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SWTOR - Source of adventure seeds
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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 6:21 pm    Post subject: SWTOR - Source of adventure seeds Reply with quote

SWTOR has a crafting system with several skills, all of them going from tier 1 up to tier 9. Apart from outright buying materials, you can gather materials through sending your companions on two types of missions for each of the skills - there's one for 'general' materials of a type, and one that may be shared among two or three crafting skills, or are occasionally unique. Underworld Trading, for instance, can produce both fabrics and metals - which are used in Synthweaving and Armormech, as well as Cybertech.

Each mission in each tier has a description - a capsule or seed for whatever adventure your companion goes through in order to gather the materials they take back to you. There's all sorts of good seeds there that can be developed into full-fledged scenarios or adventures. Occasionally, one can imagine a connection between several 'away missions', but as far as I know there's no SWTOR-canon connection there.

There's also unique missions that can be unlocked for a one-time use in the form of in-game items that look like blueprints, and which have a greater return of materials than the regular ones.

Here's a few samples of the description text (taken from

Slaves of Bergen: In ancient times, the Imperial slaves of Bergen created great monuments to their masters. Send your companion to excavate the artistry left behind.

Rejuvenation: The medically adept Selkath have revived the captain of a pre-hyperdrive vessel from suspended animation. Have your companion meet with the captain.

Treasure Map (Mission Discovery): Mission Brief: Inscribed in this object is a star map revealing clues to a supposed treasure. Have your companion follow the map into unknown space.
Completion: Vette deciphered the map's clues and traveled to a series of strange moons, before finally uncovering a whispering Rakata device!; Vette successfully completed the assignment and has returned.

A Forgotten Journey: Mission Brief: An ancient frigate has recently emerged from the treacherous Kalki Nebula, adrift and unresponsive. Have your companion board the ship to discover its origin.
Completion: Vette boarded the ship, well-preserved by vacuum. It appears to be an ancient trading vessel; Vette was able to download its navigation logs and recover some of its preserved cargo.


Apart from that, SWTOR has two other little tidbits that I did bring to the attention of the Devs - one is that all the Arcona encountered in the game have golden eyes (and thus are salt addicts) - something which was likely decided by a designer or something looking at the set photos from the Mos Eisley Cantina without knowing anything about the EU for the Arcona.

Another is that Ortolans can be harvested for crafting materials used for making implants. Which is somewhat distasteful, considering that Ortolans are sentients (and I think the harvestable flag was set by mistake). All other harvestable creatures are non-sentient.
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