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CM-D1 Combat Medic
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So... as an entry level droid, it does make more sense (to me) that it might not have all the bells and whistles, so adding the optional upgrades helps to "suspend disbelief."

As for the litter, I imagined the droid having a sort of fork lift function that would allow the droid to carry the litter perpendicular to its body (either across its body or "forward" oriented, sepending on space available). If that changes your perspective, perhaps it would still fit into your concept.

But even if not, the availability of higher trim levels makes up for the absence on the base model.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:34 pm    Post subject: Combat Medic Reply with quote

For those groups of player with no one with the first aid skill. A combat medic droid with little personality, but the ability to move through a combat zone and render first aid assistance.

The campaign I'm planning is a solo campaign for one player with the possibility of occasional other players. It will be tramp-to-rebel campaign so the main NPC will be the ship captain, and the captain has a little lifting to carry the PC when he inevitably gets knocked unconscious/incapacitated. The ship would definitely need a medical droid for when they come back wounded, so I thought they could be bacta dealers to justify having the droid and a bacta tank on their ship.

But then I thought, what about when the PC and the captain are both inevitably incapacitated and need rescued? The astromech droid isn't going to be able to save them. So the combat medic concept makes sense. A strong droid with lifting and armor plating for improved damage resistance that can rescue two characters if need be. For this Combat Medic appearance, I envision a brawnier-looking 2-1B. Then I remembered this 2-1B concept art used for the MD-series droids:

I imagine that elastic air-balloons of some kind can pop out of its arms and rapidly inflate as cushions for injured bodies so pointy metal stuff is not aggravating wounds. I love the upper body appearance of this droid but the skirt has got to go. Does anyone have any suggestions for some droid art I could use to photoshop the lower body onto this droid. To match the upper body it can't be from skinny-bodied droids. And although this concept art looks like a version of 2-1B designed for a human actor to wear like Threepio, I don't want to use the commonly used Threepio-style lower body because Threepio can't run well and I don't want the droid to appear slow or frail.

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