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Of Canon Mandalorians
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:31 pm    Post subject: Of Canon Mandalorians Reply with quote

Recently we find out quite a bit more about the canon version of Mandalorians. Specifically SWRe 3.15 "Trials of the Darksaber" amd SWRe 3.16 "Legacy of Madalore". I have made some observations through the filter of Clan Wren and the interactions Sabine has as well as general attitudes and such.

Bridger pulls out and ignites his green bladed lightsaber. "Jedi!" says Tristan, shouldering his blaster rifle, he opens fire. Behind him, four Mandalorian, clan Wren motif on their helmet fire their weapons as well.

In this scene, I am unsure how to look at it. I would think there is some animosity towards the Jedi from the Mandalorian-Jedi War. The war did destroy the planets ecology, turning Mandalore into a white, lifeless desert. I don't find Jedi hatred a convincing reason for Tristan Wren to fire at Ezra. The four other clan Wren members do not fire until Tristan does, even though they probably saw the green, glowing blade and knew what it is. This leads me to believe Tristan is acting as a member of Gar Saxon's Imperial Commandos.

Ursa: "We'll tolerate the Jedi presence in our ancestral home if they surrender their weapons."

This seems an odd statement. She seems to be posturing more than an active dislike. Having fought the Jedi in the past, they would know that Jedi have powers beyond just the lightsaber. Perhaps its the idea that the vabrances and number of clan members would be more than enough to deal with two Jedi.

Ursa: "The Protectors were executed for treason."
Sabine: "They were loyal to Mandalore and Saxon betrayed them!"

This seems like posturing in front of the clan she rules.

Ursa: "Mandalore was on its knees before the Emperor. After he put Saxon in power we had a choice. Side with him or clan Wren would be destroyed."
Ursa: "Everything I do is to protect my family."

Seems that clan loyalty wins out against family loyalty. This could of course reflect her making decisions as the leader of the clan and not just a a member.

At first I thought that Krownest had to be a moon of Mandlore, but the planet only has one moon, Concordia. That is not to say its not another planet within the Mandalore system. It doesn't seem to take long for Gar saxon and his Imperial Commandos to get to Krownest.

Gar: "You will be taken back to Mandalore to finish what you have started. The last living member of the Wren clan."

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Ideas?

Kanan: "Are your customs more important than the life of your daughter?"
Ursa: Stares at Kanan but says nothing.

Again an issue where I wonder if this is as important a thing to most Mandalorians or more so to Ursa as she is a leader of a clan and has to keep up appearances over personal wants.

Once defeated by Sabine, Gar Saxon, feeling dishonored by Sabine's refusal to kill him, attempts to shoot Sabine in the back. Ursa kills him before he can do so.

Ursa: "No one threatens our family."

I can only assume this goes back to the throne room when Saxon announces he wishes to kill all of clan Wren for being rebel sympathizers. If so, then why did she not Saxon when he was fighting with Sabine? Sabine never issues a challenge for leadership does she? Saxon did not win the blade from Sabine, it was traded to save Sabine's life. Apparently after Sabine and Saxon fight and once he attempts to attack a family member, then its okay to shoot him? It makes no sense.

Ursa: "Perhaps Mandalore needs chaos if its to become strong again. And so we might find a leader worthy of our people."

Not sure I understand this. Fenn says that Saxon's death will throw all of Mandalore into chaos. I am not sure why that would be. Gar was only one member of clan Saxon. Why wouldn't the empire just select another clan Saxon member to take over as the Emperor's Hand of Mandalore? Why would this throw the entire planet into chaos?

If they had stated, with the Darksaber's return and the current ruler dead, the clans of Mandalore would be thrown into chaos as the clans barter alliances in an attempt to win the Darksaber and rule Mandalore, that I would have understand.

Ursa: "Mandalore must rise by itself. We protect our own."

I am going to go out on a limb on this one. In a lot of tribal societies that fight among themselves, even if the clans themselves fight one another and want to see each other destroyed, if someone else comes in a attempts to fight, even a rival clan, they all attack the invader. Maybe Mandalorians are like that as well? It could also be the whole fittest of the fit, "Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" sort of thing.

Sabine: "No. This was about my family. I'm not Mandalore's leader, but I will the person who is."

She brought the Darksaber to her family hoping they could unite the clans to fight the Empire. Ursa explains that clan Wren is considered untrustworthy or lacking honor to the point that the other clans are looking for a reason to destroy them. So exposing they have the Darksaber would make them a target and they have no current allies.

Later, clan Saxon begins to battle clan wren for the death of the Gar Saxon, the Imperial ruler of Mandalore. This is referred to as a civil war. I know this will be explained in SWRe4, but in order to have a civil war wouldn't it require more than two clans warring? In Mandalorian history I am sure there are countless instances of two and sometimes more clans all fighting at the same time. I am sure those are not referred to as civil wars. In fact the only civil war referred to in canon is the civil war between the True Mandalorians and the New Mandalorians.

I believe this means that things on Mandalore fall apart quickly, since five episodes later, Ezra is informed there is a civil war. I also think this civil war is going to include all the clans including those who have been at the fringes for a long time, like Bo-katan.

Thoughts? Observations?
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