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Asden "Spinner" Morll played by Flyboy2002
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PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 2:47 pm    Post subject: Asden "Spinner" Morll played by Flyboy2002 Reply with quote

1 Commlink
1 Datapad with network connector
3 Blaststicks w/ remote detonators
1 proton grenade
1 mining toolbox
2000 credits
Geological Scanner - p103


Born in the Roche Asteroid field, the native sector of his race, he was raised by his middle class parents at there home on the one of the major asteroids. His father was a droid designer working for a major mining company. Asden, however, was not interested in sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life. He loved suiting up and walking above ground and being able to see the stars and the rest of the asteroid belt flowing by and didn’t really want to be stuck inside. He had his fathers love of science and all things technical but wanted to apply it not kill himself in the math of it all. He had picked up a little of the tinkering with droids with his fathers projects he brought home but it really wasn’t what floated his boat. He left for the Roche technical university to see what his talents could bring him. However, his patience or lack there of left him unable to concentrate on his studies and after only a few years he dropped out.
He returned home only to find that his parents had no intention of letting him mooch off of them. He was old enough that he was going to start getting his life together. With no completed degree and no experience, the best he could do after searching and searching was to start with a low level job with the mining company his father worked for. His father pulled some strings to get him in but this was no desk job and was not a job for intellectuals.
He got to his first day of work and was handed a hard hat and given the tour. They took him down the shaft to show him his new “office”. Only to find that a mining laser and two partner mining droids would soon be his closest friends. Only a few other verpine worked down there with him. Asden, however, had a real intuition for finding the right way to mine efficiently. He started producing right away, and with a little bit of droid programming with the help of his father he was soon noticed by his supervisors. He always worked hard but didn’t necessarily want to stay down in the trenches forever. His supervisors soon sent him to specific courses in advanced mining after his sector started greatly outperforming the rest of the mine. He was brought to a new mine to start managing part of the operation and to set up the new droids on an asteroid a few miles across.
He set off immediately and things were going well. They began laying charges to open major shafts toward the center of the asteroid. After placing a significant portion of the charges himself, they left the asteroid to detonate them. The supervisor detonated the charges and after a few seconds the gases from the detonation began to leave the shafts he realized Adsen should probably have received a little more training in explosives. The shafts were actually pretty close to the specifications they had wanted, but they only found that out after they had to use three starship tractor beams to stop the asteroid from spinning. The explosions had spun the rock up so fast that no ships could land back on it. After a day of fixing that problem Adsen was given the nickname “Spinner” (as has become his more frequently used name) and was sent for some much needed demolitions training.
He put himself through the rest of college to get a degree in geology/demolitions. A full 7 yrs he worked at the mining company in the asteroid fields. He eventually found himself wanting to get out of the asteroid belt. He was working too hard and getting tried of the belt after having spent his entire 28 yrs there.
During his last few years at the mine he began purchasing a small number of asteroids on the fringe of the belt. He set up several of his fathers newer droids and an automated transport in a newly constructed mine. He figured he could manage the operation remotely and just allow his parents to collect the profits. He could get money if he really needed it but their retirement would be well taken care of.
He quit at the mine and began to travel to different systems to see what was out there. After a year or so he had seen more than he had ever imagined he would have, and was not very interested in returning home to the old hectic job and grueling way of life.
He was forced to return home when his father reported to him that his operation was getting suddenly and for no apparent reason was not producing like it always had. His father was too old to travel way out to the fringes to worry about it and Asden wanted his father to have nothing to do with possible thieves or pirates. He returned to find that his transport ship was being ionized every few days and robbed enough that the operation was losing money but not enough that it triggered any of the droids. They simply awoke and continued their work after being ionized.
Asden found himself trying to get the police involved then when they wouldn’t help in that region because it was no inhabited and “of little consequence to the security of the belt” he had to find another option. He had his old company ask for a favor from a military garrison that normally patrols the next sector out.
For the next few weeks the garrison patrolled with its ships and reported nothing out of the ordinary in the sector. Asden just could not believe it. He placed sensors on his transports to see if he could detect any sort other vessel that might be intercepting his shipments. After just the first day he detected a vessel approaching the ship that always showed up with less material for distribution. There was something there but he still didn’t know what. He had a sneaking suspicion that the garrison was just not reporting what they were seeing or just not even patrolling the area. After a little smoozing and a lot of money he managed to convince the approach controllers at the station the garrison usually refueled how long it takes them to make their trips and where do they head off to each day.
Armed with this information he was sure they were not do their job, they always headed off in the general direction of the belt fringe but they always took some 2 hrs less than expected to make the trip. Asden didn’t have enough money left to hire armed convoy security or even to setup a better monitoring system. He was out of money and out of options. What he was not out of was mining droids, ore, and explosives. He decided that he would try to place a small unidentifiable charge in the full cargo hold of his transport. After the robbery he would detonate them in order to disable (not destroy) the trespassing vessel.
All went to plan and when he returned to survey the area and see what ship was crippled and then call the garrison to come collect their criminals. He found something he had not expected. A superlift ore hauler was adrift separated completely from its engine section.
Asden immediately reported it to the authorities. The garrison that should have been patrolling that area as he had requested finally showed up as they should have been in the first place. After they had secured the area they found a bigger treasure than expected. They found that Asden had provided a 10 man crew all with significant criminal records and even more significant bounties on their heads.
Back at the station after realizing that it could be this profitable hunting down criminals he started to spark his interest. However, he had no reason to ever do that. He could live just fine off his mine now that the pirates were taken care of. A few days later, he returned to do normal maintenance on his droids only to find that his entire mining complex had been attacked and destroyed (no doubt in retaliation). Apparently this organization was bigger than anyone had known.
With nothing left of his operation and only the money from his recent bounties, Asden had no capital to start back up again and nothing keeping him in the belt. He figured he would try his had at another bounty. He figured he could do it again and not even have to kill anyone just find a contract that allowed for alive instead of just dead.
He found one (a small one) for small time smuggler in a relatively nearby sector. After a lot of planning and some intricate design he was set. He used a small charge (the only thing he still had a little of) at one end of a tube as kind of a rocket disguised as a couriers tube. He put on a similar disguise to a courier and found an address which with a lot or research he found to be one of his hide outs. After arriving at the hideout he placed a small bubblegum sized charge around the lock on the door. He rung the call button and waited. Someone eventually came to the door and the person told him to set down the courier tube and he would get it later. So he placed it down and as he began to walk away knowing the person was still watching through the door. He blew the explosives. In sequence, the lock blew out and the tube slammed the door open. After the smoke cleared, Asden walked in to find his bounty knocked out cold indented into the wall behind the door. A quick call to the authorities and some handcuffs Asden was up another hundred credits. After that he started getting hooked. He loved the preparation and planning, and the pay off. But he wasn’t very fond of the actual execution.
He has worked a few more jobs and has acquired a few new demolition tools and has been practicing building AND disguising his creations.
He has just arrived on the Trios looking for some further work, with only some money, clothes on his back, he does not own (nor has ever owned) a blaster. He keeps some explosives in a metal (mining site-looking) toolcase from the mine with the required licenses to possess it. It contains 5 blaststicks and remote detonators and a proton grenade. He looks like a construction/ mineworker with his beat up work clothes as if he were here for a contracting/construction job.
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