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Liagral III
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:31 pm    Post subject: Liagral III Reply with quote


System: Caifel
Sector: Lambda
Region: Mid Rim
Star Name: Rohese
Star Type: Yellow/white medium size 30% through its life
Orbital Bodies: 7
1 – small rocky planet
2 – medium rocky planet with limited atmosphere
3 – small planetoid mostly composed of fused asteroids
4 – Dorise (yellow gas giant with black strips, 6 moons)
5 – Rasmis (ice blue gas giant, 2 moons)
6 – Liagral (this moon’s planet 5 moons)
7 – Ishbel (white gas giant 4 moons)


Name of Planet/Moon: Liagral III (essentially the Population Center of the Liagral Mining Complex)
Other Names: Hwaan
Satellites/Rings: this is the third moon of the gas giant Liagral
Orbital Position: 3
Type: Terrestrial moon
Temperature: -30˚C to 50˚C
Atmosphere: Type II
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: 0.04 standard
Terrain: Terrestrial
Length of Day: 9 standard hours
Length of Year: Liagral (this moon’s planet) has a year of 592 standard days
Sapient Species: None
Other Organisms: Some novel bacteria live in the soil, but all the organisms brought to Liagral III have either been pets or garden plants
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Starport: Standard class
Population: 2.7 billion
Planet Function(s): Trade, Business Administration
Government: Only that which is provided by the mining guilds to protect their digs
Major Exports: Gases mined from Liagral, trade goods, information
Major Imports: Information, raw materials, trade goods
History and/or Further Explanations: Ever since the gas giant Liagral first started being mined, its five moons have been used variously as storage, starports, orbital loading and unloading for very large ships, and population centers derived from the workforce which are designed to house it in function and luxury.

Liagral I is the largest of the five moons and as such is primarily used to store the tanks of mined gas before loading them aboard the freight liners that will take them to refineries elsewhere. Its surface is uninhabitable and thus it is the perfect place to build extra-large docks and warehouses.

Liagral II is the administration center of the entire Liagral Mining Complex. This is where interested miners bid on contracts to mine Liagral. It is currently being terraformed so that in the future, visitors may simply exist their spacecraft as they are, without taking the time to put on bulky enviro-suits. Liagral II’s surface grows slowly as more and more types of government, mining guild, merchant, and other buildings begin to pop up.

Liagral III is the subject of this entry since it is the main population center of the Liagral Mining Complex. It is essentially a gigantic hive of residential areas built on top of or dug out below one another and interspersed randomly by commercial districts, with large stripes of forest and garden dividing up the cityscape. It is estimated by scientists that an unknown ancient culture either towed Liagral III to its current location, or terraformed it using techniques which are now lost since the geology of Liagral III indicates that it did not form in the same nebula within which the other bodies in the Caifel system formed. It is a curious mystery indeed. However, in the meantime, Liagral III is a very active city-moon, as the profits from the mining of Liagral Prime continue to climb, year after year, attracting more and more miners, office workers, mechanics, and their families. This is influx of workers is also attended by a flow of retail companies that wish to build shopping centers and spacer districts where people can re-supply for whatever job they’re into. There is also talk of navigation companies coming in to map the local area and see if it happens to be on some otherwise unnoticed hyperlane.

Liagral IV, prior to the mining of Liagral, was used as a weapons-testing site by an unknown government, and as such is entirely unsuited to even strongly-shielded workmen, due to very high nuclear activity in the area. It should be fine in another 0.61 million years.

Liagral V is a small (50 km long) fragment from an unknown explosion which occurred elsewhere. The fragment was caught by Liagral’s gravity as it passed near it about 400 years ago. There is a plan to use large tugs or engines to eject Liagral V not just from the orbit of Liagral but the entire Caifel system. This may happen sooner than later because Liagral V’s gravity is subtly affecting the entire system.
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