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PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:04 pm    Post subject: ADVOZSEC v2.0 Reply with quote

Updated this species to better reflect EU and background information. Thoughts and suggestions?

Appearance and Biology: The Advozsec (singular: Advozse) are a nearly hairless humanoid species with a large horn on top of their heads. They have yellow to dark brown skin, pointed ears, and four digits on their hands and feet.
The Advozse homeworld, Riflor, has a deep atmosphere that is filled with volcanic ash. This constant haze diffuses light from their sun. Advozsec evolved with large, dark eyes to deal with the lack of light on their world, although their eyes can adjust to Human-standard lighting levels with only mild discomfort. The Advozsec are herbivores by nature and have difficulty digesting any type of meat.
Temperament: It's been said that Advozsec like to take life one catastrophe at a time; they are a pessimistic, irritable and distrusting people, although they have good reason. Their culture prizes skepticism, regarding it as a trait that insures survival.
As a culture, the Advozsec tend to be control- oriented, insisting that they learn all the details of any task they undertake and have a say in any decision-making process that even indirectly affects their lives. As a result, most Advozsec aspire to managerial or bureaucratic positions and many of them do work their way into such a job, either on their homeworld or in the many governmental and corporate bureaucracies across the galaxy.
History and Culture: Riflor is a geologically unstable planet. Quakes and volcanic eruptions are so frequent as to be considered seasonal events, much like a "rainy season." The oblong orbit of the world in its trinary system, along with the presence of three large orbiting moons, guarantees geological upheaval on a large Scale.
The thick ash in the atmosphere keeps the temperatures on Riflor colder than its orbit would indicate. The Advozsec live in communities near geothermal springs, tapping the geotherms for power and heat during Riflor's harsh winters. Unfortunately, the warmer areas are among the most unstable on the planet. Advozse cities experience constant cycles of disaster, rebuilding, and then more disasters, so most buildings and constructs are easily replaceable and considered almost expendable. Advozsec are resolutely unsentimental about material possessions—a house is a place to sleep, and when it is knocked down by a quake, it's time to build another house.
Perhaps this explains the Advozse tendency to assume the worst in any situation. Advozsec place little importance in long range planning. They try to enjoy themselves when the Opportunity presents itself.
When the Old Republic discovered Riflor and took over its administration, it pleased most Advozsec. Modern technology helped stabilize Advozse life and the efforts of the Old Republic and now the Empire have saved millions of lives by improving building techniques and materials. However, the current Imperial regime tends to dictate policies without the consent of the Advozsec, resulting in protests (which the Empire puts down with ruthless efficiency).
Politics: Riflor has an Imperial governor who dictates planetary policy while attempting to keep up the appearance of listening to the pleas of the Advozse bureaucracy. The Advozsec tend to support the Empire because of the order it brings to the galaxy, but they are also angry with the Empire for not allowing them final say in how they are governed.
They see the existence of the Rebel Alliance as a sign of imminent disaster. Only a handful of Advozsec think that the Rebellion even has any chance of success. When word of the Death Star's destruction reached Riflor, it generated protests against the Empire mostly because the Advozsec believed that faulty Imperial engineering allowed the station to be destroyed—if an Advozse had supervised the project, such a flaw would have been corrected.
The internal politics of the Advozsec are vicious and back-biting. Advozse politicians usually don‘t like direct confrontations. Instead, they manipulate others to do their dirty work for them. Many Advozse leaders are masters at setting up spy networks and blackmailing rivals. After watching Advozse politics in action, most people understand why the Advozsec are naturally distrusting.
Technology Level: The Advozsec have modern galactic technology, including hyperdrive, droids, energy weapons and modern computers. They tend to favor small, portable items of technology, since large items tend to get destroyed.
Trade and Technology: Riflor has rich stores of radioactives and rare isotopes which can be used as fuel for ion drives. These isotopes also have many industrial uses. The Imperials manage these resources for the Advozsec, and Imperial-contracted transports constantly arrive and depart from Riflor. There is a lively smuggling network on Riflor to circumvent excessive Imperial tariffs and fees.
Advozsec in the Galaxy: Many Advozsec have found opportunities inside Imperial and corporate bureaucracies across the galaxy. The cut-throat and opportunistic bent of their species serves as an asset in the service of the Empire. The average Advozse‘s attention to detail makes them good bureaucrats, although more than a few Imperials find the entire species annoying.
Gamemaster Notes: The Advozsec are a security conscious people. After creating a civilization faced with constant catastrophe, their culture values safety and certainty above anything else. Advozsec spend their time watching others and waiting for the next thing to go wrong. They work for themselves and their best interests because they don't trust in anything else. When a crisis does occur, an Advozse will usually react well and come up with a good way of dealing with the problem at hand.
Advozsec make good skeptics, and they give gamemasters an opportunity to point out flaws with plans. They can also be used to challenge or goad characters into trying something just to prove the Advozse wrong.
Personality Notes: An Advozse sees himself as the center of the universe and feels compelled to speak up if he feels his opinions have not been given appropriate consideration. Warnings of dire consequences often follow if an Advozse‘s plan is not followed to the letter. A few Advozsec develop paranoid tendencies and start seeing conspiracies going on around them.
Notable Personalities: Smuggler Bom Vimdin. (See Wanted by Cracken, page 32.)
Average Advozse: Dexterity 1D+2, Knowledge 1D, Mechanical 2D, Perception 2D+2, Strength 2D, Technical 1D+2. Move: 9.

Home Planet: Riflor
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
--- Enviromental Adaptation: The Advozsec home planet of Riflor is geologically unstable, with frequent volcanic eruptions. The geothermal hot springs that appear on their homeworld forced the species to evolve thick skin in order to survive, stamina diffiuclty checks for hot environments are two levels lower (minimum easy). The large, black eyes of the Advozsec are adaptations to the clouds of volcanic ash which darkened Riflor's skies. Though they were most comfortable in the naturally dim light of their homeworld, Advozsec could adjust to levels of light found on other worlds with minimal discomfort.
Story Factors:
--- Vegetarians: Dvozsec are strictly vegetarian, being unable to properly digest meat. Nevertheless, at least some members of the species have sharp teeth.
--- Pursuit of Wealth: Advozse people have little attachment to material goods or long-term plans, and have developed a pessimistic, selfish, and even paranoid outlook on life. Seeing financial stability as the only truly achievable stability one could find in life, the Advozsec constantly strive to accumulate as much monetary wealth as they can in a lifetime in order to have the ability to rebuild when the worst happens.
Move: 9/11
Size: 1.3-1.9 meters tall
Source: Galaxy Guide 12 Aliens: Enemies and Allies (p.10-12), Ultimate Alien Anthology (p.9), Aliens Stats (p.6), wookieepedia, tweaks by Oliver Queen
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