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The Ragon
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:51 am    Post subject: The Ragon Reply with quote

Warning, most of this is probably gonna come off as rambling and it is fairly long. This race is meant to be suited for mostly fighting, seeing anything else as either a secondary function or unworthy of them.

A race of warriors and scholars, always keeping a delicate balance between the two. Native to the brutal world of Bellum (Which is mostly arid deserts with two habitable zones known as Savas and Bavas), the Ragon came to be when a Harrower-Class Dreadnaught crash landed while fleeing the Galactic Republic. The Ragon have seen forgotten who the Sith were but are products of generations of mixed breeding which has lead to two ethnic groups-The Meceni (Pureblood Brethren in Darvas) who are fully red skinned and the Luceni (Mixed-Brethren) who have reddish-white skin. The Ragon have spent almost their entire history are war and were even at the brink of extinction before Illgoth united them and lead them to the stars. Ever since then, the Ragon have believed that Illgoth, and his descendants (Who have lead the Ragon ever since then) are the successors to Bishomen, the old god. Gothism is the one (and only) religion of the Ragon, that preaches that each and every Ragon has a great destiny and that all worlds in the galaxy belong to the Ragon. Other species are just ‘caretakers’. It is both a religion, code of conduct and book of law. The Ragon are the current ‘rulers’ of the galaxy, the Empire being involved in most galactic affairs and also being the largest nation in the galaxy. Not that this satisfies them.

Ragon tend to average from 6’0 to 7’5, the average height being 6’5. Through one, Joedast, is 9’0. Ragonian bones are very strong, a Ragon being able to fall a sizeable distance and not break their legs. Something the Imperial Military takes full advantage of. On the topic of Ragon military, it something that always be glorified in Ragon culture. From the feudal castles to the so called ‘republics’ that tainted the surface of Bellum. To the Ragon, war is honorable and glorious. Through the Ragon version of honor is really a another word for winning. They do not care if you have killed a thousand foes in battle, they care if you have conquered entire worlds, won grand battles and have proven yourself as both a warrior and tactician. To the Ragon everything is a tool, to the simple blaster and to the greatest of Jedi. All tools to be used in the glory of war.

On that note, the fact the Ragon tend to not take prisoners, in fact even slaughtering those trying to surrender, is not ‘evil’. At least in their eyes. To the Ragon, dying in combat is a free ticket to heaven-to be at Illgoth’s side and fight one last glorious battle. To surrender through is a way to irreversibly damn one’s soul. When a Ragon kills a prisoner, he does not do it out of hate or sadism, but out of sincerity. He believes that he is not murdering a beaten foe, but saving them from a life of torment.

Ragon venerate the idea of childbirth. It is every Ragon’s duty, both men and women, to have as many children as possible to preserve the species and continue the Ragon’s journey to their destiny. People are expected to get married at 20 and have a child six months later. Ragon believe are also noted for brutally murdering anyone who even thinks about hurting a child and charging into burning buildings to rescue them. Without proper gear. Orphans are also particularly prized and are believed to have a great destiny, since Illgoth was an orphan. They tended to be rounded up and put in the ‘Goshan’ or ‘Imperial Guard’ were they are indoctrinated into believing that their entire duty is to fight and die for the future of the Ragon, even burning all their material possessions at the end of their training and consider themselves already dead, their bodies just don’t know it yet. They will never retreat, they will never surrender and even when their guns finally fall silent, they will draw their swords and charge into the fires of war.

Besides that the culture of the Ragon is built mostly about honor, living one's life to their fullest potential (thus becoming one with Illgoth) and prepare for Ioslan, Heaven’s War. The way Ragon act, talk and dress is a mishmash of Roman, Greek, English and Japanese lifestyles. They have geisha’s, those of nobility often wear togas and kimonos to formal occasions (Wearing a suit or dress tends to be considered scandalous), put a focus on using vibrosword version of the Gatara, a Katana like blade that has been the symbol of honor, martial prowess and loyalty for generations. The Goth’s speak with Scottish accents, the Set’s have Welsh, while the lower classes tend to have either cockney or Irish accents and the nobility speak with received pronunciation. Ragon believe red skies are a good omen.

Ragon government is a theocracy absolutist monarchy that has each branch governed by a particular house. Only the Goth’s may rule and hold the greatest power, the Set’s are the leaders of the military, the Rus are the diplomats, the Su are the researchers and the Mago are the builders.
Ragon tend to be left-handed
Story Features
Blood Rage-Once a Ragon (Both PC and NPC) is mortally wounded, roll a willpower check, medium difficulty. On roll failure, the character enters a rage, their eyes becoming bloodshot and the Ragon natural urge to kill overtaking them. Attacking both friend and foe. Add 2D to strength and brawling attack rolls. The only way a character can come out of the blood rage is death.

To counteract this, Illgoth has taught the Ragon on how to control their rage. All Ragon characters have a minimum of 3D in willpower.

Unbreakable Bones-Much like the Ragon themselves, their bones are very tough and hard to break. A Ragon can fall from great heights without breaking any bones in their body, only a slight bruise.
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Sovereign Protector

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

While its a nice write up, don't we already have enough high str/high dex Combative/warrior races??
It's Not who you kill, but how they die!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's always room for one more. Though I must admit I somewhat think it reads like a Coynite met a Bitthævrian on Honoghr.

I think there should likely be a larger set of Story Factors - including perhaps either being Meceni and Luceni (mutually exclusive) with some skills associated, and something like a Story Factor: Ragon Supremacy (Religion) or whatever.

Also, there's a comment about being exceptionally able to break falls, and a throwaway "(...) Something the Imperial Military takes full advantage of.", but there's little in the way of abilities that support this.

Some stats for a Gatara might also be in order, even if it is only a reskin of a vibro sword. A sample character might also be cool.
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Joined: 06 Jun 2017
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

....I forgot to take that line out.

I've been porting over races from my space opera so that line is actually worthless when it comes to Star Wars. Apparently I forgot it was there.
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