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Tale Spin - SW Spinoff
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Raven Redstar wrote:
Maybe we should get a list going of alien races for the various other characters from the show.

I'm thinking maybe a Shistavanen for Don Carnage?
Hmm... Louis...?

Good idea. (And I iust looked back through the thread, and had forgotten that you had already suggested Kasa Horansi for Shere Khan way back in 2017. My bad!)

I think Shistavanen works for Don Carnage.

As for our old pal Louie, of these, Kordan could work. The others either seem too hulking or too humanoid to me, while new canon Gigorans (which look great/better, imho) are less Simian and more like a cross between a Wookiee and a bear. (Thank you for reminding me about the Tarro btw! Will have to use that concept art for an NPC.)

What do you think of Iakaru for Louis, like Bistan of Rogue One?
Their "warmer/friendlier" look is what might sell me on Louie as Iakaru, despite their not-quite having the same lanky, long-armed frame or posture.



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Raven Redstar
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 6:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like the look, my only issues is the legs and arms are a little short for Louis. We could call him an offshoot of any of the above races. Maybe he's from a near-Iakaru race?

Since we're probably going to be using art from the show, you could just tag him as whatever and use the existing art, then it just becomes a question of which species bonuses fit best...

No worries about the missed suggestion, it was years ago. LoL

You're absolutely welcome! Glad I could help you find some obscure races for your obscure characters. Smile
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2021 11:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I imagine Cape Suzette being located at the crossway of the two largest hyperspace lanes in the sector. These wouldn't be major hyperspace lanes like the Corellian Run or the Hydain Way, but the largest hyperspace lanes in their Suzette sector. Consequently, trade accounts for its wealth and rather high standard of living in the Suzette sector. Kahn Industries definitely has a predilection for trade.

It is probably somewhere in the slice, let's say galactic northward of Huttspace, rimward of old sith space. Maybe somewhere between Huttspace and old sith space, but definitely more rimward. Galactic South of the Corporate sector. Maybe the sector was discovered shortly before the Corporate sector and was one of the last sectors opened up for settlement before the Galactic Civil War. Consequently this is a low-population sector. Cape Suzette probably has a population of only a few million people, that of a small modern day city. Most people in the sector are likely settlers, miners/lumberjacks, and pilots.

There are some native species, like the Thembrians. There are worlds with vast resources, and worlds with only a few. Some tropical worlds, or rather, planets that have such a low population that only the tropical areas are inhabited. If you can live anywhere on a world, live in paradise.

Would Louie's be a space station or an orbital station over a tropical world. Maybe even a landing facility on a low population world not too far from Cape Suzette. A neutral world with a low population. Maybe Louie used to be a free trader and his ship broke down on this world. His communication gear was still good and he turned a bad situation into a successful trading post.

I posted earlier that Cape Suzette should be a moon around a gas giant. Ships have to come out of hyperspace earlier than a terrestrial planet because of the gravity well of the gas giant. Not a major deal in civilized sectors but out here on the frontier it means no one can sneak up on the moon for lightning fast raids. Cape Suzette's orbital battle stations aren't state-of-the-art, but they are more than enough to keep the pirates out.

Characters could get jobs/missions from Kahn industries. Getting resources from outer worlds to Cape Suzette could be a common mission. Finding lost temples and archaeological treasures from the indigenous aliens.

Remember, indigenous aliens may be quite advanced, comparatively. Imagine a planet of Victorian era-esque aliens encountering peoples from the main galaxy. A team of adventurers with blasters and advanced armor could get a number of jobs done for these folks. Or an ancient roman world. Or the Three Kingdoms period in China.

The force is as available to them as anyone else. Do these cultures have Jedi? Sith? How has the force impacted their worlds?

Space pirates and Thembrians make great stock villains. The Empire isn't around as a go-to threat, the Suzette sector is too remote.

I'll need to do more research into Tale Spin to come up with more specific npcs.
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