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Space Combat 1E
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Wajeb Deb Kaadeb

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:14 pm    Post subject: Space Combat 1E Reply with quote


STEP 1: Declare Action - How many shot taken, if the ship is chasing or fleeing a target, etc.

STEP 2: Speed Segment = Roll ship's Speed Code to determine range. The pilot can add his skill to this roll, but if he does, it counts as an action for the round (which would decrease Evasion later).

STEP 3: Fire Weapons = You've got range from Step 2. You know which weapons will be fired from Step 1. In this step, you fire each weapon. And, each weapon, or each use of a weapon, fires in a different segment. If the pilot fires a weapon, it counts as an action (which could decrease Evasion).

REACTION ON STEP 3: When the ship is shot at, there are two reaction actions crewmembers can take in response: Shields and/or Evasion. Shields will make the ship's Hull code stronger when damage is rolled. Evasion will make the target number to hit the ship higher.

SHIELD REACTION: Operating shields is an action, and it requires one shield action per attack. This should be rolled before the attack (or declared before the attack and still considered an action if the attack misses). Roll Shields task (difficulty depends on range), and if successful, add the ship's Shield Code to the Hull Code when checking for damage.

Every time shields are used, it is considered an action, and thus is subject to the multiple action penalty. (If the pilot is also operating shields, then this could decrease Evasion.)

Note: Range lowers weapon damage as well.

EVASION REACTION: In addition to shielding the ship, the pilot can try to evade fire when the ship is fired upon. When the pilot evades successfully, he can evade all incoming enemy fire for one segment. Each segment, Evasion must be re-rolled. Each use of Evasion counts as an action. Evasion is accomplished by rolling the pilot's skill and adding it to the ship's Maneuverability Code and then to the target numbers for any incoming fire that segment, making the ship harder to hit for that one segment.

If the pilot has used his pilot skill in the Speed Segment, or if the pilot has used shields or fired weapons (or racked up a multi-action penalty for any other multi-skill use), then the pilot skill is reduced before it is rolled and added to the enemy's target number.
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