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"The Chosen One" Blessing or curse?
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:49 pm    Post subject: "The Chosen One" Blessing or curse? Reply with quote

Having seen the prequals recently and dived into the new canon, and naturally my beloved legends, I have began to see Vader in a different light.
I am not sure Vader is evil, he is a dark sider and a villain yes, but I don't think he want the sith to rule, I see little things, that make me think that Vader's plan AFTER knowing his childer is alive is actually the destruction of Palpatine and the sith, naturally at the cost of self.

My first "aha!" moment was actually in rebels, the ahsoka duel. At a time where still is not told of his children, BUT has began working against the emperor.

We then jump into the comics, Vader hunting Jocasta Nu, only to defeat her, and then DESTROY the price Palpatine wanted, the list of force sensitive children in the galaxy.

Whil he is known to KILL officers and imperial troopers more or less at any form of disrespect of mistake made, I would deem this too to be counter productive for the sustainment of the sith/empire.

So my question is this..........could anakin, even as darth vader be the actual chosen one from the prophesy.

As I understand the prophecy it is about the destruction of the sith, as the jedi see it, thoug the wording is about balance in the force.......

and here is my point Balance........was Darth Vader actually a darksider that served the lightside in that he became a balancing factor by killing off so many dark siders, and so may "evil" ones, that he helped in maintaining some form of cosmic balance in the force, by actually working agains the emperor from time time.

I would not go as far as calling it a under cover operation, but I can see the elements.

Vader serves the emperor, he has to do eveli acts, but it shines through that "when he can" he does actually go agains the will of the empeor and this more often than not will benefit the light side.

so the curese is that to be the chosen one, you must be BOTH TRUE sith and jedi, you must fall completely to the darkside, and return and come from the light.

call it the "cost of self".
After all the slode motivation of vader is actually to get his family back, before this it was actually punishing slef by falling into darjkness.
only to be redeemed once the balance ( fon now) is restored, the emperor dead, Vadre has his son(and by that his daughter back) he made it, he won, so was vadre actually evil, or was he the resultof a "curse" in this promised one?

now I am not in any calling Vder a good guy, just a neuanced bad guy, and maybe non evil person commiting evil acts, at lest I see this jppurney in the vder stories
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