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The Good, The Bad, & The Long Snoot
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Volo Enrunk
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 24 Nov 2003
Posts: 104
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2003 11:34 pm    Post subject: The Good, The Bad, & The Long Snoot Reply with quote

this is the name of the current group i'm the gm for and im going to post the character sheets for each player in the group, it consists of.


The Good: The Jedi:Destin Foroda- Chandrillian, male, approximatly 1.8m tall 20 years old firey Red hair Lean wiry build.
known to own at least 1 astromech R-x unit with chrome colored dome.

This man is wanted for several counts of Villiany against Imperials and its Propertys. including some of the following:
-destruction of imperial property 10+ counts valued at 200,000+ ISC
-Direct and indirect of evasion of detain on site orders for Proclaimed Jedi
-Abuse of Imperial Personnel 20+ counts
-Killing of Imperial Personnel 15+ counts
-Evasion of Imperial Authorities 10+ counts
-Forgery of Tarriff infringing Documents 10+ counts
- and many other crimes against the empire
current Galatic Bounty 300,000 ISC alive + damages.

Personality: Young Slightly arrogent but knows his limitations he's adept in the force to a good degree now having been tutored at an academy on Corscant for more than a Year. Sadly the Academy was recently destroyed in a raid on Corscant By Grand Admrial Thrawn. he's Polite Persuasive, and willing to put in a days work, always trying to leave his foe in tact but disabled is his goals for combat. and constantly after the heart of Rivoche Tarkin Whom the Group Extracted early on. He prides himself on his A-wing as his hobby and most of his resources have been poured into it.

Dexterity: 4d
- Blaster: 5d
- Dodge: 6d+1
- Lightsaber: 8d

Knowledge: 2d
- Planetary Sys.: 3d
- Willpower: 3d
- Bureaucracy: 3d
- Cultures: 3d

Mechanical: 2d
- Repulsor Ops: 3d
- Starship Shields: 4d
- Starfighter Pltng: 5d+1
- sensors: 4d
- Communications 3d

Perception: 4d
- Command: 5d
- hide: 5d
- persuasion: 8d
- Search: 5d
- Sneak: 5d

Strength: 4d
- climb/jump: 5d

Technical: 2d
- Lightsaber Rpr: 5d

Move: 10

This character is force sensitive.

-Control: 6d, Sense: 6d, Alter 5d+2

has learned most force skills, does not know any that give darkside points for use. such as injure/kill, control mind. does not know Beast languages, does not know Contort/escape

Blaster Pistol 4d, Droid disabler 4d ion, Stun Baton 5d stun, Modified Blas tech stun pistol 6d+2, lightsaber 6d(Orange), force pike str+3d, 4 stun grenades 6d astromech "Chromie" Comlink, Jedi robes, 1kg of nova rubies, Imperial Officers uniform, Standard Stormtrooper armor, Imperial Prisoner Guard Armor, Imperial Royal Guard armor, Ancient lightsaber 3d+2(Royal Blue), Lightsaber 5d (Light Blue), lightsaber 5d (Vibrant Green), lightsaber 5d (Hunter Green) 154,211 credits. A-wing.

Destin's modified A-wing-- Length: 10m, cargo 40kg, consumables:1 week, Hyp x1, Nav: 2 jump or Astromech, Manuv: 4d, Space: 12, Atmo: 450;1300 kph, Hull: 3d+2, shields: 1d,
sensors: pass30/0d-- scan53/1d+1-- search 79/2d+1-- focus 4/4d+1
weapons: 2 Light Ion Cannons turret (fire linked) crew pilot or astromech,
fire Ctrl 3d, Rng: 1-3/7/36, damage 4d
enemy targeting jammer as per standard A-wing.
Sabbac anyone?
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Volo Enrunk
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 24 Nov 2003
Posts: 104
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Known associate of Master Foroda: Chromie a crafty if you can call a droid that Astromech.
Dex: 1d
know: 1d
mech: 3d
-- Astrogation: 7d
-- StrFghtr Pltng: 4d
-- Spc Trans: 4d
-- Str Shp Guns: 6d
-- Repo Ops: 3d+2
Percp: 1d
-- Search 2d, +5d to search for visual, heat, organic, & motion.
Strength: 1d
-- +2d lifting: retractable arm
Technical: 2d
-- Comp prog/rpr: 4d, +5d database, +1d Scomp Link
-- Str Ftr Rpr: 7d
-- Str Shp Wep Rpr: 3d+1
move 5/10(repulsor)
EQ- internal Comlink, extendable 360 degree long range video sensor,
video display screen, fire extinguisher,small sensor shielded internal cargo area( can hold stun grenade or lightsaber) small arc welder(1d-5d),circular saw (4d) repulsor base +1d manueverabilty(dodge) when flying,

This droid has a knack for taking a "senic route" when he astrogates. for the first oh dozen or so attempts at astrogation and especially when it matter he did something wrong. until resently has he settled down and started to mind his owners when it comes to ploting the paths.
Sabbac anyone?
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Volo Enrunk
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 24 Nov 2003
Posts: 104
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 4:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Good (Cont'd)
Volo Enrunk, Male Barabel, solider of fortune currently employed for General Garm Bel Iblis. apx height 2.3m wgt 175 Kg age 40

Personality Traits: Solice Rarely does he vooice his opinion but once he's made up his mind its set. He thrives to aid the rebellion with his skills and drive the empire back from wence it came. he met garm by accident after a crash landing at New Cov. but that's another story.... He prides himself as being a wheelman and genral purpose mercenary also capable of command of small orginzed groups of troops.

Dex: 4d
-- Blaster 7d+2
-- Brawling Parry: 5d+1
-- Dodge: 7d+1
-- Vehicle Blasters: 5d+2
-- Missle Weapons: 5d
Knowledge: 1d
-- Alien Species: 2d
-- Bureaucracy: 2d+1
-- Cultures: 2d
-- Intimidation: 2d+1
-- Languages: 2d+1
-- Streetwise: 2d+1
-- Value: 2d
-- Willpower: 2d
Mechanical: 1d+2 (has ben raised 2 pips sence creation)
-- Spc Tran Ops: 4d+1
-- StrShp Gun: 4d+2
-- StrShp Shields: 2d+2
-- Repo Ops: 7d
-- Powersuit Ops: 2d+2
Perception: 4d+2
-- Command: 6d+2
-- Gambling: 5d+2
-- Persuasion: 6d
-- Search: 6d
Strength: 5d
-- Brawling: 6d
Technical: 2d+1
-- Blaster Rpr: 3d+2
-- First Aid: 3d+2
-- Repo Rpr: 6d+2
-- Spc Tran Rpr: 5d+1

Movment: 11

Eq- Natural body armor +2d physical, +1d energy. +2d vs Radiation, Infered vision, Blaster Pistol (4d), Light Repeting Blaster (6d), VibroShiv, (STR+1d),Stun Grenades(6d), comlin,k datapad, glowrod, medpac x5, macrobinoculars,
-- Modified Barabel Microbe Armor:
Covers Torso and Back inital resist is +2d Energy. with each sequential hit raises resist by +1d, +1, +2, +2d, +1, +2, +3d. The vest is ruined if the wearer takes a wound or greater the fest is ruined if Physical damage exceeds the +2d initial. this vest has been modified to handle more intial damage than a standard Microbe vest. and has a hold out blaster power pack and dispurser built into it so volo can get it primed up. this takes 3 rds to prime fully Volo Suffers -2d on these rounds and must roll a VE powersuit Ops to start and easy on the next 3 rds as a free action if mishaps ves malfuntions and operates at minimum protection the affect stays up for 3 minutes ( 30 rounds) or until damaged. if volo mishaps while using vest he could potential send powerpack into overload dealing 8d damage to him and surounding 1m area as per grenade. this vest is valued at almost 60,000 credits.
-- The Perigene's Eye. (modified Cargo Skiff.)
Crew: 1 pilot, 2 gunners and 5 sensor ops (2/+15)
Pass: 15
Cover: full
Cargo Cap 130 tons 75 cubic meters(dry weight)
Move: 35/100kph
Manuv: 0d
Body: 4d
-- Blaster Ion Cannon (retractable Front speeder scale)
Crew: Driver
Range 50-300/500/1km
Fire Ctrl: 2d
-- Stun Panels (vehicle surface character scale)
range: contact
Damage: 4d-10d (variable, cannot be moving or have fired weapons to beable to discharge 10d burst, recharge time 1 min.)
--retractable Fix mounted E-web.
Range: 3-15/200/500
Fire Ctrl: 2d
Damage: 8d
these are the standard weapons of this skiff it has on its roofing modular slots for 3 turret mounted batteries volo and a group of engineers have deviced 15 modules at date for almost any desired payload this vehicle also has a built in OmniProbe Sensor Sweeper (see Rebel aliance sourcebook for details) scans from ground to 2m skimming the surface and reads lifesigns and gives ranges this adds +2d to search it also is the firecontrol system for most of the guns. The modules include payloads from anti vehicle to Starfighter scale turbolasers, this skiff is priceless most of volo's personal pay and funds go into the improvments of this suburban assult tank it can carry 3 turret weapons inside and still carry a quatro of speeder bikes and 10 troopers with their gear. and maintain room for added cargo, the modular weapons all rest on a repulsor pod and most can be moved with ground troops away from the vehicle as long as they stay within range of the OmniProbe 2km they have a move of 7 .
Sabbac anyone?
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Volo Enrunk
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 24 Nov 2003
Posts: 104
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 4:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thats my character as the Gm outside of a nice ride and a nice jacket. he's not all that mean. okay my fingers are numb from all that typing so im going call it a day more to come soon.
Sabbac anyone?
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Volo Enrunk
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

Joined: 24 Nov 2003
Posts: 104
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 5:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Bad:

Wanted for numerous accounts of tariff violations of the Empire.
Nash. a known Smuggler from Coruscant has recently taken aid from Rebel Supporters and Constiuiants. beware he is armed and dangerous and often in the company of dangerous citizens like Jedi and Bounty hunters as well as many known mercenaries!

Nash, human (coruscant) male, apx. 1.52m tall, 86kg in weight.

Nash has clearly supported the Republic for the last several years dedicating his ship to the services Garm Bel Iblis sees fit of him and his Crew of Mercs. it is known that his Ht-2200 has been modified heavily at his expence and replaced on at least one occasion at the expence of the republic. Destin Foroda's A wing can generally be located in one of the cargo holds along with The Pergrine's Eye. Volo's Skiff.

Dex: 3d+1
-- blaster: 6d+1
-- dodge: 7d
-- Grenade: 4d+2
-- Melee Combat: 4d+1
Knowledge: 2d+1
-- Alien Species: 3d+2
-- Languages: 3d+1
-- Planetary Sys: 4d
-- Streetwise: 4d+2
-- Value: 4d+2
-- Bureacracy: 4d+2
Mechanical: 3d+2
-- Astrogate: 4d+2
-- Sensors 5d+1
-- Spc Trans: 6d+2
-- S S Guns: 4d+2
-- S S Sheilds: 4d+2
-- Repo Ops: 4d+2
Perception: 3d
-- Bargain: 5d
-- Con: 5d+1
-- Forgery: 4d+1
-- Gambling: 4d+2
-- Persuassion: 4d
-- Search: 4d
-- Sneak: 4d
Strength: 3d
-- Brawling: 4d
-- Lift: 4d
-- Stamina: 4d
Technical: 3d
-- Blaster Rpr: 6d
-- Spc Tran Rpr: 6d+1
-- S S Wep Rpr: 4d
-- Security: 4d

Movement: 10

Heavy Blaster Pistol (5d), Blaster Pistol (5d+1), 3x Stun Grenade (6d), blaster pistol (5d), Hold-out Blaster (4d+1), comlink, blast vest +1d phys, +1 energy, 2x Stormtrooper Armor, 2 kg nova rubies,113,500 credits, and a Modified HT-2200. custom E-Web(8d+1) has repulsor case to move when broken down easily breaks down and goes into case (5 rds easy Blaster rpr roll or 10 rds no roll) the power generator also fits on the repulsor case.

Modified HT-2200 Corellian Med freighter.
-- Scale: Strfighter.
-- Length: 54.8
-- Crew: 2
-- Pass: 7, Brig: 2
-- Cargo Cap: 789
-- Consumables: 3 mths
-- Hyper: x1/BU: x15
-- Nav: Yes.
-- speed: 5/ Atmo: 260;750kph
-- Manuv: 2d
-- Hull: 5d
-- Shields: 5d( 2d;3d)
-- Sensors:Passive: 10/0d, Scan 26/1d+1, Search: 42/2d+1, Focus: 2/3d
-- has sensor jamer see A-wing descript.
easy to modify and repair +5 to roll when doing either.
-- Weapons:
-2 heavy Laser Cannons (linked)
FireArc: turret
FireCtrl: 2d
Spc Rng: 1-3/12/25
Atmo Rng: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
Damage 5d
-Heavy Ion Cannon
FireArc: turret
FireCont: 3d
Spc Rng: 1-3/7/36
Atmo Rng:100-300/700/3.6km
Damage: 4d

the inside of this ships cabin area has been completly redone all pass compartments are seperate the brig is a split compartment requires VD-H security rolls to open or passcodes. Zarkempt and Chupa's Quarters both have enclosers for there pet Naboonian Monitors currently only .25 m long(newly hatched by the players in there own compost heap!!) can grow to in excess of 3m ( unknown to the players.) and have nasty sharp teeth and pointy claws.(known to the players) currently these reptiles eat fish of a standard gold fish size. Nash was unhappy about the Oder of the Reptiles so Chupa and Zarkempt modified his Ventilation system to take out the smell from the rest of the ship.
Sabbac anyone?
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Joined: 03 Dec 2003
Posts: 30
Location: emporia kansas

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2004 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

looks like he needs to post the rest of it
set force pikes to the other setting
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