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Firrerreo v2.0
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:32 pm    Post subject: Firrerreo v2.0 Reply with quote

Firrerreo v2.0
Biology and Appearance
Resembling Humans, Firrerreo have highly developed canine teeth, two-tone hair, and nicitating membranes protecting eyes that are able to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. These membranes also protected the eyes from intense flashes of light, as well as flying debris.

They also have tremendous ability to heal quickly, able to survive a direct blaster shot if the damage doesn't harm anything vital, like the heart or brain. Most minor wounds took minutes to heal, while major ones could heal in mere hours.

Firrerreo have gold-colored skin, which turns silver when angry or frightened, and when wounded scars over silver. Firrerreo physiology, while similar to human physiology, is filled with enough tiny minute differences that it baffles Medisensors if it isn't programmed for the species. Firrerreo metabolism also requires high amounts of protein, and as a result, Firrerreo often pick the meat out of their food before eating the rest of their meal. Firrerreo are prone to animal like behaviors, from deep growls in the throat, baring of the teeth, snarls, and animal like keening in grief. Their ears also hear well into the upper spectrum. Their features are often described as wild and feral, and those qualities combined with their wild tendencies lead many races to consider them dangerous, but beautiful.

Society and Culture
Firrerreo are self-sufficient and independent to a fault. Firrerreo are also incredibly race-centric, caring for their own race to the exclusion of all others. Their society is organized in clans, and members of one clan care little for the well being of non-clan-members. Firrerreo believe that one could "own" another's name, and therefore would almost never give out their name to another, unless it was their mate or close friend-"Firrerreo" was used as common pseudonym in conversation. Speaking another's name is considered a form of power over that individual, and so they do so at any chance they have. Firrerreo do not participate in slavery. The phrase "May you be shielded from the wind" is a parting phrase

During the height of the Galactic Empire, two Force-sensitive Firrerreos, Hethrir and his mate Rillao, became students of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. To reward his service to the Empire, Hethrir was awarded the title of Procurator of Justice. His actions while holding that post included condemning "treasonous" member worlds by interning their inhabitants in suspended animation onboard sublight "passenger freighters" and sending them off to colonize distant worlds beyond the rim of the galaxy for Imperial purposes.

In an attempt to prove his loyalty towards the humanocentric Imperial leadership, he committed his most cruel and atrocious action by condemning his own homeworld and most of his people to death. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, thousands of adult Firrerreos were abducted and taken onboard passenger freighters while millions more were left behind on Firrerre. Aboard the departing ships, these Firrerreos were forced to watch helplessly as Galactic Emperor Palpatine's elite Starcrash Brigade released a lethal strain of hive virus which wiped out all forms of life on the planet over a period of a few days including most of the Firrereo species. This plague would eat its way through the bodies of its victims while they were alive. To prevent the plague from spreading offworld, the planet was quarantined by the Empire.

The remaining few thousand Firrereos were kept in suspended animation onboard these passenger freighters which would travel across the depths of space at sublight speeds to colonize new worlds beyond the rim of the Galaxy for Imperial purposes. Hethrir believed that both he and the Empire would last a thousand years. After a thousand years, Hethrir planned to return to those freighters and awake their prisoners from their sleep, in the hopes that they would remember him as an all-powerful god whom they had to obey.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:

-- Nictitating Membrane: The nictitating membrane protect Firrerreo's eyes, suffering no adverse effects from sandstorms, small airborne debris, or similar conditions.
-- Ultraviolet Vision: Firrerreo can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. This allows them to see normally up to 20 meters in conditions other than absolute darkness. The ultraviolet spectrum does not allow Firrerreo to distinguish colors, 2D penalty to all actions that require color differences.
- Extraordinary Recuperation: A Firrerreo heals naturally at three times the normal rate, +2 modifier to Strength rolls to heal.
Story Factors:
-- Cultural Restrictions: Firrerreo often keep their true names secret from all but their closest friends. They believe speaking a person’s name gives one power over that person. Thus, any speaker using command, persuade, con or bargain on a Firrerreo receives a 1D bonus to their roll if they use a Firrerreo's true name.
-- Clan/Ethnocrentric: Firrerreo care for their race to the exclusion of all others. Their society is organized in clans, and oddly, members of one clan care little for the well being of non-clan-members.
Move: 10/12
Size: About 1.6 meters tall
Source: wookieepedia, Aliens Stats (p.51), tweaks by Oliver Queen
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