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Yet another lightsaber combat idea
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:05 pm    Post subject: Yet another lightsaber combat idea Reply with quote

I prefer how lightsaber combat works in first edition but I like second editions rules for most else. I am about to join my first game as a player and not a GM and I was wondering what you think of the house rule I am suggesting.

New Rule - Lightsaber Damage: If wielding a lightsaber that you have crafted or somehow bonded with like Rey with Luke and Anakin's you may add or subtract your Control die from lightsaber damage. This is penalized by multiple action penalty and use of undue force may result in dark side points.

Lightsaber Deflection [New Sense Power]
Sense Difficulty: Varies
Effect: When wielding a lightsaber, if you are attacked by a blaster weapon you may roll Lightsaber or Sense to deflect the attack. This is a reaction like Dodge or Melee Parry.

Redirect Blasters [New Control Power]
Control Difficulty: Varies
Required Powers: Lightsaber Deflection
Effect: After deflecting a blaster attack with the Lightsaber Deflection power you can make a Control check to redirect the attack as if you fired it as an additional reaction.[/b]
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would nix, the "crafted yourself or bonded with" portion and roll with what you have (see Obi-Wan and Anakin in Ep.2; also, in Ep.3, Anakin and Obi-Wan switch lightsabers during their duel, for whatever that may be worth)

I have been working on a revamp of the Jedi Tradition as a means of using the force, and in doing so have come up with preliminary rules for the different kinds of crystals used. One thing I've been considering is putting a limit on the damage that an individual crystal can support. For example, a Mephite crystal (most common in lightsabers) can support +5D damage on a successful control roll (made once when crafting the lightsaber), but if successful by 10 or more, the mephite can support unlimited damage modification (up to max control dice).

A pontite (rarest variety of crystal), can support unlimited damage, and even has a higher base damage than the mephite crystal.

The other weaker crystals have less potential for max damage.

Just an idea.

An alternative that you might like would be tying the max damage to the quality of the individual lightsaber itself. When building the saber, certain rolls (such as the control roll when harmonizing the crystal) might determine how much extra damage the weapon can support, and the "typical" lightsaber can support +3D (or whatever you feel is appropriate), with expertly crafted weapons being able to support much more.

Another option to consider:

Make the "Lightsaber" skill available only to force sensitive characters. Non force sensitive characters can use a lightsaber with base stats (5D damage only) using the melee combat skill. A character using "melee combat" to wield a lightsaber cannot deflect blasters, even if they are force sensitive (though they can start putting pips/dice into "lightsaber" skill and start from scratch if they want to use the weapon to full potential). One last thing I would require in this case: the "lightsaber" skill would only be available to Jedi characters; non-Jedi force sensitive characters who have at least 4D (or whatever) in Scholar: Jedi lore (they MUST have the specialization if they are not Jedi) may also take the skill.

Just some thoughts in case they're helpful.

What you have looks good, IMO.
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