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May The 4th Weekend!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:22 pm    Post subject: May The 4th Weekend! Reply with quote

James Spahn made a great point to me today. We're a little shy of two months to the May the 4th Con, and we're not getting much in the way of participation. Three GMs and one player that isn't a confirmed is not well, to me.

I'm going to start up the spam machine and just duck out of the way.

May the 4th weekend (that's May 1-3 for you), Womp Rat Press is doing a con of nothing but #swd6 action. Don's running a game, I've got one down the books, and we're even planning on a live recording of the show with audience Q&A.

No, read it again, slowly. Q&A, not "T&A." We're not a wrestling community, and we're family-friendly.

Anyway, there are lots of you in this community. That's a lot of people who keep up and read posts here, and even sometimes post. Believe me, I know it's difficult to schedule anything roleplaying-wise. I'm a family guy, and so is Don.

If I can schedule time for GMing plus the panel, I know some of you can too. What if I dangled some prizes in front of you? Would that work? I've got some things I was going to hoard....but if you're good...

I kid, I kid. There are prizes, though.

Have a look at the schedule here if you want to GM or play:
Don Diestler
Hosts, Shooting Womp Rats
The D6 Podcast
@swd6podcast, Twitter
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