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Chemical Energy Cartridge
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:45 pm    Post subject: Chemical Energy Cartridge Reply with quote

Chemical energy cartridges (CECs) originally were briefly the premier small arms technology of the galaxy in the distant past. First believed to be employed soon after the discovery of the energetic properties of blaster gases and their economical extraction from gas giant planets blaster gases CECs predate even the hyperdrive.

CECs contain a combination of 2 or more chemicals along with a pre-measured amount of blaster gas. When combined the precursor chemicals react with each other generating a powerful single pulse of energy. This vaporizes the nose of the cartridge and the energy along with the blaster gas is channeled into the blaster's focusing chamber and discharged in the conventional manner. Chemical energy cartridges are not re-loadable as considerable heat is generated which can cause the material of the cartridge to be weakened and possibly fail under repeated use. CECs can be collected after use however and the materials reclaimed and re-manufactured.

While CECs offer fewer shots for a given volume they simplify logistics as power supplies and blaster gas reserves are a inseparable in a single package. CECs can be manufactured on planets unable to reproduce the energy storage technology of standard power packs. CEC blasters are more easily manufactured not needing blaster gas storage and feed systems. Finally CECs can also be produced in a what is known as a Plus Power variant (CEC+P) using more potent chemicals in place of the standard formulations providing increased power at the cost of rendering the spent cartridge irreclaimable.

I'm sure that you all found that fascinating reading so stay tuned next time for the debut of what you all actually care about...MAGNUM BLASTER REVOLVERS.
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