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CEC 476th Freight Hauler's Challange
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 11:57 pm    Post subject: CEC 476th Freight Hauler's Challange Reply with quote

“Tramp Freighters, Free Traders, Freighter Bums... Scum of the Universe and a Necessary Evil. Rogues, Scoundrels and Worse. These are the terms given to those courageous few beings that are willing to risk all for little return, and ensure that the Industries of the Galaxy are working constantly! Often the only method of moving small amounts of immediately needed cargo quickly, and without worry about interception by pirates and other never-do-wells! Noone knows the needs of these individuals better than the Corellian Engineering Corporation, for we have gone forth and demanded to know what they needed, and have worked hard and tirelessly to give it... At a fair cost.

“Four-Hundred and Seventy-Six Standard Years ago... My illustrious predecessor, President Torval Dougal, had an idea. A way to give back to the primary people that made this company great. But, knowing his audience, he knew that they would take no charity. So... He gave none. What he gave instead was better, for it rewarded skill, ability, and hard work. It was not just for our own customers, but for all those beings that go forth into the Galaxy, and haul freight for little pay, and only slightly more respect!

“It was the very first Freight Hauler’s Challenge! And today... Today, Gentilbeings... We continue that grand tradition!!! For on this very day, we shall start the grand event that will prove without a shadow of a doubt, who the greatest ‘Tramp Freighter’ in the Galaxy currently is!” - James “Jimmy” Frankovich, CEC President and CEO, Introduction Speech to Contestants

The CEC Freight Hauler’s Challenge is the definitive contest for the Independent Freight Hauler’s of the Galaxy. Trade Guild Pilots need not apply, this is only for those “Unreliable Scum” that make their business in smoky old cantinas, and keep only one narrow step away from illegality. It’s rewards are rather small but the bragging rights alone are worth the trials and tribulations of the event. Even just finishing in one piece can gain enough stories to get a few drinks at the bar, winning will ensure that you’ll never have to buy any at all... Until next year, that is.

Part race, part contests of skill and luck, part ability to haul cargo safely, it is governed by a very complex points system that could very well mean that the last person over the finish line could still win the contest. But there is enough glory to go around for all, but everyone is looking at the gold at the end of it all... All wanting to win!

Entrance to the race is complex, but inexpensive (Freighter Bums being constantly cash strapped, after all). First off, as stated above, only “Independent Cargo Haulers” need apply, no Guild Members and no big companies (Although there are a few exceptions made for returning champions who have used their influence from winning the race to build their own corporate empire). This is also a race for legitimate beings only, everyone has an extensive background check performed on them by the CorSec (Corellian Security), and, if they have any outstanding warrants, they are promptly arrested (Serves ‘em right, too!). What this means is that any PCs trying to get into the contest will have to deal with everything but a full-body cavity search to see if they’re eligible to compete.

The ships themselves are required to have the same examination, and those that are found not up to at least an approximation of code (At the inspectors discression) are ruled out. In addition, all ships are required to be "Legal", meaning that Hyperdrives are limited to a X2 rating, sublight drives are limited to 60 Megalights (Space = 6), and weapons have all required documentation (Torpedo Launchers are right out, and missile launchers require one *HECK* of an arguement!).

The contests, amongst other things, can be anything that Freighter Bums might have to deal with... Examples include hauling freight to the ship in a Speeder Truck (The Corely MassHauler 3000 is a good example of this)... Loading cargo into the ship with only the equipment on the ship... Dealing with Flight Controllers who don't speak Basic (Wookiees are a good species for this, they can curse at someone for a good, long time!)... And additional, unplanned problems such as Pirates, Imperial Customs Searches, ect.

The Path is alternated between the Corellian Trade Spine and the Corellian Run, down and back, with stop offs along the way, each picking up and dropping off cargo... The Haulers get to chose their own hyperjumps, but only with enterances and exits within accepted systems.

First Prize is a Full Repair and Overhaul of the Freighter, and 7,500 Credits of Modifications at Cost by CECs Finest Techs in their best docking bay. Second Prize is a Full Repair and Overhaul of the Freighter, and 5,000 Credits of Modifcations at Cost by CECs Second Best Techs in their second best docking bay. Third Prize is Full Repair and Overhaul of the Freighter, and 2,500 Credits of Modifications at Cost by CECs Third Best Techs in their third best docking bay. Fourth and Fifth place get Full Repairs and Overhauls. Sixth to Tenth Place get Full Repairs and a cursory overhaul.
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