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Classless SAGA
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:27 pm    Post subject: Classless SAGA Reply with quote

A few months ago, we played the Star Wars SAGA, and while I generally liked the system, I found myself very frustrated with parts of it related to character creation. It seemed to me that there wasn't much need for classes, and so I created a variation that allows one to play Star Wars SAGA without them... the only classes are "Heroic" and "Non-heroic".

All Heroic characters have, at 1st level:

*A total of +3 to your defenses; this may be +3 to a single defense, +1 to all three, or +2 to one and +1 to another.

*24+Con modifier HP (1d8+Con modifier per level)

*Int Modifier skills, with no "class skills"; you can choose to train any skill you like. This really mitigates the problem of a penalty to Intelligence

*9 Feats (this supercedes the normal feat at level 1, but also means no beginning proficiencies; the primitive trait wouldn't reduce this, but it would restrict them. Obviously, any of these feats can be Skill Training).

*1 Talent, chosen from any "basic" tree (i.e. any of the trees available without a prestige class).

*3d4*250 Credits

*5+1/2 level Force Points

*1/1 BAB (meaning that you have an attack bonus equal to your level.

Most talents are unchanged; if they reference a particular class's level (for example, the Wealth Talent), then it instead uses the number of talents in that tree, or character level, whichever makes more sense. You continue to gain talents at every odd level, and feats at every even level, plus another if the level is divisible by three. Attribute bonuses are granted at levels divisible by 4; you gain a +1 to two defenses at levels 8 and 16.

Prestige class features and talents are available; the features as feats, the talents as talents, all of which have a prerequisite as their prestige class. Therefore, you can, at 7th level, begin picking from the Gunslinger talent tree if you meet the prerequisites for Gunslinger; at 8th, you'd be able to pick up Trusty Sidearm as a feat, and its bonus would map 1:1 to the number of talents in the Gunslinger tree.
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