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Inqusitorius or: Give them an Inch and they take a parsec
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2016 10:16 pm    Post subject: Inqusitorius or: Give them an Inch and they take a parsec Reply with quote

so as my -first- time runing a game of D6 for my group i decided 'you know what i'm tired of ? only being able to play rebels or plucky smugglers....lets fix that !'. So i ran/am runing a self created adventure where the players are as follows

Agent Jerkbag: Dark jedi, Imperial Inqusitorius jedi hunter and darth vader fan boy

The Silent Scope: a Twi'lek mercenary employed agent Jerk as his pilot and assistant.....also a disturbingly crack shot with a xerrol Night Stinger

Agent Creepy: a imperial intelligence agent whose player has managed to come up with a voice and demeanor that creeps the rest of the party out. armed with an intimidator pistol and not afraid to use it if a peaceful solution cant be made possible.
ST-1337 'Sleet', a cold climate assault storm trooper (her player likes the combat but is less in it for the Roleplaying)
Zorb: Zorb is Zorb, Zorb is always at the top of the initiative order unless blown backwards by an explosion. Zorb is the most entertaining character in the group quite honestly because their players has so much enthusiasm for zorb.
and Lieutenant Snoot.....who honestly i dont remember that well because his player missed the first game due to schedual conflict and he was quiet the second.

These people are the crew of the Inqusitorius vessel Templar. Their initial mission was simply - go to Nar Shadda with a brief case full of credits and purchase an object from a hutt crime lord, first step was to find the contact a Rodian named 'Flash' in little rodia - on the way there some local riffraff decide to hassle them. It comes to a fight and zorb promptly falls flat on her face, thugs are dispatched the survivors are lined up against a wall and interrogated providing no useful information and the group wastes blaster gas executing them. they find flash......un fortunately they also find a pair of Dashade bounty hunters looking for the rodian at least until the Dark Jedi draws his saber and offers them a greater looking prize......the Dashade lose their heads and flash leads the players to the meeting site.

The meeting: they arrive at the warehouse where a few weequay and other thugs guard their boss 'Gondola the hutt' (it was that or Vinchenzo). The Hutts droid opens with the usual greetings before....the hutt flickers and screams about betrayal, the doors on the warehouse blow in and black armored mercenaries move in the Dark jedi charges them (and rolls a 1 on the wild die) and goes sliding out of the building on a bit of debris but not before he literally disarms a mercenary the fight goes on - one player whose character i didnt mention has to go and rolls a 1 on their wild die - they kill the merc they were fighting but the cat walk smacks them clean out against the wall while Sleet and the Silent Scope eliminate the mercenaries until their commanders orders a retreat....covering it with Glop grenades. its at this point they establish a pattern - the surviving weequay thugs are lined up against a wall and questioned and the group decides to rip off the head of the 3P0 and head for Gondolas palace on hutta - the Scope gets a 1 on the wild die piloting and sheers off the noses of two fighters with the Templar on landing and they proceed to as the kids say 'wreck face' until they save gondola and the true head of the cartel reveals her self as a female devaronian who gives them the combination to the vault. they head there and the dark jedi gets a feeling - force users on the other side- some one improvises a bomb from a thugs blaster and Zorb chucks it in but gets her foot caught in the closing anteroom chamber door until the blaster goes off - blasting zorb out of the room and to the end of the initiative order. a fight ensues where the force users proceed to set the Dark jedi on fire with their flameing blades and then die to blaster fire after a pretty fun fight.

i'll post the next synopsis as much of it as i remember later but what i posted this for was to talk about them, get opinions on stuff and ask this: How do i stop them from doing the whole 'line the prisoners up against the wall and interrogate then execute' if they are Inqusitorius agents ?
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