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Melee combat against Stormtroopers
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 7:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Naaman wrote:
ZzaphodD, this is true. I would allow such characters to do that, no problem

Cue the Gun Kata sequence.

Concerning CRM's post, I would need to think about the level complexity desired. For now, I feel confident that there is a LOT of really competent "shooters" who would never resort to a buttstroke or muzzle thump simply because it's not part of their "tacticool" training.

Actually, I was thinking more of putting dice in Melee Combat instead of Blaster / Firearms, representing the time taken to learn how to use your ranged weapon as a melee weapon. So a character who dumped all of their dice into Blaster and none into Melee Combat would be as you describe: a competent shooter who can't/won't use their weapon in close combat.

It's also noteworthy that a buttstroke is actually canon. During the Battle of Endor, when the commando team was breaking into the shield generator bunker, one of the commandos takes out an Imperial officer with a buttstroke from his blaster rifle. Food for thought.

I suppose that your reference to martial arts allowing special moves presents a case for specialized training with blasters allowing special moves.

Either that or simply expand the existing Disarm technique to include counter-disarm techniques...

As for the disarming/retention thing, I was mainly referring to the contest for control of the muzzle. I might use the grappling rules, and the winner gets the gun. The unarmed person needs to roll 10 over the opponent to take the weapon in lieu of doing damage.

Oddly enough, the listed Difficulty for the Disarm technique is Moderate (Very Easy +10), but it specifies only that the weapon/object is knocked from the target's grasp. Perhaps a +15 modifier to both remove it from the target and take control of it?
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