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Initiative stat
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pel wrote:
Your approach is innovative and I'd like to incorporate it into my games as is. My only question was if the Jedi players ever asked, "Mr. GM, this Force thing is pretty special. Do you think being tuned in to the stuff that binds the galaxy together deserves more than +1 per Sense die?"

Whenever I have introduced any mod that meant a minor advantage for a character they didn't have before, I have never had them ask for more. Regarding this particular mod, I haven't had any Jedi PCs since this one. But I will be having one, so we'll see if that player feels he should get more than +1 per Sense die. But I doubt it. As I stated above, this isn't meant to replace any Jedi powers, like Danger Sense. This is just a little boost to Initiative on top of that.

Most Jedi PCs have good Dexterity, so that will usually give a bigger boost to their Initiative. And if the Jedi PC doesn't have the highest Initiative in the party, then usually their Initiative will only determine their position within the PC group. PCs having Initiative over the NPCs is definitely an advantage, but other than that players should not be too concerned about how close their character's first action is to the first action for their side. All PCs should have a chance in most battles to do something sooner or later, so whether it happens before or after other PCs is secondary.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Last game I ran I used something like this, but since I run base 2e there is no Tactics skill. I used Perception + one pip per die of Dexterity and Sense. So, the smuggler from earlier would have an initiative of 3D+3. I need to find my R&E book, because I like a lot of the other rules from that one. I was contemplating a "vehicle initiative" that would be the same, but swap Mechanical in for the Dex stat. I think just keeping the Dex based one would probably work just fine. I combined it with an initiative turn system that had subsequent actions happen 5 counts after the first, so it was possible to have more than one action before another character acted. This all worked fairly well and was good at making battles into a blow by blow pseudo cinematic affair. I did have to keep track of a lot on the white board, but I do that anyway because I have a hard time keeping track of initiative to begin with.
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