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The Circle of Vader (Destiny Era)
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:21 am    Post subject: The Circle of Vader (Destiny Era) Reply with quote

The Circle of Vader:

Beyond the vast expanses of the Outer Rim Territories and the West Reaches, far from the influence of the three galactic governments and the New Jedi Order, exists a dark threat, one unparalleled in strength since the era of the One Sith. This organization does not tie itself to Dark Side traditions of old; not Sith, not Krath, nor Nightsister. One man embodies their ideals, the power that commanded the fear and respect of an entire galaxy. Though names such as Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Bane, and Palpatine resonate across galactic history, one name stands above all, the embodiment of order and swift, unforgiving justice: Darth Vader.

A millennium of consolidating their authority and control over worlds colonized in the Unknown Regions by elements of the old Empire, a council of eight powerful Force-users stand at the helm of this mysterious faction, eagerly awaiting the fruition of their ages-old plan: to make the galaxy bow and swear submission to the Circle of Vader.

Birth of the Grip:

The Empire of the Grip was no accident or spin-off of the embers of Palpatine’s Galactic Empire. Much like the Deep Core, a large percentage of the Unknown Regions was uncharted and riddled with hyperspace mass distortions that rendered much of it impassable. But as with all things in reach of Palpatine’s ambition, he desired to harness and fully-exploit this region of the galaxy, and went about it in two major directions. The first was Grand Admiral Thrawn’s mission to chart and establish an extension of the Empire adjacent to Chiss space, which decades later became the Empire of the Hand. And then… there was plan B.

Kept privy to a select group of followers, all of whom required to obey at the penalty of immediate execution, were tasked to chart and settle a different area of the Unknown Regions, well beyond even Thrawn’s sphere of control. The intent was to create a network of Imperial safeworlds, storehouses (not unlike the one at Mount Tantiss), and hidden shipyards to bring the full retribution of the Emperor should the galaxy fall to the Rebel Alliance.

The Battle of Endor changed everything. Once news arrived regarding the destruction of the Second Death Star, and with it the death of Palpatine, the political stability began to falter. Loyalists insisted that it was all a ruse, that the Emperor lived and that the rebels were simply spreading propaganda. They reasoned that their dispatch of the Imperial Navy should return to the Core Worlds and secure the Emperor’s jewel worlds in anticipation of his return and the counteroffensive of the Imperial fleet. The reformers wishes to appoint a temporary Supreme Commander until it could be confirmed, perhaps Thrawn or another strong leader dedicated to the ideals of the Empire.

No decision was made, because a coup, led by former members of the Inquisitorus and backed by the Navy and the Army, overthrew and executed the leaders of both sides. The difference was they were armed with the truth, delivered by one of the Emperor’s Hands: the Emperor was dead, and his Empire fragmenting day by day. One common trait had previously held it all together: not duty, not loyalty, and certainly not the Emperor’s foresight and vision. Fear… cold, calculating, direct and personal imposition of fear by one man bound the galaxy together. And with his inspiration, would do so once again one day. The Empire of the Grip was born.

Make-up of the Circle:

As was established by the very first Circle, each member of the Circle personifies an aspect of Vader’s characteristics. And while the species, gender, and personality have differed across the past millennium, the basic representation of that specific characteristic applies. The eight positions are as follows: the Left and Right Fists, the Armor, the Blade, the Machine, the Dominance, the Might, and lastly, the Mask.

Ascendants are generally not chosen until the death or natural passing of a previous member of the Circle. They must possess the best of physical prowess, intellectual cunning, possess considerable and exceptional experience in battle, and most important of all: be strong with the Force. There is no other prerequisite aside from fierce loyalty to the Empire of the Grip. Starfighter pilots, stormtroopers, even regular Imperial citizens have ascended to the level of the Circle, although, it is clearly proven that the rite in itself, is definitively brutal, and often lethal.

The Mask of Vader is considered the pinnacle of the Circle; its public face and its supreme leader. The most coveted position in the Empire of the Grip is also the most difficult to ascend to… and the most demanding to hold. The Mask can be challenged, at any place and any time, for their position. If they are slain, the successful challenger becomes the new Mask of Vader. While most would be content with being any member of the Eight, only the most daring and powerful would consider challenging the current Mask. For nearly all challengers, it has resulted in their swift demise.
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