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Thadosh (5 minute read)
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:45 pm    Post subject: Thadosh (5 minute read) Reply with quote


System: Osso Sarsir
Sector: Askarian
Region: Expansion Region
Star Name: Sarsiret
Star Type: White-yellow, 35% through its life
Orbital Bodies: 1 – Sarsir I - small, rocky, and hot
2 – Sarsir II - large, rocky, and hot
3 – Sarsir III - small, terrestrial, and cold
4 – Sarsir IV - Thadosh
5 – Sarsir V - gas supergiant, brown/white in color w/large blue ring


Name of Planet: Thadosh
Other Names: Eudon, Zahakiv, Ralotl, etc.
Orbital Position: 4
Type: Large terrestrial
Temperature: -25˚ C to 45˚ C
Atmosphere: Type II
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: 1.25 G’s
Terrain: Desert/dunes
Length of Day: 14 standard hours
Length of Year: 217 local days
Sapient Species: Many (see description)
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Starport: Advanced
Population: 2.2 billion
Planet Function(s): A neutral meeting ground for some 30+ local systems to interact diplomatically; the planet also occupies a spot on a local hyperlane
Government: Cooperative republic (see description)
Major Exports: Diplomatic negotiations
Major Imports: Foodstuffs

History and/or Further Explanations:
Thadosh as a planet is little more than a monstrous wasteland with a few salty seas and some stunted local lifeforms. There are vast deserts of different colored sands, as well as ever-shifting regions of dunes and hills. Thadosh’s real attraction lays in its habitable atmosphere and temperature, and in its proximity to some twenty local starsystems, and the fact that it is a major station along a local hyperlane. Near the outskirts of the most populous areas, landing zones and trade bazaars give way to badlands and moisture farms.

Thadosh has been used as a gathering place for purposes of bartering, trading, or negotiating for at least the last 10,000 years. Countless treaties, ceasefires, armistices and territory transfers among proximate systems have all been bargained on Thadosh. It currently constitutes an agreed-upon neutral place for over 30 nearby starsystems to negotiate and trade. Gambling has been banned by the planet’s provisional government, as the income derived from taxes levied on trade and the planet’s position as a spaceport on a hyperlane are adequate and attract less criminal behavior. This is preferable as Thadosh’s government isn’t a full-fledged government in the traditional sense, but more like a multipart provisional council which is only manifested when necessary.

Sovereign spacefaring starsystems with a history of peace within a fifteen light-year radius of Thadosh may petition the Thadosh provisional council for membership in the Thadosh Proximity Collective. Such membership confers the right to build diplomatic and trade facilities on the planet’s surface, as well as the right to vote, form committees, and rely upon other member systems for assistance with defense, should the need arise. Membership in the Thadosh Proximity Collective requires member starsystems or groups of starsystems to behave with decorum, and no member may declare war or commit an act of war against another member without immediate expulsion and a 25 year-period wherein the belligerent member may not rejoin. However, no overt act of war has been committed by any member against any other member for nearly five millennia.

Tourists would undoubtedly find Thadosh to be dull, though the spaceport economy and the entrepreneur settlements may offer some relief from this. There is a huge concourse where goods produced in member systems and adjacent sectors are sold, and the spaceport itself handles hundreds of landings and departures every day. It is also estimated that 1.7% of the planet’s surface is covered in moisture farms. This means that there is a whole population that exists on Thadosh which is only interested in diplomacy by way of making money from it. It is estimated that over half the planet’s inhabitants are permanent residents, so there is certainly a society which has developed, or one which is currently developing.
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