a human shield while the other troops were subjected to thrown a durasteel door that was glowing hot from the amount of blaster fire it absorbed. When Travak read that Ragnarok stole the Imperial troop transport, then piloted it back through the Imperials still standing before crashing it into the nearest traffic control tower and escaped in the ensuing confusion he knew that it would not be an easy apprehension but the rewards were great and Travak had to take the risk. He was also wanted alive which added to the difficulty. Travak was going to need some help

Having kept an eye on Xavier's progress as a rookie hunter Travak knew that while Xavier lacked experience he could hold his own in a basic firefight and that he would jump at the chance of a high paying job. Travak programmed a droid to make sweeps of comm. frequencies and various security systems in Ragnarok's favourite haunts and contacted Xavier. After a little negotiation a partnership was forged. Xavier followed up on Travak's leads, talking to the lowlives that Travak's searches had fingered as the most likely to be in the know. Though Travak was vague in the details Xavier knew a little of Travak's condition and agreed that (for a hefty percentage of the profit) should violence ensue he would take the lions share of the risks and protect Travak.

After monitoring Ragnarok’s movements and habits Travak found a window of opportunity. Ragnarok’s activities had made him somewhat of a criminal superstar and he was in dealings with a notorious organization located at the very depths of Section 1. The organization known as Lurkers had several potential safe rooms in Section 1 that doubled as meeting rooms on occasion. Saferoom beta’s primary access method was turbolift and the lift went down thirty eight levels but the lift shaft only had access points at the top and the bottom. Further research revealed that Ragnarok’s dimensions made him unable to use the emergency hatch on top of the lift and climb out of the shaft without first removing both his arms.

The acquisition was easier than anticipated. The Lurker’s comm. frequency was easy to duplicate and Ragnarok had already had a meeting in Saferoom beta so another meeting did not seem suspicious. Slicing the turbolift’s controls was also easier than anticipated; the primary security system was apparently the illusion of disuse. Ragnarok spent five days living in the turbolift with no food or water before he passed out and was easily transferred to local authorities.

With the money from the hunt and his mind finally clear of pain Travak reprogrammed an IC-M maintenance droid, replacing unneeded skills before integrating the droid brain with his amour. Travak was not particularly happy that he’d turned himself into a puppet in situations when the droid brain would take over (IE combat) but he reasoned that at least it upped his chances for survival if the going actually did get tough.
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CHARACTER NAME: Xavier Tyredarelon
TEMPLATE TYPE: Bounty Hunter
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6’3”

Character Points: 5
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Move: 10
This character is Force sensitive.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Xavier is a lithe, well-muscled human male in his early twenties. He has blue-black hair which he keeps in a close military-style cut. Xavier is fairly good-looking, with ice blue eyes and an easy smile. He has only a few scattered scars on his body to bear witness to the times he’s cheated death.

Archaic Weapons
Blaster 6D
Dodge 5D
Melee Combat
Missile Weapons
Pick Pockets
Thrown Weapons

Alien Species
Intimidation Specialization: Interrogation 3D
Languages Specialization: Wookie 4D
Law Enforcement
Planetary Systems
Streetwise 3D

Repulsorlift Operations
Sensors 3D
Starship Gunnery
Starship Piloting
Starship Shields
Swoop Operations

Forgery Specialization: Personal IDs 4D
Search 4D
Sneak 4D

Brawling Specialization: Martial Arts 5D
Stamina 4D

Archaic Weapon Repair
Armor Repair
Blaster Repair
Bowcaster Repair
Communications Repair
Computer Programming/Repair 6D
Droid Programming/Repair
First Aid
Melee Weapon Construction/Repair
Repulsorlift Repair
Security 6D
Starship Repair

BACKGROUND: Xavier Tyredarelon is a bit of a marvel. He doesn’t match the typical stereotype of a bounty hunter, which sometimes works to his advantage. He is blessed with a high degree of natural ability in technical areas, and has the natural fluid grace of a dancer/gymnast who has been studying for their entire life. Xavier has had to work very hard to get where he is at, but he has ended up successful in every endeavor he set his mind to; this can be attributed to a combination of his cultivated slicing skills, his extraordinary nimbleness, and an unexplainable, indefinable surety he gets sometimes about things. It’s never led him astray so far, but it’s also something that he’s never been able to cultivate, either. Never forced, this “sixth sense” of his only occurs when he’s either at peace or at times when he’s not actively trying to bring it to bear. He has experienced this phenomenon in the middle of lightfights as well as while reclining and listening to music. Xavier is somewhat puzzled by; he's frustrated that he can't control it, curious as to how and why he has it, and ecstatic at its accuracy. However, one of the times it manifested itself was when he was considering asking his parents about it; as he pondered, he simply knew that he should not mention it to them, nor to anyone else. When the time was right, he would simply know.

Brought up on Elrood, Xavier’s main motivation has never been credits, although they certainly are nice to have. Born among the wealthier class, he is one of the more fortunate Elroodians (or Roods, as they call themselves) in that he has had an excellent work ethic drilled into him, while at the same time having the freedom to pursue his talents and interests. His father’s family has owned a highly successful ore mining company for generations, and his mother’s family has been highly influential in the manufacturing industry for even longer. In addition, many of his relatives—both past and present—are or have been involved in local government. With Xavier’s natural talents in technical matters, plus his family’s nearly inexhaustible connections, it was assumed that he would follow tradition by taking a position in one of the family businesses. He had the drive, he had the talent, and everyone knew he’d go far in whatever endeavor he chose to pursue.

Xavier had been receiving pressure from both sides of his family to pick a career path and start down it. He had received a top-notch education, and more importantly, he’d learned early on where his natural talents lay and started developing them immediately thereafter. The more clear it became, however, that his family would not let up the pressure to join one of their trades, he chose the only option that seemed viable to him. He left Elrood.

His decision to leave Elrood dropped a thermal detonator in the family’s collective pants. Here was this bright, handsome young man who had the world before him, and he was turning his nose up at it in favor of journeying out into an unknown future. His parents, highly confused by the decision, didn't know how to respond. Very few words were said as they parted, but none were spoken in anger. It was made clear that Xavier would always be welcome home, and should he decide that a career with the family was what he wanted after all, a position would always be open.

Xavier is among the few Roods who have desired to leave their homeworld, and this was due in large part to a feeling there was something out there he was destined for, something he couldn’t possibly achieve if he remained where he was. This much-considered move was also prompted by the increasing pressure his family was exerting to get him to start work for one of their companies. He was able to temporarily lessen this pressure by landing a consulting position on a huge computer installation and upgrade job for the R&D division of one of their subsidiary corporations. He worked with a team of Wookiee technicians brought in for the project for the better part of a year, and during this time he learned much out Wookiee culture and the Shyriwook language. When the upgrade project was coming to a close, his family redoubled the pressure to get him hired in, figuring it was simply a small step now from consultant to employee. Xavier discussed this at length with his Wookiee coworkers, who finally agreed to allow him to accompany them offworld, promising him a job with them for however long he wished to remain. Xavier jumped at the chance, not informing anyone—even his parents—until the day of his departure. He told them privately, explaining that the pressure to do something that was just not in him was too great to bear, and promised them he’d stay in contact. Seeing they had no real choice, they bade him farewell.

Xavier spent the next year traveling with the Wookiees, assisting with a number of projects, building his technical skills and continuing to learn more about their language and culture. He was happy, he was making money, and he was learning.

Until the Empire dropped the Death Star project down his pants.

As the Emperor grew increasingly impatient for the completion of his ultimate superweapon, more and more worlds were subjugated by the Empire, their indigenous populations forced into slave labor for the behemoth project. After the fall of Kashyyyk, Xavier’s enraged companions quit their jobs and returned home in the hopes of finding a resistance movement they could assist to liberate their people. Not wishing Xavier to be caught up in a battle that was not his to fight, the Wookiees intended to drop Xavier off at any point he wanted between their last job and Kashyyyk.

This did not go as planned.

The group stopped in the Meridian sector to drop Xavier off and replenish their supplies. Xavier went shopping for armor and weapons, fully intending to accompany his friends, while the Wookiees saw to the restocking of their vessel. While he was gone, however, Imperial stormtroopers were systematically searching the spaceport. They raided the docking bay and detained the Wookiees, claiming they were suspected of being Rebel spies. The entire group was taken into custody and interrogated, but not before one of the sly Wookiees activated the ship’s internal security devices, creating a recording of the entire capture from the moment the troopers had entered the bay. When Xavier returned he found discarded bowcasters and ammo bandoliers lying askew in the ship’s corridors, and the acrid tang of ozone filled the air within and without the ship, the telltale signs of a recent blaster fight. Crates were smashed open in the hold. Cabin doors were left open, the rooms within ransacked. Searching the ship, Xavier found and replayed the security holos, his fists tightening as he watched with growing anger and outrage the scene that had occurred in his absence. Knowing that his friends were now beyond rescue, at least by him, and knowing that this was now a marked ship, Xavier stripped it of everything of value he could fit into a couple spacer’s chests, then left, sealing it with the security codes the Wookiees themselves had devised. He knew it would take a long time for anyone to crack the codes, and hoped that by the time someone COULD slice them, his friends would be released and long gone. Included in the items he salvaged from the ship were the Wookiee bowcasters and the bandoliers of ammo. He knew, just KNEW that his friends would never wield these weapons again, so he took them with everything else.

Xavier spent the next several months pretty much living on the run. He stayed in small, out-of-the-way joints where large amounts of money were not required and questions were not asked. He was able to barter off many of the items he'd salvaged from the ship, including his friends' beloved weapons, which in turn covered his expenses. Coupled with the money he got from doing small slicing jobs, he eked out his existence, all the while scanning the HoloNet for bigger, better jobs. He also did some research on this entity called the "Rebel Alliance," seeing it as a possible means for striking back at the Empire for abducting his friends. They'd certainly proven themselves a formidable foe by destroying the Death Star, and he considered joining up with them, but rethought his position when he learned how fervently the Empire was searching for them and mobilizing to wipe them out.

Then another option presented itself: the Empire began hiring bounty hunters in droves to do their dirty work for them. Imperial Hunters. Guild Hunters. Even Independent Hunters were contracted to find and bring in any Rebels they could locate, and several of these Rebels in particular were acquiring rather large prices on their heads. Some of them even had MULTIPLE bounties placed on them, like that Solo barve, for instance...Xavier knew that kind of bounty was out of his league, but he had the smarts. He was good with a blaster. All he really needed to do was either find an in to a Guild, or hook up with someone who could teach him the ropes of Hunting. Then he could hopefully find ways to hurt the Empire from within...

His prayers were answered while on a job at a pharmaceutical company. He was installing and upgrading computers and software packages, overhauling their networks, and redesigning their security. During his time on this job the company was running some sentient trials on a painkiller, something they were crossing with ryll. He met many of the test patients, including an Ubese who'd been severely afflicted with radiation poisoning. Although always hidden behind his mask, which marked him as a True Ubese, Xavier often heard weeping come from the poor wretch. However he nonetheless did not remark on it as all these patients were under extreme pain, and to bring attention to such a fact would only add to their suffering. He made sure to act with discretion, only observing with his peripheral vision or via the monitoring equipment he was setting up in all the labs and test chambers. He had a lot of time to work around the patients, silently demonstrating his technical abilities by taking his time and doing everything right the first time. Every now and again he caught the Ubese watching him intently; he merely nodded and said a word of greeting, as he did to all the other patients. He was polite, but didn't pry into any of their circumstances. He simply coexisted with them, and continued about his work professionally. For the first several weeks the Ubese, Travak, rebuffed all of Xavier's attempts at conversation. Xavier didn't take it personally; he realized all these patients were under extreme pain and that they might not be themselves because of it. He ceased trying to draw Travak into conversations and simply focused on his work.

Before Xavier finished the upgrades, Travak apparently had a change of heart. Perhaps it was the Carsyll working. Perhaps Travak simply realized he'd been behaving like a drunken dewback. Whatever the case, Travak suddenly began trying to draw Xavier into conversations. Xavier took this under suspicion at first, as it was so radically different from Travak's original behavior. As the talk turned to computer and droid programming, however, Xavier was eventually drawn in and began to have long technical conversations with Travak. Tehy spoke about computer programming and how it differed from droid programming. They spoke about security. They even spoke a bit about slicing, and some of the ways someone might tap into systems such as the one Xavier was currently working on. At this Xavier merely shrugged and said, "Well, before, the system was pretty old. The software has needed updating for a few years; it got lost in the shuffle when the current owners bought up the former company. It should be pretty airtight now, though. I've installed all the latest safeguards along with the newest hardware. These guys are serious about keeping their stuff safe."

During the last couple weeks of the trials, their conversations turned to other subjects. Travak mentioned that he'd been involved in the expediting end of the bounty hunting business. He explained to an eager Xavier what that meant, what he did, and a lot of the ins and outs of the business. To Xavier this was a great bit of fortune; he believed he'd finally found the in he was looking for to break into the bounty hunting game. As Travak finished teaching Xavier about how to get in and get his license fast-tracked through the beauracracy, the trials were concluded. Apparently the Carsyll was deemed too addictive for reproduction, so the company ceased the trials and went back to the drawing board to refine the formula further. Xavier continued his work, finishing the installation of hardware and the integration of the new software packages, and kept in touch with Travak, who told him he'd taken a job close by. Travak told Xavier to look him up sometime and let him know how the bounty hunting business was working out for him.

Xavier followed Travak's lessons. He got his License and began Hunting right away. Through patience, hard work, and a whole lot of surveillance Xavier started to land a number of low-level bounties. None were sizeable enough to produce the kind of income to acquire a ship, the training to fly it, or really decent gear. He stayed local out of necessity, working mainly on bounties for the planetary government, until Travak contacted him about a bounty the Ubese wanted to go after, but needed help to bag. After much negotiating, Xavier was able to secure a large percentage of the bounty in exchange for doing the legwork for Travak and, if necessary, for protecting him if things went wrong.

Things did NOT go wrong, however. The pair successfully (and surprisingly easily) nailed their target and turned him in to the authorities. With his share of the bounty Xavier upgraded some of his gear; but more importantly he found that he and Travak worked fairly well together. Although they did not partner up on an ongoing basis, Travak and Xavier have continued to stay in contact, trading details of their respective hunts and offering congratulations or taunts to each other. It has been a long road in a relatively short time, but they have forged a kind of friendship in the time they've known each other.

PERSONALITY: Xavier has worked hard to get what he has - a trait not completely common among those from his family's financial background. He is decidedly NOT a spoiled brat, and through long experience has come to appreciate the pride gained from a job well-done.

To become a completely self-sufficient Hunter (while maintaining his status as a fully contributing member of his current Team), to continue building his skills, and to find a way to actively harness the full potential of this elusive “sixth sense” of his. But over and above these, his ultimate objective in life is to strike back at the Empire for their misdeeds, especially the unwarranted abduction of his friends.

CONNECTION TO OTHER CHARACTERS: Xavier is a team-player. He works well with beings from any species, having a specific respect for Wookiees—including their culture, honor system and technical abilities. Xavier’s slicing abilities are strong, and his overall technical abilities make him well-suited for myriad roles in any team. His strong work ethic ensures he’ll be the first to pitch in and get the job done, a trait which has earned him friendship and loyalty wherever he’s gone.

Xavier has been partnered with Travak à Malex for some time now, learning the business of Bounty Hunting. The two hit it off because they're both technically-oriented, and Xavier has been acting as his bodyguard since they met at the hospital. They have currently joined up with another few people to form an independent team of Hunters. Xavier hopes this conglomeration will form a cohesive unit capable of acquiring any target.


EQUIPMENT: Vectac Systems Inc. Versatex Survival Suit Type: Personal survival suit Cost: 900, 150 (armor plates), 5 (replacement dye concentrate capsules, 5 colors available)

Availability: 2 Game Notes: Suit is waterproof and tear and pressure resistant. Micro-capillaried fabric’s insulation fluids protect the wearer from temperature extremes from as low as -30ºC to as high as 100º C. Suit’s microcapillaries have a limited camouflage system. By exposing the belt color sensor to the environment’s predominant color, custom tinted dyes will be injected into the micro-capillaries, altering the suit’s color, granting a +1D bonus to sneak and hide. Helmet has a built-in comlink, breath mask and glowlamp. Optional strap-on armor provides +1D physical and +2 energy protection, retaining the same camouflage capabilities.

syntherope (200 meters), personal comlink, Handheld Computer (+2D), Analysis Encoding Computer, DCD-4800 Cryptographer Coder, 2 blaster packs and 30 Paralysis Microdarts.


Gand Shockprod Staff
Model: Gand Shockprod Staff
Type: Electric staff
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: shockprod staff
Cost: 1,000 (500 on Gand)
Availability: 3, R
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: 3D electricity damage, plus 3D stun damage.
Game Notes: Weapon has a 3-meter reach.

Z2 Stun Baton
Model: Merr-Sonn Z2 Stun Baton
Cost: 400
Availability: R
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: STR+1D or 5D stun (two settings)
Game Notes: Power pack lasts for three hours.

SoroSuub Security S-5 Ascension Gun
Model: SoroSuub Security S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Skill: Blaster: S-5 (for heavy blaster), Firearms: S-5 (for microdarts and cable/grappling hook)
Ammo: 20 blast charges, 10 microdarts, and 2 twenty meter long liquid cables
Cost: 1,000 (power packs: 25)
Availability: 3, F, R, or X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-10/30/60 (blaster and microdarts), 3-12/36/72 (cable)
Damage: 5D (blaster), Paralysis (poison microdarts, see below), or Entanglement (liquid cable)
Game Notes: This weapon can fire normal heavy blast charges, poisoned microdarts, or a length of liquid cable.

Microdarts inflict no damage, but if used against an unarmored target (or an unarmored portion of a target, see the rules for called shots on page 91 of the Rulebook), they inject a paralyzing poison. The target of such an attack must succeed at a Moderate Strength check or be paralyzed and unable to move for 2D minutes.

The liquid cable can be used to scale walls (in conjunction with a grappling hook attachment), or can be used to ensnare an opponent. If a hit his scored with the cable, roll 4D “damage” against the target’s Dexterity rating with the following results: 0-3: Grazed, -2 pips to Dexterity until freed, Very Easy Strength check to break free; 4-8: Lightly entangled, -1D to Dexterity until freed, Easy Strength check to break free; 9-12: Heavily entangled, -2D to Dexterity until freed, Moderate Strength check to break free; 13-15: Severely entangled, -3D to Dexterity until freed, Very Difficult Strength check to break free; 16+: Completely entangled, cannot perform any actions, Heroic Strength check to break free.

Versatex Survival Suit - 900
Syntherope - 50
Personal Comlink - 25
2 Blaster Packs - 50
Paralysis Microdarts (30) - 300
Gand Shockprod Staff - 1000
Z2 Stun Baton - 400
S-5 - 1000

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:18 am    Post subject: Character Reply with quote

CHARACTER NAME: Asden “Spinner” Morll
TYPE: Miner
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 7’ 1”
Character Points: 5
Force Points: 1
Move: 10

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Very tall, very thin lanky olive-green Verpine. No hair. Not a very strong individual. Not very intimidating or memorable.

Microscopic Sight: +1D to search for small objects
Body Armor: The Verpine’s natural chitinous plate armor gives them a +1D bonus against physical attacks.
Organic Telecommunication: Because Verpine can send and receive radio waves through their antenna, they have the ability to communicate with other members of their species with specially-tuned comlinks. The range is very limited when they are activating individually (1 km) but greatly increases when in the hive.
Technical Bonus: All Verpine receive a +2D bonus when using their Technical skills.

Blaster: Drilling Laser 3D
Brawling Parry
Dodge 3D
Dodge: Energy Weapons 4D
Dodge: Missile Weapons 4D
Melee Combat
Melee Parry
Missile Weapons
Pick Pockets
Thrown Weapons
Vehicle Blasters

Alien Species
Business: Mining 3D
Law Enforcement
Planetary Systems
Scholar: Geology 3D
Value: Raw Materials 3D
Willpower: Persuasion 3D

Communications: Comlinks 4D
Repulsorlift Operations
Ground Vehicle Operations
Sensors: Geoscanners 4D
Starship Gunnery
Starship Piloting
Starship Shields
Swoop Operations

Bargain: Raw Materials 5D
Hide 6D
Investigation 5D
Search 5D
Sneak: Urban 5D


Armor Repair
Blaster Repair: Mining Lasers 6D
Communications Repair
Computer Programming/Repair 6D
Demolitions 7D
Droid Programming: Mining Droids 6D
Droid Repair: Mining Droids 6D
First Aid: Verpine 6D
Starship Repair

1 Commlink
1 Datapad with network connector
5 Blaststicks w/ remote detonators
1 proton grenade
1 mining toolbox
2000 credits
Rock Boots - p6
Shipsuit - p8
A-5 Envirosuit - p10
Suvival Pack - p73
Portable Emergency Beacon - p84
Geological Scanner - p103


Born in the Roche Asteroid field, the native sector of his race, he was raised by his middle class parents at there home on the one of the major asteroids. His father was a droid designer working for a major mining company. Asden, however, was not interested in sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life. He loved suiting up and walking above ground and being able to see the stars and the rest of the asteroid belt flowing by and didn’t really want to be stuck inside. He had his fathers love of science and all things technical but wanted to apply it not kill himself in the math of it all. He had picked up a little of the tinkering with droids with his fathers projects he brought home but it really wasn’t what floated his boat. He left for the Roche technical university to see what his talents could bring him. However, his patience or lack there of left him unable to concentrate on his studies and after only a few years he dropped out.
He returned home only to find that his parents had no intention of letting him mooch off of them. He was old enough that he was going to start getting his life together. With no completed degree and no experience, the best he could do after searching and searching was to start with a low level job with the mining company his father worked for. His father pulled some strings to get him in but this was no desk job and was not a job for intellectuals.
He got to his first day of work and was handed a hard hat and given the tour. They took him down the shaft to show him his new “office”. Only to find that a mining laser and two partner mining droids would soon be his closest friends. Only a few other verpine worked down there with him. Asden, however, had a real intuition for finding the right way to mine efficiently. He started producing right away, and with a little bit of droid programming with the help of his father he was soon noticed by his supervisors. He always worked hard but didn’t necessarily want to stay down in the trenches forever. His supervisors soon sent him to specific courses in advanced mining after his sector started greatly outperforming the rest of the mine. He was brought to a new mine to start managing part of the operation and to set up the new droids on an asteroid a few miles across.
He set off immediately and things were going well. They began laying charges to open major shafts toward the center of the asteroid. After placing a significant portion of the charges himself, they left the asteroid to detonate them. The supervisor detonated the charges and after a few seconds the gases from the detonation began to leave the shafts he realized Adsen should probably have received a little more training in explosives. The shafts were actually pretty close to the specifications they had wanted, but they only found that out after they had to use three starship tractor beams to stop the asteroid from spinning. The explosions had spun the rock up so fast that no ships could land back on it. After a day of fixing that problem Adsen was given the nickname “Spinner” (as has become his more frequently used name) and was sent for some much needed demolitions training.
He put himself through the rest of college to get a degree in geoolgy/demolitions. A full 7 yrs he worked at the mining company in the asteroid fields. He eventually found himself wanting to get out of the asteroid belt. He was working too hard and getting tried of the belt after having spent his entire 28 yrs there.
During his last few years at the mine he began purchasing a small number of asteroids on the fringe of the belt. He set up several of his fathers newer droids and an automated transport in a newly constructed mine. He figured he could manage the operation remotely and just allow his parents to collect the profits. He could get money if he really needed it but their retirement would be well taken care of.
He quit at the mine and began to travel to different systems to see what was out there. After a year or so he had seen more than he had ever imagined he would have, and was not very interested in returning home to the old hectic job and grueling way of life.
He was forced to return home when his father reported to him that his operation was getting suddenly and for no apparent reason was not producing like it always had. His father was too old to travel way out to the fringes to worry about it and Asden wanted his father to have nothing to do with possible thieves or pirates. He returned to find that his transport ship was being ionized every few days and robbed enough that the operation was losing money but not enough that it triggered any of the droids. They simply awoke and continued their work after being ionized.
Asden found himself trying to get the police involved then when they wouldn’t help in that region because it was no inhabited and “of little consequence to the security of the belt” he had to find another option. He had his old company ask for a favor from a military garrison that normally patrols the next sector out.
For the next few weeks the garrison patrolled with its ships and reported nothing out of the ordinary in the sector. Asden just could not believe it. He placed sensors on his transports to see if he could detect any sort other vessel that might be intercepting his shipments. After just the first day he detected a vessel approaching the ship that always showed up with less material for distribution. There was something there but he still didn’t know what. He had a sneaking suspicion that the garrison was just not reporting what they were seeing or just not even patrolling the area. After a little smoosing and a lot of money he managed to convince the approach controllers at the station the garrison usually refueled how long it takes them to make their trips and where do they head off to each day.
Armed with this information he was sure they were not do their job, they always headed off in the general direction of the belt fringe but they always took some 2 hrs less than expected to make the trip. Asden didn’t have enough money left to hire armed convoy security or even to setup a better monitoring system. He was out of money and out of options. What he was not out of was mining droids, ore, and explosives. He decided that he would try to place a small unidentifiable charge in the full cargo hold of his transport. After the robbery he would detonate them in order to disable (not destroy) the trespassing vessel.
All went to plan and when he returned to survey the area and see what ship was crippled and then call the garrison to come collect their criminals. He found something he had not expected. A superlift ore hauler was adrift separated completely from his engine section.
Asden immediately reported it to the authorities. The garrison that should have been patrolling that area as he had requested finally showed up as they should have been in the first place. After they had secured the area they found a bigger treasure than expected. They found that Asden had provided a 10 man crew all with significant criminal records and even more significant bounties on their heads.
Back at the station after realizing that it could be this profitable hunting down criminals he started to spark his interest. However, he had no reason to ever do that. He could live just fine off his mine now that the pirates were taken care of. A few days later, he returned to do normal maintenance on his droids only to find that his entire mining complex had been attacked and destroyed (no doubt in retaliation). Apparently this organization was bigger than anyone had known.
With nothing left of his operation and only the money from his recent bounties, Asden had no capital to start back up again and nothing keeping him in the belt. He figured he would try his had at another bounty. He figured he could do it again and not even have to kill anyone just find a contract that allowed for alive instead of just dead.
He found one (a small one) for small time smuggler in a relatively nearby sector. After a lot of planning and some intricate design he was set. He used a small charge (the only thing he still had a little of) at one end of a tube as kind of a rocket disguised as a couriers tube. He put on a similar disguise to a courier and found an address which with a lot or research he found to be one of his hide outs. After arriving at the hideout he placed a small bubblegum sized charge around the lock on the door. He rung the call button and waited. Someone eventually came to the door and the person told him to set down the courier tube and he would get it later. So he placed it down and as he began to walk away knowing the person was still watching through the door. He blew the explosives. In sequence, the lock blew out and the tube slammed the door open. After the smoke cleared, Asden walked in to find his bounty knocked out cold indented into the wall behind the door. A quick call to the authorities and some handcuffs Asden was up another hundred credits. After that he started getting hooked. He loved the preparation and planning, and the pay off. But he wasn’t very fond of the actual execution.
He has worked a few more jobs and has acquired a few new demolition tools and has been practicing building AND disguising his creations.
He has just arrived on the Trios looking for some further work, with only some money, clothes on his back, he does not own (nor has ever owned) a blaster. He keeps some explosives in a metal (mining site-looking) toolcase from the mine with the required licenses to possess it. It contains 5 blaststicks and remote detonators and a proton grenade. He looks like a construction/ mineworker with his beat up work clothes as if he were here for a contracting/construction job.
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