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Tetsuo Shima (clearly a rip off)
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 10:16 pm    Post subject: Tetsuo Shima (clearly a rip off) Reply with quote

One of my more rescent characters, a near human:Hapan, is named Tetsuo Shima (this is only because at the time I could not remember Kaneda's, from Akira, last name was). I decided to have an interesting theme for the character, and of course make him a complete ripoff of Akira.

Personality: Extremely outgoing, and always amused. He will do anything to protect one npc in our game, an elite pilot of her Z95 headhunter, and upon meeting her, devoted himself to always defending her. He does not much care about the rebellion, but because the pilot feels very strongly about it, he fights with them anyway. He never holds a grudge, but when he gets mad, he will kick serious @$$!

Backround: He was in a speeder bike gang for almost all his life, after the gang got killed by the empire, so he fled to a small moon, near the outer rim, and stayed there, getting work as a spy for the local government, spying on the Hutt crime lord. He met up with the rest of the group there, while the group was trying to get a ride back to their planet. he modified his impirial speeder bike, and painted it red, and put a lot of cool things on it.

Quote: "and for this trick, I'll need an ordinary $100 bill..."

vehicle blasters-7D
pick pockets-5D


(s)speeder bike-8D



repulsor rep-5D
vehicle weapons rep-5D
blaster rep-3D
armor rep-6D

Equipment: blaster rifle (5D+2), vibro blade (STR+2D), impirial speeder bike, infared sunglasses, vibro knife (STR+1D, used mostly as a razor), modified stormtrooper armour (+2D physical, +1D energy, no DEX penalty, no helmet. It has been flattened to his skin so that it fits under his clothes), Very old and ragged jacket which he will not patch up.

As soon as I get a new scanner I will post an image of him (quite honestly it looks like Kaneda with stubble and sunglasses, and not as well drawn).
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