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Some Adventures
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:01 pm    Post subject: Some Adventures Reply with quote

So Tanith Rhane (who I've previously mentioned) has taken a pack of unfrozen Jedi students, taught them Force Stealth so the Empire couldn't track them, and gone across the Galaxy on a combination vacation (for her and their trauma) and teaching exercise meant to prepare them to survive in a hostile, Empire-controlled universe - urban survival, guerilla tactics, that sort of thing. They hit numerous planets and I pick highlights to run. Some of them are presented here - we're in the middle of Jedha so I haven't touched it.

Tanith Rhane (player Rezantis), Jedi Knight (the old fashioned way - by the Force throwing s*** at her.) Notable for becoming the Galaxy's Most Wanted as a result of some fairly impressive feats.
At one point, she referred to Darksiders and Dark Side activity as "A train with no brakes" due to their tendency to violently escalate and not deter from their violence and cruelty. This becomes relevant.

Coralee Miryian (Player Razoric), Tapani noble trained by a Guardian of the Whills for Force-based hand-to-hand, spent a year surviving in the wilderness when her aunt tried to have her captured and turned over to the Mecrosa Order. Tanith and co arrived to help her, but not before she became a little tainted, which took some effort working that out. Now one of Tanith's students.

Alisae - Coralee's cousin, warned her when her mother set out to capture her.
Connor - Oldest of the Jedi students, like them he was frozen for 13 years after being rescued from the Temple during the Purge. Was ready to be a padawan but didn't get a chance to. Tanith's padawan, kind of, that's complicated.
Secunda - Jedi student, 12 (at start), identical triplet. Good with TK, not so good with control.
Tertia - Secunda's sister, good telepath.
Cassius - Jedi student, 13, Twi'lek. Hides his pain behind a mask of humor.
Aria - Jedi student, 5, near-human. Crippling nightmares from the rescue. Showed up in a vision of the future for Tanith that they both don't completely remember, but both participated in.
Shae Nimes - Bush pilot from a high-G world, Tanith's longtime girlfriend.
"Jumping through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy."
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