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PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:30 am    Post subject: Drongar Reply with quote

A terrestrial planet located in the Drongar system of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. A remote and a relatively young world, far from the known hyperlanes, Drongar occupied the first orbital position around its star Drongar Prime. In turn, the planet was orbited by two small asteroids that were considered moons despite their size. In addition, the planet was shielded from meteorites and comets by the three gas giants in the outer reaches of the system. Drongar had a diameter of 12,518 kilometers, a rotational period just over twenty-three standard hours, and its gravity was 1.2 times the standard.

The atmosphere of Drongar was rich in oxygen, higher than that found on most worlds habitable for Humans and humanoids, which caused dizziness and hyperoxygenation for non-native organisms, and corrosion even for the incredibly tough durasteel alloy. The clouds of spores were constantly adrift in the upper atmosphere, which caused the main spore strata to form about a thousand meters above the surface, while the air below was relatively clear. Due to these clouds, the sky appeared with a sickly copper tint from the surface of the planet. When viewed from space, it appeared as a vile, pestilential green-and-blue world.

Due to the heat from Drongar Prime, the planet had a nearly tropical climate with the humidity over 90 percent. The temperature on the planet rarely dropped below the human body temperature, even at midnight. Drongar's axial tilt and the lack of a large moon to stabilize it led to extreme seasonal variations. Monsoon seasons were never-ending, except in the poles of the planet, with big, devastating electrical storms, howling winds, and constant rain. These atmospheric conditions made repulsorlift vehicles inoperable. It was estimated that in a few hundred million years, Drongar could become a frigid planet similar to Hoth due to the unstable axis.

The landscape of Drongar had oceans and primarily consisted of vast, continent-spanning jungles and marshlands. The southern hemisphere consisted of two landmasses, the bigger one was known as the Tanlassa. There were also several small hillocks and the dry planetary poles.

The biosphere of Drongar consisted of life-forms known for its mutagenic and adaptogenic qualities. They exhibited a constant, and extremely rapid rate of evolution, rather than punctuated one. According to scientific studies, they possessed DNA that granted undifferentiation properties to nearly every cell of the organism, allowing it to adapt to environmental threats in an extremely short period of time. Among these were spores, bacteria, viruses, RNA-ersatz, and millions of other undiscovered tiny life-forms.

The main spore strata in the upper atmosphere was home to multiple strains of spores, including various tints of pale green, yellow, blue, red, and other hues. Some of them were bioluminescent during the night. Because the most damaging concentrations of the spore swarms occurred in the strata, the incoming and outgoing ships had to move quickly through the atmosphere to avoid spore-rot of the hull and passengers catching one of the deadly Spore Sicknesses. However, relative safety was allowed at the ground level. The aforementioned adaptogenic qualities allowed the spores to develop the immunity to spore disinfectants in one standard month.

Drongar's flora and fauna also had adaptogenic qualities. The few isolated fields across the planet were home to bota, a rare highly adaptogenic plant. The largest fields were located in the swamps of Tanlassa, with several on the opposite side of the planet. Other flora included a fungus-like tree that grew in the Jasserak Highlands and bore an avedame fruit; clinging clusters of snarlvines in a swamp near the Kondrus Sea of the Jasserak Lowlands. One of the most dangerous examples of the flora was the purple stingwort, a venomous plant that could paralyze its prey with the potent toxin or cause anaphylactic shock and death. Broadleaf trees, poptrees, waxy-leaved croaker bushes, pink shortgrass, and saw grass also grew on Drongar.

Drongar was home to a number of invertebrates, including many insect species. The latter included fire gnats, scavenger moths, and wingstingers. About five meters long and half a meter thick, wrigglers were considered the largest of all known land-based lifeforms on the planet. Other animals included a large rontu, and hand-sized land shrimp. The oceans were believed to be home to the variety of large aquatic creatures.

Other life on Drongar included mold, mildew, and the mushroom-like vegetation. The funga displayed different shades and shapes, and included red-dish fungus.

An algae-covered Kondrus Sea bordered the Jasserak Lowlands of the Tanlassa continent. The Jasserak Lowlands were also home to the Jackhack Slough, an ancient dried-up riverbed.

The plateau of Jasserak Highlands, which formed the border of the Jasserak Lowlands, was mostly covered with strange fungus-like trees that produced avedame fruit. The Jasserak Highlands had ripe and fecund smell. The second body of water, the Sea of Sponges, lay over a thousand kilometers between the Rimsoo Three and Rimsoo Seven after the latter's relocation to the Jasserak Highlands. A region of Qarohan Steppes lay around eighty kilometers southeast of the previous location of the RMSU-7 near the Kondrus Sea in the Jasserak Lowlands.

The Great Jasserak Swamp was a swamp covered in fungal growth. The Poptree Forest was a forest covered with poptrees. Two kilometers from the RMSU-7 was a region of severe ecological blight, the Rotfurze Wastes.

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Drongar
System: Drgongar
Sun(s): 1: Drongar Prime
Trade Routes: -
Orbital Position: 1
Moon(s): 2
Length of Day: 23 hours
Length of Year: 366 days
Starport(s): Limited

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate (humid, nearly tropical)
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Jungles, rainforests, bota fields, swampland, savannas
Points of Interest: Great Jasserak Swamp, Jasserak Highlands, Jasserak Lowlands, Kondrus Sea, Poptree Forest, Qarohan Steppes, Sea of Sponges
Native Fauna: Avedame fruit, Bota, Broadleaf, Croaker bush, Pink shortgrass, Poptree, Purple stingwort, Saw grass, Snarlvine
Native Flora: Fire gnat, Land shrimp, Rontu, Scavenger moth, Swamp snail, Wingstinger, Wriggler

Native Species: None
Immigrated Species: Varied (85% human, 15% other)
Population: 500
Language: Galactic basic
Government: Corporate
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Planet Function: Farming
Major Cities: -
Major Exports: Bota
Major Imports: -

Special Conditions: Native airborne spores cause death to those who are not protected from them. The climate is characterized by common monsoons with devastating electrical storms, soaring temperatures, and humidity over 90%.

Source: Emperor Ollie
Appearance: N. Jedi: Count Dooku [mentioned], N. MedStar I: Battle Surgeons, SS. SWI #83 "MedStar: Intermezzo", N. MedStar II: Jedi Healer, N. Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight [mentioned], N. Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows [mentioned], N. Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force [mentioned], N. Death Star [mentioned]

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