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Behemoth-Class Ground Assault Vehicle
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:21 pm    Post subject: Behemoth-Class Ground Assault Vehicle Reply with quote

A while back, during a discussion on the Imperial Army Order of Battle, I proposed an idea for a modern, repulsorlift-propelled heavy ground assault vehicle.

In the real world, combined armor units (tanks, APCs, scouts and mobile artillery) tend to be composed of similarly sized vehicles. In the SWU, however, combined arms units are based on a single, large vehicle that doubles as both a tank and an oversized APC, with smaller, more maneuverable vehicles serving as scout and screening units. Since the ImpSB Order of Battle places a lot of emphasis on repulsorlift vehicles, there should be a repulsorlift-based heavy GAV. But there isn't. Here is my version.

Visual: Couldn't find one I like, but picture...
    -A Juggernaut.
    -Replace the middle wheel on each side with an armored box with a ramp for disembarking troops at ground level.
    -Replace the remaining eight wheels with four heavily armored repulsorlift pods (one at each corner).

Behemoth-Class Heavy Assault Vehicle

The Behemoth is the centerpiece of Imperial Army armored repulsorlift units. Based on the same design as the Juggernaut, the Behemoth utilizes repulsorlifts for propulsion instead of wheels. Since the Behemoth is not equipped with turbine boosters, it can't attain the same straight-line speed as the Juggernaut; however, it is much more maneuverable at all speeds.

The Behemoth mounts a potent mixture of heavy, medium and light weaponry. Its increased maneuverability made the rear command station superfluous, so it has been replaced with a dual light laser cannon turret to defend the rear fire arc. In addition, the vulnerable sensor pod that plagued the Juggernaut has been improved. It is now controlled remotely from within the hull, and can be retracted down to hull level for protection when in combat. Also, the rearrangement of the Behemoth's propulsion system has allowed the installation of a pair of armored pods on either side, just above ground level. These pods are equipped with ramps that allow the Behemoth troop complement to disembark quickly at ground level.

Behemoths are generally deployed in mixed battalions, with two companies of heavy repulsortanks serving as escort and screening units, a scout company, plus an additional number of attached infantry companies (as many as needed to fill the passenger complement of the Behemoths).

In addition to the basic Assault variant of the Behemoth, there are several support variants, including command & control, artillery support and transport. A mixed unit of combatant and support vehicles allows a group of Behemoths to provide transport and support not only for its own support units, but a full battalion of attached infantry, including their support units as well.

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards' HAVr A8 Behemoth
Type: Heavy Assault Vehicle
Scale: Walker (+8D)
Length: 27.5 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operations: Behemoth
Crew: 6 (2 @ +10) & 6 Gunners
Crew Skill:
Repulsorlift Operation 4D+2
Sensors 4D
Vehicle Blasters 4D+1
Passengers: 50
Cargo Capacity: None normally, but may exchange passenger seating for cargo capacity at a rate of 1 metric ton per passenger.
Consumables: 1 week
Maneuverability: 1D
Altitude Range: 0m-2m
Move: 55; 160 kph
Body: 5D
Passive 2km/0D
Scan 4km/1D
Search 6km/2D
Focus 300m/3D
Special: The Behemoth's sensors are mounted in a tower on top of the Behemoth. The tower can be retracted down to hull level when not in use, but the sensors ranges are reduced by 50% (1km/2km/3km/150m) and all Repulsorlift Operations Difficulties will increase by one level. While extended, the tower may be targeted by attackers, at +5 base difficulty, with a Body of 2D Walker Scale.
1 Dual Heavy Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: Turret (+5 Difficulty in Rear Arc if Sensor Tower is extended)
Crew: 2
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50m-500m/1.5km/3km
Damage: 6D
2 Dual Light Laser Cannon
Fire Arc: 1 Front/Left/Right, 1 Rear/Left/Right
Scale: Speeder (+4D)
Crew: 1
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 50m-250m/750m/1.5km
Damage: 6D
2 Repeating Blaster Cannon
Fire Arc: 1 Left, 1 Right (can fire into Front or Rear Arcs at +5 Difficulty)
Scale: Character (+0D)
Crew: 1
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 3m-75m/200m/500m
Rate of Fire: 2D Auto-Fire
Damage: 7D
Variants: (Use Above Stats, except as noted)
    Passengers: 20 (10 Battle Staff, 10 Security Troopers)
    Special: +1D to Communications, Tactics and Command Skill rolls aboard vehicle

    Passengers: 10 (Majority of usable space taken up by ammunition storage)
    -Replace Dual Heavy Laser Cannon with:
    Concussion Missile Multi-Launcher
    Fire Arc: Turret (+5 Difficulty in Rear Arc)
    Skill: Missile Weapons (use Vehicle Blasters)
    Fire Control: 2D
    Range: 20m-600m/3km/16km
    Rate of Fire: Singly or Barrages of 2-8
    Damage: 6D
    Ammo: 160 (reloading takes 1 round per missile)

    Passengers: 10
    Replace Dual Heavy Laser Cannon with
    Quad Auto-Blaster
    Fire Arc: Turret (+5 Difficulty in Rear Arc)
    Scale: Starship (+6D)
    Skill: Vehicle Blasters
    Fire Control: 3D
    Range: 100m-800m/2.5km/4km
    Rate of Fire: 2D Auto-Fire
    Damage: 4D

    Sensors: None (Sensor Tower Removed)
    Passengers: 300 (generally a mix of passengers and cargo)
    -Replace Dual Heavy Laser Cannon with:
    Tractor Beam Projector
    Fire Arc: Turret (Mounted on extendable arm, so it can be used on objects on the ground next to the vehicle)
    Skill: Vehicle Blasters
    Fire Control: 3D
    Range: 20m-50m/100m/200m
    Strength: 6D
    Note: The tractor beam has a variety of functions, including loading and unloading cargo, obstacle clearing and damaged vehicle recovery.
    Special Equipment:
    -Roof Hatch for loading and unloading of bulk cargo.

"No set of rules can cover every situation. It's expected that you will make up new rules to suit the needs of your game." - The Star Wars Roleplaying Game, 2R&E, pg. 69, WEG, 1996.

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