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Specialization question
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2023 10:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So it is some enigma and not undratandable that id I have lightsaber 5+1 I want to qualify for a 6D requirement ( yes using some fan based stuff for some of the lightsaber technicques) then it is to me odd that simply raising skill you loos bebefits.

So to go back to the needles since they are easier, once you have learned how to use them righ, meaning once you have been, but may no longer be becuse overall skill is raised, what is the logic behind loosing all said benefits?

the issue was the +X bonus to defense with specialization and the higher difficulty without.

here is how is see this....amy you all find any logic in this I do not: So I am a tranied lightsaber user, I have 5D+1 in it, I am working to learn how to fight a certain way using my lightbacer.
I am specialized in one type of lighsaber and as mu skill goes up and am not able to use it as much as I wanted to I also raise my Lightsaber skill, not only my specialization. I now go through 2 more adventure, and I have enough o raise my lightaber skill to 6D and now be good enough for the technice/form.........But noooooooo....becuse my skill in lightsaber increased i now am unable to understand how I actually used my weapon last week, how I did parry......and it is even harder to sue.......

So most lighrabers that are non standard, have some higher difficulty for the unspecialized, but I WAS specialzed in this, doe it make sense that UNLEARN the twchniques on how to use the weapon ?

Basically ONCE specialized always specialized, no matter if the skill gors over, when it comes ITEM effects , penalties and bonuses
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