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Holding Pattern
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Joined: 16 Jul 2005
Posts: 273
Location: North Little Rock, AR

PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2005 9:47 am    Post subject: Holding Pattern Reply with quote

Be'aal Zay'buub

Sullustan Slicer

Pulse-Wave Weapons 3D+1
Brawling Parry
Dodge 5D+1
Thrown Weapons 4D, Thrown Weapons Knife: 5D+2
Melee Parry 3D+1
Melee Combat 3D+1

Alien Species
Planetary Systems
Willpower 2D+1
Law Enforcement

Astrogation (obviously)
Swoop Operation
Starship Gunnery 4D
Capital Ship Gunnery
Repulsorlift Ops



Security 5D+2
Computer Programming/Repair
Starship Weapon Repair
Space Transport Repair
Repulsorlift Repair
Droid Programming
Droid Repair

Special Abilities:
Enhanced Senses: Sullustans have advanced senses of hearing and vision. Whenever they make Perception or search checks involving vision in low-light conditions or hearing, they receive a +2D bonus.
Location Sense: Once a Sullustan has visited an area, he always remembers how to return to the area - he cannot get lost in a place that he has visited before. This is automatic and requires no die roll. When using the astrogation skill to jump to a place a Sullustan has been, the astrogator receives a bonus of +1D to his die roll.
Move: 11
Size: 1.6 meters tall
Weight: 57 kg
Age: 24
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 0
Physical Description: Handsome, rugged, and scrappy (as far Sullustans can be so), and slightly more muscular than the average Sullustan. Usually wears his bandoleer at all times. He has rigged it to where it slings from the right shoulder and down across his chest, around the left side of his waist and back up to the right shoulder and to where it hold five knives on either side with the hilts of the knives facing his right hand for quick draw. When the knives have been thrown from the front, he simply pulls at the bandoleer to bring the hilts of the five knives in back around to his front (thus the empty sheathes are now on his back).

Code Slicer, Security Systems Tool Kit, Ship-Jacking Kit, Gyro Grappler, 25 Meters of Fibra-Rope, PTP Link, Wide Scan Binocs, Portable Computer, Bandoleer w/ ten knife sheathes, several pouches, Axe STR+2D
30 Knives (25 Throwing Knives, 5 knives) STR+1D,
Stow Bag, Two Person Tent, Ten Changes of Clothes (Casual),
Boots, Gloves, Heavy Coat, Tunic, Worklight, Dehydraded Food Packs (100), Computer Tool Kit, Breath Mask, Several cartons of Death Sticks, and a Knife Target Board with image of the Sullustan "kiss-@$$" Republic Senator on it.

Credits: 350

Weapons Damage Difficulty Short Medium Long Ammo
Axe STR+2D Easy
Knife STR+1D Very Easy
Throwing Knife STR+1D Easy 2-3 5 10

Backround, Personality, Objective, yada, yada, yada...
Be'aal Zay'buub always had a nack for mechanics, and always had an urge to see what was behind the scenes. Information, specifically information he wasn't allowed to know or see, always held his interest and aquiring that information was always top priority. The fellow Sullustans in his social circle always frowned upon his life's choices and pursuits.

His species being reknowned as starship and vehicle engineers, mechanics, weapons manufacturers, navigators, and space-faring; he was rather shy from the stereotypes his kind were developing among the galactic community.

As more and more piracy began interrupting space travel, he knew his people's ability to always plot a straight course were always dependable, and to him that also meant culpable and responsible for any mishaps. An alarming number of his family members had operated on ships that have been attacked by pirates, and even still, a more alarming number of them have died. Be'aal simply refuses to pilot a ship or operate the shields. He refuses to be responsible for any lives that depend on him in space. Because of his Sullustan talent for navigating, he begrudgingly plays his role for plotting the next course...but never has a problem manning a weapon on a starship if neccessary.

Still, his passion is for hacking into things and aquiring more information for the sake of aquiring it. Perhaps it is simply the process is what is enjoyable more than actually reviewing anything he may find.

Be'aal is also not one to back down from a fight either. Though he is more fond of tossing one of his knives into the throat of his enemy, or simply throwing a punch than he is shooting them with a pulse-wave weapon (which at this point isn't very good with one anyway).

Still, with all his quirks, Be'aal is a rather friendly sort to anyone who will tolerate his crass, and sometimes even rather obnixious behavior (especially in combat, and even worse if he is losing the fight)...and his constant smoking. He has yet to set any real goals in his early adult life except for what is behind the locked datapad or terminal right in front of him. He hasn't developed the business skills on the level of his contemporaries, and doesn't know or care for the value of anything. One man's trash is another man's treasure; and certainly his trash could be another man's treasure...He always seems to find a use for anything left behind by others and someone always finds a use for things he cares little.

Last but not least: Is fond of Twi'lek women.

A Quote:
Translation (sarcasticly): Yessa, mouse-boy'll plot you a mighty fine course, massa.
Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional!

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Joined: 04 Oct 2003
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Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 1:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

post removed by user
Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. Psalm 145:3

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Skaff Toxian

Joined: 18 Jul 2005
Posts: 654
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's my character!

(Blue text indicates upgraded skills.)

Ysanna Traveling Warrior

Missile Weapons 4D+1, Melee Combat 4D+2, Melee Parry 4D+2, Brawling Parry
Scholar, Scholar: Jedi 3D, Intimidation 3D
Search 3D
Brawling 4D
Missile Weapon Repair 3D+2

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 5
Age: 21
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.95 meters

Special Abilities: Acute Senses: Because of their acute senses, Ysanna gain a permanent +2 pip bonus to all their Search rolls.
Desert Nomads: Ysanna gain a +1D bonus to all survival rolls when in desert envoirment.
Force-Sensitive: Many Ysanna are born with a natural sensitivity to the Force.

Story Factors: Jedi-Influenced Culture: The Ysanna have preserved elements of Jedi beliefs in their culture.

Background: Born on a small desert planet, Charn found himself alone. His mother and father were gone. He did'nt know where. He began hunting on the plains on the planet. He found he was quite acurate with an Auto-Caster, that he'd stolen from some merchants. But one day, the merchants returned. Not only did he steal the Auto-Caster but also a sword. Then when the merchants were about to throw themselves at him, a mysterious figure showed up. It was a Jedi. He saved Charn, and helped into the nearby city. Charn had never seen a city before so he was amazed. But a few days later the Jedi took off, and left Charn.
Many years pasted and Charn, who had worked as a bodyguard, took the first freighter off the planet. He had polished his skills and was ready to travel the galaxy. He learned something from that Jedi; To protect oneself. Charn is now searching the galaxy, in hope of finding that same Jedi.

Physical Description: Muscular and strong, this Ysanna stands above most people in the galaxy. He is a trained warrior and always has at least one weapon on him (Usually his sword). He is an expert in the use of an Auto-Caster and can hit with deadly precision. He has pale yellow skin, with several bandages on his legs and arms. He wears a red hood and battered cloak, that also covers some of his legs. Other than that he as has pale green clothes, and of course his Link Armor underneath.

A Quote: ''The most important lesson one can learn, is to protect oneself.''

Equipment: Sword Sheathe, Sword (STR+2D), Ammo Bandolier (Specialized for quarrels), 50 Quarrels (Stuffed in Ammo Bandolier), Modified Auto-Caster (3D+2), Wrist-Caster (2D+2), Sturdy Boots, Ragged Cloak, War-Torn Clothes, Link Armor (+1D physical; Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, +2 energy; Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, -1D Dexterity and all related skill checks.)

(Just figure this guy, with an Auto-Caster (Crossbow like weapon, i think.) instead of a Rifle.)
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Kayle Skolaris
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 10 Mar 2006
Posts: 224
Location: Brandon, MS

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Grontaur
Species: Esoomian
Height: 3.5 meters
Weight: 510 kilograms
Gender: Male

Dexterity 3D
Firearms 3D+1
Melee Combat 3D+1
Melee Parry 3D+1
Pulse Wave Blasters 4D
Pulse Wave Blasters: Assault Cannon 5D
Thrown Weapons 4D

Knowledge 2D
Alien Species
Intimidation 3D
Intimidation: Deadly Stares 4D
Willpower 3D

Mechanical 2D
Beast Riding
Space Transports

Perception 2D

Strength 7D
Brawling 8D
Brawling: Shockboxing 9D

Technical 2D
Armor Repair
Firearms Repair
First Aid
Pulse Wave Blaster Repair 3D

Size: 3.5 meters tall

Move: 11

Force Sensitive: No

Force Points: 1

Character Points 5

Modified Greff-Timms Industrial Intimidator PC2 Pulse Wave Cannon "Anna" (modified for personal use, damage 7D, range 3-50/100/300, ammo 100)
6 power packs
3 Makeshift Spears (Str+1D+1, range 3-10/20/30) incorporates short swords for stabbing points (removed, these inflict Str+1D+1)
PTP Link
Breath Mask
50 meters of Fibra-Rope
Gyro Grappler
Drolan Plasteel Flex Armor (+1D vs. Physical and Energy, -1D Dexterity and related skills)
Two extremely large 'gunny sacks'
2 x 4 meter Towel
Three changes of clothing
1,500 credits

Background: Grontaur is an Esoomian who was kidnapped from his homeworld during a slaver raid intended to capture arena stock for an underground gladiator circuit run by Hutts. He had no chance, really, as the slavers peppered him with stun bolts from a hovering position a dozen meters overhead. When he came to, he was in a cage that even he couldn't break out of. He spent the next six years fighting for his life and gradually learning how to shockbox. He also allowed his captors to think he'd become 'domesticated', lulling them into complacency until one day he snapped his Zexx keeper in half and led a slave revolt. He acquired his pulse wave cannon that day, shearing it off the bow of a landspeeder through raw brute strength and laying down a withering barrage while the other slaves made a run for it. He personally beat the Hutt who had presumed to own him into a bloody smear before leaving the arena behind forever.

It's been two years since that day, and despite his bloody past, Grontaur is a fairly easy-going and laid back fellow who just doesn't know how to do much else but hurt people really well. Thus, he's become a mercenary specializing in high-end mayhem. He prefers to 'fight the good fight', but can't always afford to be very choosy with regards to his contracts. He absolutely will not work with or for slavers or Hutts, however.

Four months ago, he was ambushed by a group of bounty hunters who had been contracted by the Hutts to bring them his head. Just his head, mind you. After making short work of the fatally-unprepared hunters, Grontaur purchased a ride to a nice, quiet planet to wait out the Hutt's fury.
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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

Joined: 29 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Skaff Toxian wrote:
Type: Rigged Cybot Galactica 3AO Human-Cyborg Relations Droid (Thrao)
Pule Wave Weapons 5D, Brawling Parry 4D
Languages 6D
Household Appliance Operation 4D
Brawling 4D, Cleaning 4D

- Humanoind body (Two arms, two legs, head).
- Two visual and two audial sensors, human range.
- Vocabulator speech/sound system.
- AA-Y VerboBrain.
- BaseLang I Communications module with over 500,000 lanugages.

Story Factor
The Glitch: Because of the inability of the two merchants that were the previous owners of Thrao, after begin dispoed off and not being under regular maintenance, a glitch has evolved in his system that instantly switches between the two personalities that he inhabits within his programming. It activates at random times but mostly when under threat or pressure as the original mechanism to was controlled by voice. Therefore the voice rangs when shouting threats or commanding orders indicates danger to Thrao, and he immediately switches. A Very Difficult droid prorgamming roll will discover this glitch and a Difficult droid repair roll can be made to fix this glitch.
Move: 8
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 5
Equipment: None

Background: Thrao was originally a 3AO droid, manufactured for acting as translator. But after being picked up by the merchant couple Gorin and Aktul he was reprogrammed beyond recognition. They rigged his translating abilities and diverted some of the core power towards more household tasks. But they also installed a bodyguard personality which was originally supposed to be activated by a certain choice of words but since being expelled from the crew, these words has long since gone. Instead, the personality data, wired within his mainframe, has reverted and become a random factor when Thrao acts in every day life.

Personality: Normally very obnoxious with his obsession with cleaning up. It seems that he has some sort of trauma with dirt although he fails to remember why. When switching into his bodyguard personality, he becomes a ruthless and merciless fighter that will scratch and claw at anything that would seek to harm his master.

Objctives: To serve his master to the best of his abilities and make sure that he, or she, is clean and has a good hygiene.

A Quote: "What smells in here? When was the last time you took a bath, sir? I'm not trying to incline anything but a good hygiene is the way to a more healthy future."

FLUFFY for President!!!!

Wanted Poster
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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

Joined: 29 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dask Rowan wrote:
Name: Siegfried
Type: Slicer
Race: Chiss Sex: Male
Age: 15 Height: 2.0m Weight: 86kg

Physical Description: A tall and broad shouldered Chiss male. His slightly glowing red eyes deeply contrast with his almost shoulder length jet-black hair and deep blue skin.

Dexterity - 3D+1
Pulse Wave Weapons: Quick-Draw Pulse Wave Blaster 5D, Pulse Wave Weapons, Dodge 4D, Melee Combat, Melee Parry, Running

Knowledge - 2D
Alien Species, Languages, Planetary Systems, Survival, Willpower
Mechanical 2D
Astrogation, beast riding, repulsorlift ops, space transports, starship shields

Perception - 3D
Bargain, Command, Con, Intimidation 4D, Investigation, Persuasion, Search, Sneak

Strength - 3D
Brawling (Martial Arts), Climbing/Jumping, Stamina 4D, Swimming

Technical - 3D+2
Blaster Repair, Computer Programming/Repair 5D+2, Droid Programming/Repair, Security 5D+2, Starship Repair

Special Abilities:
Low Light Vision: Chiss can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.
Tactics: Chiss characters receive a permanent +1D bonus to all Tactics skill rolls.

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:
Character Points: 10

Equipment: Slicing Tools, Black Pilot's Jumpsuit (Unmarked), Black Overcoat (with blaster holder on the inside of the breast)

Quick-Draw Pulse-Wave Blaster
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 2-3/6/10
Damage: 3D
Game Notes: The quick-draw feature of this weapon allows
a character to draw and fire in one round without a multiaction

Background: Raised on the planet Nar Shadaa by the owner of a small spaceport. Being the only Chiss in the area, he grew apart from the normal commoners of the spaceport. He quickly learned how to fend for himself, use a blaster, and pilot ships. He eventually stole a small starfighter from the spaceport and set off to leave life on Nar Shadaa behind.

Personality: Quiet and introversive, his demeanor gives him a slightly mysterious and deceptively ominous presence. Tends to keep to himself unless around people he trusts.

Objectives: To find a new life for himself.

A Quote: "You're just another waist of my time..."

FLUFFY for President!!!!

Wanted Poster
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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mandalore wrote:
Ailyn Dak

Type: Mandalorian Warrior

Species/Gender: Human/Female

Age: 15 Height: 1.62 meters Weight: 58 kg blood type: Thesh Adverse

Physical Description: Blonde hair, emerald green eyes. Considered to look fairly lovely. Golden firebird tatoo on upper left breast, grey and blue dragon tatoo on right breast. Series of blue waves running down the left side of her left leg from her hip to her ankle, waves get smaller the closer they get to her ankle.

Dodge 4D, melee combat: longsword/broadsword 4D+2, melee parry 4D, pulse-wave weapons 3D+2

Intimidation 4D+1, tactics 2D

Repulsorlift 3D

Persuasion 4D, persuasion: flirt 6D+2, search 4D+2, sneak 3D

Brawling 4D

Armor repair 2D+1, first aid 3D+2

Special Abilities:
Ambidextrous: character can use either hand without suffering a penealty.
Armor: character has become so used to wearing armor they do not suffer Dexterity penalty

Move: 10
Character Points: 10
Force Points: 1
Equipment: modified Mandalorian Assault Armor (+1D+1 physical, +1D energy, -1D to Dexterity and related skills; helmet equipped with night vision and flash surpression system), Krath dire sword (Difficulty: Moderate; STR+2D+2 (maximum: 6D)), Pulse-wave rifle (5D; 3-20/75/150)

Background: The youngest child of Leam Dak, Ailyn Dak was born on Shogun. Raised by her mother, she learned the ways of of the Mandalorian culture until she was thirteen had passed the ritual of passage into adulthood. At the same time her father pledged Clan Dak's loyalty to the Taung warrior who the clans came to call Te Kandosii Mand'alor, or Mandalore the Indomitable. The following year Leam lost his life while defending the Mandalore in one of the many battles of the Mandalorian Crusaders. Ailyn was there when Mandalore decreed her eldest brother Rohlan, whom the clan would naturally have followed, to be the new leader of Clan Dak.

Under Rohlan leadership she joined both her two brothers as a Crusader. She was part of a group of from Clan Dak who captured a Byblos Drive Yards E-2 Asteroid Miner, but this action meant she missed out on the fighting at Basilisk. Eager to prove herself in battle to Rohlan, she convinced him that the E-2 would make a good ship to operate from. Rohlan had the ship modified, but to Ailyn's disappointment he placed their brother Beviin in charge of the ship.

After Mandalore was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma and ended up becoming his general, Ailyn found herself being among those selected by Rohlan for a special assignment in assistance of the Sith and the Krath. They were allowed to augment their weaponry with Krath weapons of their choice. After several months without any activity, Ailyn found herself on Tatooine. When she asked Rohlan what they were doing on such a worthless planet he merely told her they were to wait and if any Jedi showed up they had orders to try and kill them. Or at least to slow them down.

Personality: Being a Mandalorian, Ailyn doesn't act like a girl. However, she has been known to use her looks to her advantage when not in armor as too many males think she's this harmless beauty.

FLUFFY for President!!!!

Wanted Poster

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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

Joined: 29 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Falcon79 wrote:

Name: Aiden Qel-Droma

Template: Tramp Freighter Captain

Species: Arkanian Offshoot (Some distant human blood /descent (Corellian), 1/4 Mirialan, 1/4 Zanlite)

Dexterity: 2D+2
Pulse-Wave Blaster 3D+2
Dodge 4D+2

Knowledge: 3D+1
Alien Species 4D+1
Cultures 4D+1
Planetary Systems 4D+1
(S) Planetary Systems: Shadow Ports 5D+1

Mechanical: 3D
Astrogation 5D
Space Transports 5D

Perception: 3D+1
(S) Con: Fast Talk 4D+1
(S) Persuasion: Seduction 4D+1

Strength: 2D

Technical: 3D+2

Special Abilities:
Engineered: Arkanian Offshoots are typically engineered for certain industrial tasks. At character creation they get an extra 2D to place in Lifting, Repair Skills, Piloting Skills, Survival or First Aid.

Force Sensitive: Aiden is force sensitive.

Story Factors:
Sub-Race: many Pure-blood Arkanians consider the offshoot to be little more than tools or slaves.

Move: 10

Character Points: 10

Force Points: 2

Age: 16 years old

Description: Grey Eyes, Dark Blue-black Hair, Very Light Yellow-Green Skin, with Mirialan Facial Tattoos. Is VERY Handsome… Around 1.6 meters tall and weighs about 62 kilograms.

Personality: A free spirit and a rakish, but very kind, gentleman at heart… He tends to follow only those who earn his respect, being somewhat flippant with authority.... He also has a curious and agile mind. Usually cheerful but can get (VERY) serious when angered or in a dire situation. He is a man of his word.

Background: Aiden Qel-droma has had a very strange life..... Born to a human Corellian/Zanlite father, and a Mirialan/Arkanian Offshoot mother, Drake grew up in a supportive and loving home with two brothers and an adopted Twi'lek sister. He took up studies at Corellia's Naval Academy at 14 earning high marks. He got his first start in the Republic Navy as a Midshipman and it looked as though his star would burn bright in the Navy until he made rank to junior grade lieutenant early at age 17, distinguishing himself in several minor wars as a patrol ship pilot. He decided the navy wasn't for him and rsigned... looking to become a free trader. Needing funds, he borrowd them from a twi'lek loan shark. He then made the singular, unfortunate, mistake of, of trying too much spiced wine at a celabration that night, sleeping with the influential sharks's daughter..... The irrate woman promptly flew in to a rage though her daughter, swilja conviced her to force him into wedlock, should he fail to pay bay the loan, instead (she had done this to make herself unsuitable for an arannged marriage, and told her mother so),.... He mother promptly jacked up the interest rate..... He was occasionally forced to work as a mercenary pilot and the private comerce raider onr his "mother in Law's" bek and call, on occasion to pay bills, put food on the table., and avoid her wrath..... In this capacity he occasionally worked for the Republic, or more often, non aligned powers. While not known to be blood thirsty, he can be very ruthless with slavers (owing to his adopted Twi'lek sister's former status as a slave and the treatment she had recieved, the two are very close friends. He travels with his 'fiancee" and and truth be told he's become extremely attached to her, though he lies to himself and says he is not... And tell's her he's not.... (he knows, deep down, she knows differently), he's honestly come to love her.

Equipment: Lots of Miscellaneous Survival Gear, Utility Belt, Long-Range PTP link, Modified KDY-4 Series Tech Droid (KOTOR equivelent),(KOTOR Equivelent) Heavily Modified Stock Pheonix Hawk Light Pinnance: The Eon Nomad (Or something very comparable to it in the kotor era…. With 71,000 credits worth of modifications), Archaic Astrogation Plotter, Pulse Wave Blaster Pistol Sidearm, Heavy Variable Pulse Wave Blaster Rifle, (Note: Zanlite technology rather very advanced, except involving hyper drives) And a 101,000 Credit Debt to a Twi’lek, Naval Captain, Turned Smuggler/Loan Shark/Crime Lady….. Collecting Interest (Defaulting on loan means he MUST marry her daughter….…. Or……. Some VERY, VERY, VERY, BAD things will be done to his body, should he be idiotic enough to try to run from this obligation…)

Languages Known:

Arkanian (Native).
Basic (Native).

Survival Gear:
Model: Heda Survival Kit
Type: Standard survival knapsack
Game Notes: Contains two week’s dehydrated food packs, three medaids, a glow rod, two thermal flares, a single-person di-chrome shelter, a breath mask, ten meters of fibrarope, a knife, and a portable fusion power generator, wide-scan binocs, datapad, entrenching tool.

Model: Consolidated Learning Systems Translator
Type: Language interpretation unit
Game Notes: A Moderate communications roll is required to properly select up to 15 different languages to be tracked. Device is effective to a range of 8 meters, but aural receptors focus on nearest sounds first. Individual displays of phrase or word translations can either remain in place until manually cleared by user or clear after a pre-set delay period of 30 seconds. This unit’s database contains 200 specific “common” languages and dialects.

Model: Atti Survivalist Heat Induction Staff
Type: Emergency heat generator
Game Notes: An Easy survival roll is required for normal operation. Accidental contact with the heating point results in 4D+2 damage. (in a pinch could make a melee weapon)

Model: SuriTech Foodstuffs Bz35 Analyzer
Type: Personal food analyzer
Game Notes: An Easy survival roll is required for normal operation. The
user will typically purchase additional data chips (up to a maximum of 3 can be added at any time) which provide information on additional entrees. Persons suffering from reactions to specific foods or food additives may purchase customized datachips designed to examine for specific components and warn against possible allergic reactions.

Model: Atti Survivalist Inflatible Shelter Capsule
Type: Personal environmental protection shelter
Game Notes: Prior to activation, the ISC is a flat, 1.5 meter square, 45 centimeters thick cube that houses an inflatable, highly reflective fabric shelter. Filaments running throughout the fabric draw solar energy to the shelter’s batteries, allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous use. When fully inflated, the shelter expands to a diameter of 3.5 meters and oxygen recycling and heating elements are automatically activated. A zippered entranceway gives access to the interior. A seporate micro aircompressor is used to inflate the unit. A Moderate survival roll is required for activation.

Model: Pretormin Environmental WPR-6
Game Notes: An Easy survival roll is required for normal use. The
amount of time required to properly filtrate water samples is dependant
on local sources. Average filtration time is 15 minutes. The unit will
notify the user when cleansing process is completed.

Type: Typical scout armor
Game Notes: +2 to Strength to resist damage, no Dexterity penalties. Breather and heater units make it usable in areas with little or no atmosphere, but not the vacuum of space.

Type: Exploration armor
Game Notes: +1D to resist damage, -2D+1 to Dexterity. Sealed environment stands up to the harshest weather or atmospheres. Rebreather and oxygen cylinders. Removable weight boots with magnetic soles. Small tool and utility belt. Helmet is equipped with comlink and overhead flashlight.

Type: Food decontamination processor
Game Notes: The field food processor takes up to two pounds of local flora and fauna and, after six minutes, turns them into a gray, tasteless yet nutritious paste that can sustain an individual for a day. It can be programmed to make appropriate food for up to four different species. If any poisonous, toxic, or radioactive ingredients are used in the mix, the unit provides a +1D stamina bonus against their harmful effects.

ATF-15S pulse-wave sidearm (3D+2; 3-10/20/120)

Type-HV variable pulse-wave rifle (Low: 4D+1, Medium: 5D+1, High 6D; 5-50/200/400 (pulse-wave), 2-8/20/45 (cable); Game Notes: The variable pulse-wave rifle is designed to let the soldiers adjust the damage to conserve energy. On the lowest power setting it uses the equivalent of one shot of ammo, on medium it uses the equivalent of five shots, and on the highest setting it uses the equivalent of ten shots. This model is also equipped a gyro-grappler dart attachment. A 45-meter length of cable is attached to grappling dart that clings to any surface, can be used to climb vertically or slide horizontally as a zipline. The ascension system has a maximum vertical lift capacity of roughly 720 kg and pulls the user at 18 meters per round.)

The Eon Nomad:
Craft: Kuat Systems Engineering S14C Phoenix Light Pinnace
Type: modified Starfighter/transport
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 15.2 meters
Skill: Starfighter piloting: S14C
Crew: 1 or 2
Crew Skill: Varies
Passengers: 1
Cargo Capacity: 2 metric tons
Consumables: 2 weeks
Cost: 112,000 (new)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
Nav Computer: Limited to 2 jumps
Maneuverability: 2D
Space: 6
Atmosphere: 300; 950 kmh
Hull: 5D
Shields: 2D+1
Passive: 15/0D
Scan: 30/1D
2 Heavy Blaster Cannons (fire-linked)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-5/10/17
Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1/1.7 km
Damage: 7D
2 Light Ion Cannons (fire-linked)
Fire Arc: Rear
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-3/7/36
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/700/3.6 km
Damage: 4D+1
Concussion Missile Launcher (10 missiles)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 3D+2
Space Range: 1-3/7/12
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/700/1.2 km
Damage: 8D

KY-B3 (Kaybee)
Type: Kuat Drive Yards-1 Series Repair/Shipbuilding Droid
Languages 8D, scholar: physics 4D+2, scholar: technology 5D+2
Search 5D
Computer programming/repair 5D, capital ship repair
7D, capital ship weapon repair 5D, (A) engineering: capital ship 2D, (A) engineering: space transports 2D, (A) engineering: starfighter 2D, security 4D+1, space transports repair 6D, starfighter repair 6D, starfighter weapon repair 5D
Equipped With:
-Diagnostics package (+2 to capital ship repair)
-Environmental compensation (the droid is adapted for
exposure to open space)
-Heuristic processor (the droid is able to use skills it is
untrained in)
-Improved sensor package (+1 bonus to all search skill
-Infrared vision (can see in the dark up to 15 meters)
-Internal storage (3 kilograms of extra space available for
storage or upgrades)
-Low-light vision (can see twice as far as a human in dim
-Magnetic feet (the droid’s feet are equipped with
electromagnetic grippers)
-Recording unit (can record and play back up to 3 minutes
of video footage)
-Telescopic appendage x2 (can reach up to 2 meters away
from the droid)
-Tool mounts (has two appendages that have tools attached
to them)
-Translator unit (+3D to languages)
-Vocabulator (the droid has a speaker that allows it to
replicate organic speech)
Move: 10
Size: 1.5 meters

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jamfke wrote:
Name: Syllri Fweess

Race: Anomid
Sex: Male
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Age: 35 blood type: Enth Affirmative

Character Type: Jedi Healer
Lightsaber 4D+1
Melee Combat
Melee Parry
Alien Species 4D+1
Planetary Systems
Willpower 3D
Beast Riding
Space Transports 4D
Persuasion 3D
Computer Programming/Repair 5D
First Aid 5D
Lightsaber Repair 4D
(A)Medicine 4D

Special Abilities:
Force skills: Control 4D+1
Sense 4D
Alter 4D
Force powers: Control

  • Accelerate healing Variable
  • Concentration Variable
  • Control Pain Variable
  • Detoxify Poison Variablle
  • Remain Conscious E / D
  • Resist Stun M


  • Combat Sense M
  • Danger Sense M
  • Life Detection Variable
  • Life Sense VE
  • Receptive Telepathy VE


  • Telekinesis Variable


  • Lightsaber Combat M / E
  • Projective Telepathy VE / VE

  • Accelerate Another’s Healing VE / VE
  • Control Another’s Disease VE / Variable
  • Control Another’s Pain VE / Variable
  • Detoxify Poison in Another Variable
  • Return Another to Consciousness E / Variable


  • Affect Mind Variable
  • Force Harmony D/D/M

Technical Aptitude: Anomids have a natural aptitude for repairing and maintaining technological items. At the time of character creation only, Anomid characters get 6D bonus skill dice (in addition to the normal 7D skill dice). These bonus dice can be applied to any Technical skill, and Anomid characters can place up to 3D in any beginning Technical skill. These bonus skill dice can be applied to non-Technical skills, but at half value (i.e., it requires 2D to advance a non-Technical skill 1D).

Special Skills:

Languages: Time to use: One round. This skill specialization is used to understand and “speak” the unique Anomid form of sign language. Only Anomids and other beings with six digits per hand can learn to “speak” this language. The skill costs the normal amount for specializations, but all characters trying to interpret Anomid sign language without the specialization have their difficulty increased by two levels because of the complexity and intricacy of the language.

Story Factors:

Wealthy: Anomids have one of the richer societies in the Empire. Beginning characters should be granted a bonus of at least 2,000 credits.

Pacifists: Anomids tend to be pacifistic, urging conversation and understanding over conflict.

This character is Force-sensitive.
Force Points: 3
Move: 7/9
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 2

Equipment: Lightsaber (4D+1 damage), PTP link, 3 Med-aid packs, gyro-grappler, stow bag, 2,000 credits

Background: Syllri Fweess had always had an aptitude towards helping others in pain. As a child, one of his playmates fell from a tree and broke his arm. Their parents had warned them not to be climbing the trees for just this reason. Syllri was somehow able to ease his friend’s pain and set the broken appendage. The wound began healing rapidly, and by the time the two friends returned to their homes, the bone had miraculously bonded but was still fractured. When his friend finally confessed to falling from the tree and told them what Syllri had done, they contacted his parents.

A Jedi mystic named Sal Maloda was drawn to the area by Syllri’s obvious draw on the Force. He sought out the boy and came to his home the next evening. His parents were elated to find that their child was gifted with such a peaceful and needful ability. When Jedi Maloda suggested that Syllri be taken back to Ossus for further testing and possibly induction to the order for training, they were hesitant at first, but eventually yielded to his request.

Syllri was nervous and shy in the beginning, but quickly adapted to temple life. His training progressed rapidly, and he was soon working in the temple infirmary under the great Jedi healer Vos Ganaath. Syllri had studied diligently under Master Ganaath until just three years ago. Now he has been traveling the stars on missions to war torn worlds or systems plagued with mysterious diseases in an effort to do the will of the Force.

Personality: Still a bit shy in new company, Syllri allows others do the talking when encountering others. Being an Anomid, he loves to hear about others travels and experiences and will easily befriend those that do not seem to be overly threatening. He loves to try new foods any chance he gets, and considers himself quite the connoisseur when it comes to food and drink.

Objectives: Syllri has always wanted to aid others in pain and discomfort. He would like to one day operate a fleet of vessels that can be mobilized and sent to any number of systems in the event of emergencies.

Quote: “Now that you’re on the road to recovery, tell me about your travels.”

Connection with characters:

Awaiting further training (4 days)

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Orgaloth wrote:
Here's my character stats. I'll post the history a little later, been a bit busy to finish it Confused

Name: Daevon vuv Cerbarrken
Race: Covallon
Height: 1m/2m
Weight: 60kg

Dexterity: 2D+1:
Pulse Wave Weapon 2D+1; Brawling Parry 2D+1; Dodge 2D+1 (Energy 3D+1); Melee 2D+1; Melee Parry 2D+1 (Lightsaber 3D+1); Light Sabre 4D+2
Strength: 2D+2:
Brawl 2D+2; Climbing/Jumping 2D+2; Stamina 2D+2
Knowledge: 2D:
Alien Species 2D; Cultures (Jedi 4D); Languages 2D; Planetary Systems 2D; Scholar (Jedi Lore 4D); Survival 2D; Willpower 2D (Force Powers 3D)
Mechanical: 1D:
Starship Shields 1D; Sensors 1D; Communications 1D
Technical: 1D:
First Aid 2D; Droid Repair 1D; Droid Programming 1D; Pulse Wave Weapon Repair 1D; Lightsabre Repair 3D+1
Perception: 5D:
Con 7D; Bargain 7D; Persuasion 7D; Search 5D; Sneak 5D; Investigation 5D; Hide 5D
Control 2D+2
Concentrate; Enhance Attribute; Force of Will; Lightsabre Combat; Force Harmony, Control Pain
Sense 2D+2
Life Detection; Sense Force; Lightsabre Combat; Dim Others Senses; Force Harmony, Magnify senses
Alter 2D+1
Telekinesis; Dim Others Senses; Force Harmony

Force Sensitive: Yes
FP: 2
CP: 21




Equipment: Lightsabre

GM Edit: Lightsaber gamenotes: +2 bonus to use of appropriate Force skills when using an Force powers. +1D bonus to use of appropriate Force skills when using any Force healing powers to heal self or others. Bonuses only effective if lightsaber is present.

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Henrik.Balslev wrote:

Quin-Tain Zoh
Miraluka Jedi Guardian
Blood Type: HNH Orenth Adverse

Brawling Parry 4D
Lightsaber 5D; Long-Handle Lightsaber 5D
Melee Parry 3D+2; Lightsaber 4D+2
Languages 5D
Scholar 5D; Jedi Lore 6D
Willpower 4D
Brawling 4D; Tae-Jitsu 5D
Stamina 4D

Special Abilities:
Force Sight: The Miraluka rely on their ability to perceive their surroundings by sensing the slight force vibrations emanated from all objects. In any location where the force is some way cloaked, the Miraluka are effectively blind.
Force skills: Control 3D, Sense 2D, Alter 2D+2.
Control Powers: Concentration; Force of Will; Hibernation Trance
Sense Powers: Combat Sense; Danger Sense; Life Detection; Sense Force
Alter Powers: Telekinesis
Control & Sense Powers: Lightsaber Combat
Control, Sense & Alter Powers: Battle Meditation; Projected Fighting

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 4
Size: 1.8 meters tall

Equipment: Long-Handle Lightsaber (5D+2)*, Partial Armor (+1D STR to all damage on chest (front/back), upper legs (front), and lower arms), 1000 Credits

*as stated in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide D6 conversion

GM Edit: Items captured in the Undercity: 1 Axe( STR+2D+1 (max: 5D); captured by the droids provided to Quin-Tain), 2 short katanas,

Backgrund: Quin-Tain was born on Alpheridies, and at a young age he was discovered to be quite strong in the Force by a Jedi who simply called herself Onyx. She began teaching him to use his connection with the Force. Quin-Tain was a fast learner, and soon he was strong enough that Onyx began teaching him how to use a lightsaber. Quin-Tain found that the usual lightsaber was not for him, and began scanning old documents for other types of lightsaber. Eventually he settled on an extended handle lightsaber, much like a Naginata or Nagamaki, with a handle of 5 feet, made from phrik, and a blade of around 3¾ feet. He also developed his own fighting style combining elements very similar to the ones used in Naginatajitsu, and Jojutsu. He set about building his lightsaber, and soon he was sparring with his master, and even sometimes winning. Unfortuantely his master died and with her dieing words sent him to the Jedi council where he continued his training, including some military training. He rose quickly through the ranks, and began leading small teams on peacekeeping missions around the galaxy. He eventually reached the rank of Captain, but still did not have a steady command, as the council and he agreed that his abilities would be better used in other areas. Quin-Tain has only one regret – he once slew an officer from a incursion in cold blood, using the force, because he witnessed first hand the cruelties the officer had ordered his soldiers to commit. It is a blemish to his honor as a Jedi and he works every day to atone for his deed.

Personality: Quin-Tain sees himself as a warrior first, and as an officer second. He much prefers to lead from the front, and you will find him in the thickest most dangerous fighting, much to the chagrin of his superiors.

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Matthias777 wrote:
Arek, several years ago:

Artist: JawaStu

Character Name: Arek Jasha
Type: Jedi Padawan
Gender/Species: Male/Rodian
Age: 14 Height: 1.4 meters tall Weight: 53 kg Blood Type: RPL Thesh Affirmative
Physical Description: Like most Rodians, Arek is lean and wiry. His skin is a dark, pebbly green, and a narrow strip of head spines adorns his cranial ridge. A jagged scar stretches from the middle of the left side of his throat down to the top of his chest, but is mostly covered by his tunic. Arek wears the traditional garb of a Jedi padawan, adding a supple pair of black leather boots to his simple attire. Beneath his cloak, a simple lightsaber hangs from a utility belt. The saber itself has a bright blue blade.

Dexterity 3D
Dodge 4D
Lightsaber 5D

Knowledge 1D+2
Alien Species 2D
Scholar: Jedi Lore 2D+2
Willpower 2D

Mechanical 1D+2

Perception 3D
Search 3D+1
Sneak 3D+1

Strength 2D+2
Stamina 3D+2

Technical 2D
Lightsaber repair 4D
Starship repair 2D+1

Special Abilities:
Force Skills: Control 2D, Sense 2D+2, Alter 1D
Control: Concentration, Control Pain
Sense: Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Translation
Alter: Telekinesis
Control and Sense: Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy
Control and Alter: None
Sense and Alter: None
Control, Sense, and Alter: None

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 32

Equipment: Lightsaber (4D+1), lightsaber in protective casing (5D), Jedi robes, PTP link, portable computer, 200 credits

Background: Born to the Chekkoo Clan, Arek was tested for aptitude in the Force at a young age and showed a decent amount of promise. His parents ceded custody to his new mentors, and Arek began his training as a youngling. At the age of ten, Arek was chosen by the Jedi Knight Natdon Vrin, a Twi'lek of advanced years. After two years of tutelage under Vrin, Arek found himself becoming frustrated at his lack of progress. While Vrin was a patient and caring teacher, Arek couldn't help but feel as if he were advancing at a much slower pace than the other Padawans, and blamed himself. Sensing the turmoil in his young apprentice, Vrin began teaching the young Rodian the sacred art of lightsaber construction so that he might have a positive outlet for his frustrations. Eventually, Arek was able to construct his own lightsaber, though it took him significantly longer than it would a fully-trained Jedi Knight. While his lightsaber was not as efficient or finely tuned as his master's, Arek had found something that he was good at, and split his spare time between learning more about the construction of the elegant weapon and training to use it in combat.

All was well until the Conclave on Deneba, where Krath war droids were unleashed on the thousands of Jedi assembled. For such a young apprentice, Arek fought admirably, but was no match for even a single war droid and was injured. Protecting his Padawan, Vrin fought valiantly and succeeded in getting Arek to safety. Unfortunately, Vrin had sustained wounds beyond even his power to withstand, and died moments later. Arek was understandably devastated, and couldn't help but feel that if he had been just a small amount stronger in the Force, that he could have made a difference in the fight, and his master would still be alive. But when he summoned the courage to look upon his mentor's still form, he found that the elderly Twi'lek had vanished, leaving only his robes and lightsaber. In his mind, Arek could almost swear that he had heard Vrin's voice, but the feeling soon passed. Arek kept his mentor's lightsaber, but placed it in a protective case in memoriam of his fallen teacher with no intention of using it, as he did not deem himself worthy of Vrin's weapon.

The Jedi Council had Arek transported back to Ossus after the debacle at Deneba, with orders to take time to grieve for his master, and further his studies as best he could by studying in the Jedi library. After several months on Ossus, despite a newfound fervor toward becoming a Jedi Knight, Arek had yet to be selected as an apprentice by another Jedi. He felt that he needed to do something to prove that he was worthy of being trained in the ways of the Force, and worthy of his late master's legacy. At the very least, he felt that he would have better luck at finding a teacher off-world, considering the vast numbers of newly masterless apprentices on Ossus in need of someone to train them in the ways of the Force. Knowing that if he were caught before he was successful, he would face disciplinary action from the Jedi Council, Arek stowed away on a droid hauler bound for the Nespis VIII spaceport. There, he planned to seek out someone willing to train him, or at least make some headway in his quest to further his own education. Unfortunately for Arek, the Krath intercepted the droid hauler and opened fire, disabling it. Arek took a blow to the head when the droid hauler took damage, and was rendered unconscious. Finding the young Rodian aboard, the Krath took him prisoner. His captivity was short-lived, however; a heroic group of Jedi and other beings happened across him while on assignment, and rescued him from Krath imprisonment.

Now, Arek awaits the Jedi Council's decision as to his fate once more, which will likely hinge partly on another Knight or Master's willingness to take him on as an apprentice.

[See the Episode III thread for Arek's time adventuring with the group.]

During the group's time on Myrkr, Arek was ordered by Master Cailum to stay aboard the ship. Cailum cited his young age and vulnerability without the use of the Force, which would make him more of a liability than anything else. Arek protested, but submitted to the elder Jedi's orders. Later, when they arrived on Tatooine, the group was attacked by a team of Mandalorians almost immediately after touching down in the settlement of Anchorhead. One of the Mandalorians, a young female Human named Ailyn, was gravely wounded in the fight, and was brought aboard the Raptor and stabilized. Aiden Qel-droma, cousin to Ulic and Cay Qel-droma, arrived with his personal droid shortly after the battle with the Mandalorians concluded. Qel-droma was searching for his fiancee whilst on the run for being framed for killing members of the local authorities. Cailum told Arek to find passage back to Ossus, and the young Rodian left the Raptor behind to seek out a charter transport. Shortly thereafter, the settlement came under an attack of some sort, and the small starport was locked down and secured for the duration. Arek tried to go out and help, but, along with everyone else located within the small starport, was detained by the Republic Spacelane Bureau Authority for his own safety. After the attack was over, Arek was found by Aiden Qel-droma, who offered him passage offworld in exchange for his help in finding his fiancee. [Write-up in progress, bear with me.]

We'll say that Arek ended up leaving Tatooine by ending up teaming with Aiden Qel-Droma. From Aiden Arek learned of the team's involvement in chasing off the threat of the mutated Jawas to the town they were in. Aiden was supposed to help the team and they help him recover his ship and his fiancee, but after the attack the two basically went separate ways. Arek helped Aiden and his droid after they returned to the town, after nearly getting killed by mutated Jawas, sneak out past Republic forces and find his stolen ship and fiancee. They were grateful enough that they took Arek off Tatooine, but they dumped him on Taris. As yet no one has been paying much attention to Arek's need to get off the planet and because it's human-centric he's forced to be in the Lower City and is not allowed into the Upper or Middle Cities, but thankfully he hasn't broken any laws so he's not been cast down into the Undercity.

However, he's found out the Red Claws are active on Taris. He remember's hearing from Syllri during down time on the way to Myrkr about how the Red Claws attacked the team the first time they went to Exis Station and about how they could be working for the Sith and their Krath allies, though he's not entirely sure himself. But with that in mind Arek's been trying to learn what their doing on Taris and only knows that it's something big.

Personality: Arek is forever mindful of the Jedi Code, but struggles with his tendency towards frustration where his abilities are concerned. But Vrin taught him perseverance, among other things, and Arek strives to bear those lessons close to his heart. Currently Arek is still dealing with his loss, but understands that if Vrin were here, he would---as always---cite the Jedi Code and explain to him the perils of allowing grief to overcome one's mental state. When having trouble keeping his emotions in check, the young Rodian will often attempt to find parts to construct a lightsaber hilt and tinker with them. Arek enjoys training and sparring with his lightsaber a great deal, and can't help but feel a bit guilty for enjoying that which he has been taught is a last resort so much. Few of his peers possess the amount of actual skill that Arek does, and he knows it. However, he also realizes that his inferior attunement to the Force makes many of them at least his equal in lightsaber combat, if not his superior.

Objectives: To prove himself as a Padawan and live up to his mentor's legacy. To become stronger in the Force, while adhering to the path of the Light.

A Quote: "It's I can just touch the tip of something, but I can't fully take hold of it. I know it's there, but I'm just not strong enough yet. I will be, though!"

CP Accounting
5 CP (starting)
+10 CP - Christmas
15 CP
+8 CP - End of Episode II
23 CP
-3 CP - Sneak from 3D to 3D+1
20 CP
-1 CP - Alien Species from 1D+2 to 2D
19 CP
-2 CP - Learn Sense: Translation from Reylan (increasing Sense from 2D+1 to 2D+2
17 CP
+15 CP - Christmas
32 CP

Credit Accounting
200 credits (starting)
-3 credits (left for food in the Taris Undercity)
197 credits

Blue: Improvements and changes made by player
Green: Improvements and changes made by Gamemaster
Olive: Text affecting game mechanics.

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hobbes wrote:
(pronounced Alley)

Model: Rogue Scout Prototype
Move: 10/20 (standing upright/all fours)
Height: 1.6/.8 meters (standing upright/all fours)
Weight: 60kg
CPs: 22
FPs: 3

Dexterity 5
Melee 6
Dodge 6
Knowledge 2
Guerrilla Tactics 4
Mechanical 1
Droid Microburst 3D
Perception 3
Sneak 4
Strength 3
Climbing/Jumping 4
Technical 1

Special Abilities
Armor Plating 2D to resist physical and energy attacks
Color Change +1D to Sneak
Infrared/night vision +1D to Perception

*Short Range Helicopter Unit
Move: 50 (flying)
Height/Width: 6/12in
Weight: 5kg
Dexterity 3
Dodge 6
Knowledge 1
Mechanical 1
Perception 3
Sneak 4
Strength 2
Technical 1

Special Abilities
Armor Plating 1D to resist physical and energy attacks
Color Change +1D to Sneak
Infrared/night vision +1D to Perception

*Short Range Helicopter Unit:
Short Range Heli Unit mounts directly to the robot’s back. (main unit must be on all fours in order for Heli Unit to disengage or re-engage)
This unit is controlled by the main unit through encrypted radio communication
In the event radio communication is cut, the Heli Unit will return to the last known position of the main unit and power down until retrieved
Homing beacon locked onto by the main unit in case of separation/power down
12 hours of continuous flight time.
Able to use Heli rotor as a melee weapon (inherent weakness if the subject being sliced is wearing armor) Dexterity used to-hit with a Str+2D damage
When engaged to the main unit and/or powered down, the Heli Unit’s rotors retract

Main Unit and Heli Unit:
Armor plating to resist both energy and physical attacks
Limited color changing ability, will allow either unit to change exterior color to any other major solid color (black, green, blue, tan, and so on) to aid in camouflage
Infrared/night vision to aid perception in detection
Audio/video sensor recorder
Locked access (the droid’s shut-down switch is secured/internally located)

Main Unit Only:
Is capable of walking/running on two legs or four (improved servos for increased speed)
Magnetic feet/hands (able to cling to ceiling if it is metal)
Retractable vibro blades from all six fingers on both hands that come out of the tips of the fingers similar to talons. Capable of spinning hands essentially making two upright blenders. Length is 6in per blade and do Str+3D damage (max damage 8D)
Capable of grasping with both hands and feet in order to aid in both dexterous movement and especially climbing
Internal Encrypted comlink
Backup Battery
Broad-band antenna (can intercept and decode most communications on standard frequencies)

Additional Notes:
In the event the main unit is separated from the Heli Unit, the main unit will be unable to do any tasks other than search for and retrieve the Heli Unit. After returning to the last-known main unit location, the Heli Unit will have all systems shut down except for the homing beacon. Destroying either unit will effectively kill both.

2 modified disclaunchers (4D; 2-10/20/40), 30 extra discs
Sword: unknown stats
Lightfoil: 3D+2
?Lightsaber: 5D
Yegoglar poleax STR+2D+1 (max 6D)
Yegoglar glaive STR+1D+2 (max 7D)

GM Edit: Items captured in the Undercity: 1 axe cannon

FLUFFY for President!!!!

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