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Phase Tech
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:45 pm    Post subject: Phase Tech Reply with quote

So, I recently stumbled across a reference to Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda series. Specifically, Nova Bombs. Reading this article on the Andromeda wiki mentally tied a few things together w/r/t some obscure and/or ridiculous tech in the SWU. The only thing close to a Nova Bomb in the SWU is the Resonance Torpedo fired by the Sun Crusher. Now, don't get me wrong; the Sun Crusher was the silliest Superweapon-of-the-Month club entry until the DT came along, but there are bits and pieces of the series that do make for some interesting possibilities...
    -The Sun Crusher uses phased armor, literally taking one layer of armor out of phase with an identical layer, and then merging them together to create a material of incredible toughness.

    -Another piece of tech used by the Imperial Research team on the Maw Installation is the Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter, which could literally turn objects to powder by damaging the molecular structure. Because ot the word "phase" in the title, I'm inclined to believe that it works by taking individual molecules (or even small clumps of them) out of phase with the neighboring molecules, thus breaking the strong nuclear energy forces binding them together.

    -With two different projects in the Jedi Academy trilogy involving phase tech, the article on Nova Bombs got me thinking along similar lines. Per the Andromeda Wiki, a Nova Bomb disrupts a star's equilibrium by negating its gravity, causing a runaway fusion reaction. This sounds similar in principle to the Resonance Torpedoes
So, since the Maw Installation was experimenting with phasing applications, what if the Resonance Torpedoes functioned by taking large portions of a star's mass out of phase with gravity itself, thereby causing a runaway fusion reaction leading to a supernova?

There is also the Phase Force power, so the concept of Phasing is not unheard of in the SWU (I find the WotC version of the power to be hugely overpowered, but I'm not opposed to the concept if it were sufficiently nerfed).

I'm playing around with some phase tech crossover ideas from Warhammer 40K (particularly the Phase Field Generator, which is used to create temporary breaches in solid objects, primarily used for boarding and assault actions). I haven't put a huge amount of thought into how I'd use this, but I figured I'd get it in writing and put it out there. Thoughts?
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