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D6 inspired Armada campaign
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:54 pm    Post subject: D6 inspired Armada campaign Reply with quote

Hi all. A poster over on the FFG forums was looking for some information, so I thought I would check here.

"I want to base the Campaign Map on the Bormea and Darpa Sectors on the edge of the Core Worlds and Mid-Rim/Old Colonies. The area is known as the Rigalli Shell for the Ringalli Nebula that dominates a portion of the sector. A quick google search for "The Ringalli Shell" will lead to the various maps and articles on the region.

These are the sectors the Nebulon-B Rebel Privateer Far Orbit rampaged through about 2 ABY. The Far Orbit's Privateering Raids were very successful in showing that, with the majority of the Imperial Fleet deployed into the Mid and Outer Rim pursuing Rebel forces, the Core worlds were not safe from rebel operations.

The campaign takes place after the conclusion of the Far Orbit's Privateering Cruise, as the Empire moves ships into these lightly defended sectors in response to the Rebels depradations, with the intent of smashing this affront to the Imperial Core Fleet's Honor. The Rebel High Command is also moving ships into the sectors to take advantage of the weakness that the Far Orbit's patrol has revealed. It looks like a showdown is brewing...

I am putting together an expanded map of the area (based on the WEG The Far Orbit Project Campaign book's Map of the Sectors), and am trying to locate as much information about the sectors as possible. I have the actual Far Orbit Sourcebook, and its map.

My question to the community is this:

I had found a map somewhere on the web that shows the relationship between the Ringalli Nebula in Bormea and Darpa Sector, and the Starforge Nebula in the adjacent Ado Sector. Starforge Nebula is the rumored location of Starforge Station, a large Shadowport that deals with the less savory members of the sectors star-faring denizens. So a likely place that the rebels might want to contact.

But I cant find the map now when searching for it!!!!!

Does anyone know any starmaps that show the locations of nebulae and other astronomical features of the Star Wars Galaxy? I have found the maps of the Star Wars Essential Atlas to be great for planetary and hyperspace information/location, but not for the locations/shapes of the various nebulae.

Thanks in advance for any help!"

I love to see new games take an old-school twist. Thanks all!
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