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The Anti-Sith Chapters (Destiny Era)
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:31 am    Post subject: The Anti-Sith Chapters (Destiny Era) Reply with quote

The Anti-Sith Chapters:

Following Master Orron’s effective exile from the New Jedi Order, it was widely believed that the Anti-Sith Crusade had come to a definitive close. The disgraced Jedi had publicly disavowed his actions and stances he had undergone during his attempt to eradicate the Sith and its heritage from the galaxy, and many former crusaders had vowed to follow Orron into exile from the order as well. Many… not all.

A smaller camp of Jedi Knights and Masters, in fact, determined that the decisions of the High Council were naďve at best, and horrible misguided at worst. The One Sith, after all, had poisoned entire worlds, decimated the population of those opposed to their reign, and wrought incredible death and destruction across the known galaxy. And while in general agreement with former Master Orron’s stance on the previous tactics utilized to hunt down the Sith, they also resolved that the Sith must never return. Like the Jedi Watchmen of the Old Republic, they would closely monitor the galaxy at large, vigilant against those who might seek out Sith teachings and artifacts, what little that could possibly remain from the Crusade.

After centuries of establishment, Anti-Sith Chapters of Jedi and sympathizers are scattered throughout the galaxy, cooperating loosely with each other to monitor remaining Dark Side sites, observe the actions of individuals and/or factions seeking Sith and/or Dark Side artifacts and teachings, and if possible, root out and vanquish these plots. These chapters are effectively exiled from the New Jedi Order, and have been for quite some time. However, they utilize resourcefulness, collecting information and supplies from a variety of sources and benefactors. Each chapter is unique in its make-up and abilities, as the respective founding Master differed in background, teaching methods, and overall doctrine. Students raised in these chapters are not like traditional Jedi Knights; they quickly learn to be self-reliant, vigilant, and ever aware of the threats they may come into contact with.

Despite their isolation and their differences, all of the Anti-Sith Chapters abide by a common code, one passed down for centuries from the original impassioned speech made by Master Orron before he embarked on the Crusade:

“We are the shepherds of the galaxy’s flock. What others fail to do, we must act, and act swiftly. The frail lean on us, the meek depend on the protective glow of our lightsabers… and our character. The tide of darkness rises from mere swallow puddles, of which the galaxy cannot afford to expand. Never forget your purpose along the path of light: to bring justice to those who seek to extinguish it. That is our way, the way of the Force.”
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