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A Rancor Pit SWRPG D6 Supplement?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Too late, I have to tell you now. Mainly because I love this invention of mine. Laughing

Corel & DuVal is a company founded in the outter-edge of the Mid-Rim, on a planet called "Hurrah II", an ancient Corellian colony world. It's primary import is Blaster Gas, which is *VERY* expensive due to it's location, so Blasters are more expensive to fire there (And remember, Laser and Turbolaser weapons are actually really big Blasters!).

Mar Corel and Mr. DuVal (Even his friends call him this) were smugglers out and about the Universe when they uncovered a few ancient weapon designs here and there. Mr. DuVal modernized the systems (Without sacrificing reliability), and Mar provided the money, marketing, and his own personal and unimitateable style, as well as twisted the arm of Hurrah II's government (Which he's now part of) to allow the manufacturing of such weapons.

Corel & DuVal equipment is primitive in design, but modern in manufacturing and materials. Mass Drivers, Projectile Weapons, etc. They're mostly an arms company, but do occasionally branch out into other fields (Mr. DuVal gets bored easily and takes over R&D often to invent whatever comes to mind.).

They have deals with Koensayr, Corellian Engeneering Corporation, and BlasTech for additional manufacturing and selling position, as those companies have facilities on Hurrah II (Mostly for Testing of new technologies and designs.), so if you can't get to the main showroom at Hurrah II, you can order the items you want from those companies.

Corel & DuVal was founded a year before the Battle Of Yavin, and was starting to get it's name out by the Battle of Hoth. Sales have never been that great (Compared to major companies), but enough to keep the company in the black, and makes a nice retirement package for the two.
"And you, sitting in that turret, doing nothing but pick your nose..." "Just marking my kills." - Fitz and S.C. MacDuff
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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 12:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ok, how's this?

Ever been in a fire fight on a dark night with no lights showing where you are yet still the guys gunning for you manage to hit you without having to shine a light your way? And then when they come up to see if they got you, you find out they didn't have any night vision equipment! Yeah, you're blaster is great to have, except when it lets everyone know where you are. But sometimes you wish for something a little more primitive, something that will allow you to get your shots off totally unseen.

We know exactly how you feel. That's why the good folks at Corel & DuVal make it our job to bring you the tech that will have your enemies wondering where you are as you take 'em down. We combine the best modern manufacturing and materials with designs from a bygone era, making them easier to carry and faster to produce. And by modernizing these older designs, we make it possible for you to not only keep hidden during a fire fight but also to get a weapon through any place where blasters aren't allowed.

Corel & Duval, our mission is to keep you three steps ahead.

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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