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The Rancor Pit LIBRARY of Fan-Made Supplements

Welcome to the Library. Below the Star Wars D6 fan-made supplements, you will find some official conversion guidelines, errata, and OpenD6 books. Enjoy!  If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the internet's leading bulletin board devoted to the Star Wars D6 RPG.

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The Library


Whill's Elrood & Minos Sector Maps


Rancor Pit Stat Compilations

Aliens Stats

Creature Stats

Droids Stats

Equipment Stats

Force Powers

Starships Stats

Vehicles Stats

Weapons Stats 


Rancor Pit WotC Saga Stat Conversions

* Saga Conversion Guide - Master Table of Contents *

Galaxy at War

Galaxy of Intrigue

Jedi Academy Training Manual

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Legacy Era Campaign Guide

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Scavenger's Guide to Droids

Scum and Villainy

Starships of the Galaxy

The Clone Wars Campaign Guide

The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

The Unknown Regions

Threats of the Galaxy

Saga Conversion Guide - Master Index *


Supplements for Films

The Phantom Menace (The Unofficial Episode I Sourcebook/GG 13)

Attack of the Clones (Galaxy Guide 15)

Solo: A Star Wars Story D6 RPG

Rogue One ("Galaxy Guide 13")

NEW --> Revenge of the Sith - sourcebook files for incomplete project (see this thread for discussion)


Peter Schweighofer

Quick Encounters

Pre-Gen Characters - Smugglers/Rebels

Sandbound on Tatooine (adventure)

The Limping Lady (adventure)

Pre-Gen Characters - Rebel Commandos

A-Wing Down (adventure)

Blow the Bunker (adventure)


Adventurer's Journal Presents

Adventurers Journal 050418 Issue One (single-page view)

Adventurers Journal 050418 Issue One (two-page/facing view)

Adventurer's Journal 080318 Issue Two (single-page view)

Adventurer's Journal 080318 Issue Two (two-page/facing view)

Galactic Guide One: Rotgut Station

Adventurer's Journal 020119 Issue Three (two-page/facing view)

NEW --> Adventurer's Journal 050419 Issue Four (two-page/facing view)


Wild Space Magazine

Wild Space Magazine 01

Wild Space Magazine 02


Other Second Edition Fan-Made Supplements

The Anguish of the Indictor (adventure)

Blockade Runner's Guide

Complete Skill List

Corellian Engineering Corporation Compendium

Cyborgs & Cybernetics (Galaxy Guide 17)

The Dark Side (Galaxy Guide 14)

The Dark Times

NEW --> The Empire Invades Earth

NEW --> The Force Compendium

Jedi Handbook

Jensaarai - D6 net.guide

Legacy of the Force Sourcebook (d20 + D6)

Lost Stock Stats Archive

Martial Arts: Revised and Expanded

Meritorious Commendations

Mr. Gone's Fillable Sheets (zipped: character sheet + BOSS spacers info + starship log + vehicle log)

Name Gazetteer & Compendium

New Player Handout

New Player Starting Guide

The Old Republic (Galaxy Guide 16)

Optional Rules Resource

Otherspace III: Extinction (adventure)

The Prior Planning and its Crew

Published Stats Index

Quick Reference Guide

NEW --> Quick Characters

Rancor Pit Character Sheet

Ray's Speeder Emporium

Rebels Season 1

Rebels Season 2 (updated stats)

Record Sheets (zipped: arms&equipment + character + droid + Force powers + guns&gear + ship + vehicles)

Revised Force Rules

Sabacc Anyone?

The Scavenger's Handbook

Star Frontiers Aliens

TIE Fighter Sourcebook

Ultimate Guide to Lightsabers

Ultimate NPC Collection

Ultimate Planets Collection

X-Wing Sourcebook

Y-Wing Sourcebook

Z-95 Headhunter Sourcebook


Minos Cluster Player's Guide

Minos Cluster GM's Guide


Star Wars: Revised, Expanded, and Updated (2e REUP core)

Medical Sourcebook


Star Wars RPG "3rd Edition" Revised and Expanded (core)

CoreSec Guide (3rd Edition)

NEW --> Tion Cluster Source Book (3rd Edition)


First Edition Supplements

Classic Heroes: Optional Rules

Clear Skies: Stock Freighters


Official Conversion Guidelines and Errata

1st Edition Rules Upgrade (pre-Rules Companion) [archived web version]

1st to 2nd Edition Starship & Vehicles Conversion (only published in an original 2e "Blue Vader" core book appendix)

Missing Charts from Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters, Second Edition [more WEG errata on the web]

2nd Edition Rules Upgrade (updates the original 2e Blue Vader core to R&E rules) [archived web version]

D6 to d20 Conversion Guidelines (2000) [archived web version]


Purgatory WEG OpenD6 (OGL) 

D6 Space (with official Errata and FAQ)

D6 Space Aliens I

D6 Space Ships

D6 Gamemaster's Aid & Screen

D6 Adventure

D6 Fantasy

The D6 System

D6 Legend

Bill Coffin's Septimus

There are a few other Purgatory OpenD6 documents available here.



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