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Tetramagua the Hutt? [Fan Fiction]
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:45 pm    Post subject: Tetramagua the Hutt? [Fan Fiction] Reply with quote

I was walking out of the market with my groceries. I was headed homeward. Then I saw four figures heading in my direction. At first I thought maybe it just looked like they were heading my way, but after they got close enough to where I could see their eyes, it became obvious. Their leader appeared to be a Rodian with either a whitish scald mark or other lighter-colored skin of his neck. I decided to make it easy and stopped and turned to face them. I didn't put down my groceries. They stopped about three meters away.

At first the Rodian and his goon friends just stood there grinning. Finally, the Rodian stepped forward and addressed me in broken Basic: "You are Wulfa Lehan, are you?" I nodded. The Rodian continued. "Tetramagua the Hutt noticed you won 22 million betting the Flrrrp. Since your territory is in her, and also her good graces, you owe her tribute of—let's say—five percent. Now, I must tell you. We can easy way this, or," the Rodian's hand drifted down toward something like a taser on his belt, "we can hard way it."

"What do you mean 'let's say' five percent?" I asked. "How much is five percent of 22 million anyway?"

The Rodian didn't know the answer and that was clear. He glanced back at one of his goons. The alien just shrugged. The other two did the same.

"Well, whatever amount is five percent of 22 million," continued the Rodian, obviously somewhat disgusted, "is due in two local weeks. You can math it later."

"So the 23rd?" I asked.

The Rodian evidently could do the math on this one, albeit slowly. "Yes. The 23rd," he agreed after a few seconds. I thought I could detect hesitance. There had been the hugeness of adding 14 to 9.

As the Rodian stood gloating, one of the goons, a Dressellian, stepped forward. He was holding the biggest blaster rifle I had ever seen. "We'll be coming back then to collect," he said. "And let me tell you, my friend, it is in your best interests to have it with no strings around it." The Dressellian hadn't mastered Basic either, apparently—or at least the idiom.

As the four goons walked away, I watched them disgustedly. They were laughing and playfully pushing one another here and there. After a minute I headed back home. I still lived in one of the tenements because I hadn't had time to shop for a new residence yet, and I wasn't even sure I would be staying on Kafane. However, now I needed a new plan. After putting my groceries away, I went to my personal terminal and called my sister.

"Do you know what time it is here?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"I do, but this is sort of an emergency."

Her head snapped up. She was alert. "Are you in trouble?" she asked.

"It's less trouble than it is just plain robbery."

"I don't follow," she replied. "What do you need?"

"I need a ship. I can't buy one here or they'll notice it and know exactly what I'm up to. I need you to send me one, or come get me yourself."

"I can do that. How long do you have?"

"Until the 23rd."

"The 23rd," she repeated slowly. "And this couldn't wait until morning?" she asked.

Before I could reply, she disappeared and the screen flashed 'Connection Terminated 122c due'. I stared at it for a while and then I paid it and turned my chair to look out the window. In the grassy plaza below, I could see a large flock of birds pecking the soil. Someone had obviously brought a bag of birdseed and thrown it all over the plaza again. They liked that the sh*t ghetto was actually covered in sh*t. Bird sh*t. I turned back to my terminal and went to the holonet search page.

"Tell me about Tetramagua the Hutt," I entered. I knew I would get nothing but that was not so. Apparently there is a central intelligence database of Hutts and their positions in the families kept by the Twi'leki. I was free to look at Tetramagua. This was a young but powerful (and lucky) Hutt who was notorious for being huge in entourage and had many favors owed to him by virtue of entities asking for his help.

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