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So a 20D Attribute Template
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CRMcNeill wrote:
One possible way to justify characters with more than 18D in Attributes is to use the Advantage/Disadvantage system from D6 Space to give them off-setting penalties. This can take the form of Story Factors and the like.

Obviously, this would only work for existing species in the form of a ret-con, but at least two of the above-mentioned species aren't really suitable for PCs except in extreme circumstances. I have, on occasion, wondered about playing a Hutt character, though...

Personally, I feel it should be a much higher exchange rate.. if an attribute costs roughly 10x the xp to raise as a skill, perhaps 10 to 1 is reasonable? You generally have more than double the value (4) number of skills in a given attribute..

As far as a template with above 18D.. I suggest that 18D for a starting player is a balance issue. Once a game has been going for a hundred sessions, it's less of an issue. I personally track all the spent XP on each character's sheet as a guide for what to allow. As to NPCs, any NPC based on 12D having extra attributes seems fine. I actually have a guideline where a faceless nobody has a 12D template, any NPC that is distinctive but not a specifically named character gets +1pip to each (14D template), and named or repeat adversaries get +2pips (16D template). For example, when fighting a squad of stormtroopers, they all have 2D in every attribute, but the squad commander has 2D+1, as he is differentiated. If the party consistently misses one of them, and he drives them off with a well thrown grenade, we might call him "that grenade stormtrooper." After they retreat, if they encounter the same troopers again, he will have 2D+1 just like the seargent, because he stands out. Let this kind of thing happen several times, and you will get "boomer," a stormtrooper with 2D+2 in his attributes, and a potential plotline where he might try to talk the players into surrender etc. Not a full "villain" built on 18D template, but still a more respectable foe.

As far as Hutt characters.. I had a player make a hutt starfighter pilot once, and it worked out reasonably well. Younger Hutts are still large, but not as ridiculous as what you see with Jabba. His starfighter was an ugly composed of a bwing with the trainer cocpit (both seats were removed to make room for his accelleration couch) with the wings replaced by the ordinance pod and extermal wing of a TIE/sa bomber. The character was based on 18D, and we only rarely had any issues translating to the D6 game.
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