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Cutscenes (GM Posts Only)
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:04 pm    Post subject: Cutscenes (GM Posts Only) Reply with quote

Five minutes prior to the battle in the bay...

NARRATOR: Kora didn’t have much time to worry about her adopted brother…the one who constantly was getting into trouble…She was busy…working alongside her adopted brother Bron within the belly of the beast ship. Anytime there was a period of rest in which one could contemplate their predicament, it was drowned out by the order to get back to work…and their taskmasters didn’t sleep. The assassin droids were armed with blast rifles and fully automatic slugthrowers, and they seemed up to the task of supervising Kora, Bron, and about a dozen others who had been captured after the patrol craft they were on was snared, crushed, and broken down for raw materials. The ship they were on cannibalized other ships to keep its systems running. Right now, they were slaved to the task of sorting metals. It was hard to tell how long they had been there…several days perhaps. Sleep allowances seemed to be rationed out for those who performed well, but even though they were allowed to sleep, the sleep did little to ease their aching muscles…and one had to be alert not to get hit in the face by ship hull as it was tossed from slave to another down the line…It kept them busy…it kept them from talking…and it kept them from looking around…for the most part. Bron looked around whenever possible…and that was usually in between tosses. They were unarmed and outnumbered by the droids in the pit…but Bron watched them…looking for a weakness to exploit…He had noticed that one of the droids that had been transferred in seemed to operating independently of the others. Its movements weren’t in synch with theirs. It seemed to be waiting for something...

Bron continued to look around, but at the moment, he didn’t see the droid…and then it almost hit him…a chunk of metal being tossed by another slave to him. It never reached him…Something had smacked it out of the air to the ground. Bron whirled around to face what had done it…It was the independent droid.

Independent HK-10: (exclamation)…Pick up the part meatbag!

Bron has no real choice but to do so…As he bends over to retrieve it, the droid steps on the piece of metal, preventing Bron from lifting it…More droids begin to take notice and walk over to the area.

Independent HK-10: (Order)…I will deal with this scum…Patrol the catwalk.

The droid waits until the other droids have moved off to the catwalk…and are out of audio range.

Independent HK-10: (Query)…Are you ready for a prisoner transfer?

Bron stared in disbelief…before his response could come, the droid answered for him..

Independent HK-10: (Morbid statement)…You can stay here and die with the others after being worked to death, or you can follow me on a mission that will likely get you killed and me deactivated.

Bron looked past the droid and over at Kora who seemed to be in as much shock. They had been beaten by the droids, and now one wanted to help them.

Independent HK-10: (amused statement)…Ah, you care about the other meatbag…the girl. She can come too…(interrogative)…What will it be captain? No chance here or some chance with me?

The droid released his foot from the metal allowing Bron to stand with it…Bron looked around at the other slaves who continued to work, but were listening…they waited for his response…He kept quiet…nodding his head that he would go.

Independent HK-10: (explanation)…I like you captain…Of the prisoners here, you are best suited to lead them to your rescuers who are already aboard this vessel. We just need to find them. You will follow my lead until I can obtain a weapon for you…the girl will help us open locked doors and use the computers aboard this ship.

NARRATOR: Above on the catwalk, the droids continued to patrol, but one of the security specialists had entered the labor area…The human in blue fatigues stared down at the slaves and the droid that was supervising them…He awaited the droid and his two prisoners that it was marching off to unknown whereabouts.

Security Detail Sergeant: Where are you taking these prisoners?

Independent HK-10: (explanation) These two seem to have feelings for each other…Biological feelings…that are only expressed…by er…uh…yes…biologicals. They are wanting each other…I was getting ready to move them off. The male will be executed for lack of performance, and girl will be escorted to the bridge…for another type of performance.

Security Detail Sergeant: Who authorized this decision?….I wasn’t notified.

Independent HK-10: (query) What information are you cleared for from the bridge? (explanation)…We are under attack, but will soon crush our attackers…the leader will want to calm his nerves…She will do nicely…I work for internal…(query)…Shall we go get clearance together sergeant?

NARRATOR: The droid continues to walk while speaking with the sergeant…It slings its blast rifle and seizes Kora and Bron by the arms and begins to pull them…The droid is exceptionally strong, and had they not walked, they would have been dragged. The man continues to follow them out the door into the passageway to the lift…

Security Detail Sergeant: They are not to leave…they’re to stay here. I’m calling the bridge for authorization.

NARRATOR: The droid releases Kora and Bron and looks left and then right…The door to the work area closed….

Independent HK-10: (statement) There will be no need for that.

NARRATOR: The droid moved with much more speed than any of the biologicals had anticipated…Moving in between the prisoners and the sergeant, it checked its shoulder into the armed man knocking him into and off the wall, and then the droid followed through with a back hand…The man’s neck snapped…and the droid’s orange-gold plated hand came back oozing red blood….It knelt down to retrieve the dead man’s weapon and wiped its hand on the dead man’s fatigues…

Independent HK-10: (statement) Here is a weapon for you captain, as promised. If you are unfamiliar with it or indifferent to it, take heart in knowing that before the hour is up, there will be plenty of guard and droid weaponry littering the floor for you to choose from.... Try not to shoot me in the back…

NARRATOR: The three continued down the hall to the lift…The lift had a terminal readout, and though Kora didn’t have her computer, it took only a few seconds to see where the hot spots were aboard ship…A courier class vessel had just been snared and captured, and the three watched as Republic forces leapt out of the hull’s roof to engage the droids and security forces there to greet them.

Independent HK-10: (statement) That is where we will going. When the door opens…let me do what I enjoy…You captain…you should cover her from the door until a weapon can be retrieved. As before, watch my back...I'll take whatever is in front.

NARRATOR: As they exited the lift and made their way to the bay…the droid opened a panel on his forearm and pushed a few buttons…Its coloration switched from the golden orange the other HK-10’s all shared to a dark blue…with the heaviest sections of its armor a dark purple…It's designation was as unknown as its motives...It seemed to care little about knowing what they were called...referring to Bron as "captain" and Kora as "girl"...but still the droid was the most welcome sight they've had in a long time...and their freedom could very well be on the other side of the door.

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