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Warhammer Tech
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Leona Makk

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CRMcNeill wrote:
Leona Makk wrote:
OH! I miss 40K!

Any ideas for Chain Swords and Chain Axes? I might write up a Chaos themed swoop gang and those would complete the look. Bloodsniffers?

Hmmm....what if you swapped the creatures in the "Otherspace" adventure with tyranids?

Heck! Maybe I should break out the old Space Hulk Game and let the players fight Genestealers!!!

Actually, I've got a crossover concept that uses a watered-down version of the 40K universe to populate the Unknown Regions. Obviously some things won't work directly; there isn't enough room in the SW galaxy for two galaxy-spanning authoritarian xenophobic Empires. A brief rundown...
    1). The Imperial Military (Ground and Space Forces) are now the Demiurg (Dwarves), with the backstory of the Squat sub-races used as the basis for their society. IMO, the stylized look of most Imperial Navy vessels would fit with the artistic tendencies one would tend to ascribe to dwarven artisans. The Demiurg would be highly conservative and mildly xenophobic, and would retain much of the organization of the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Terra, especially the Adeptus Mechanicus, with technology having a highly religious aspect to it (although not in a stagnated form as in WH40K).

    2). Chaos are now the Sith Empire of the Unknown Regions. The daemons could be the result of Sith Alchemy experimentation, but daemonic entities could be introduced as malevolent energy creatures inhabiting hyperspace in some fashion similar to Otherspace, like an intersecting dimension of some kind.

    3). Ogryns and Beastmen would exist as primitive races and recruited as shock troops for the Demiurg and the Sith, respectively. Ratlings / Halflings would also exist essentially unchanged as a subject / ally of the Demiurg.

    4). The Eldar and all their subcategories are unchanged, but the back story of the catastrophe that leveled their homeworlds would need to be changed. Perhaps have the remains of their homeworld be the location of the Sith Empire, because the apocalypse left their worlds shrouded in the Dark Side.

    5). The Tau would be kept unchanged, but I have strongly considered using Tau equipment to form the Chiss military

    6). Necrons would be unchanged, but their harvesting activities are for entechment (which the Ssi-Ruuk scavenged from a Necron wreck) to power their droid forms.

    7). Demiurg ships would be a new race, with an almost mystical relationship with technology, able to make technology to perform near magical feats. I was thinking some cross with Gnomes and Jokaero, making these creatures more willing to interact with other species, and make them more like monkeys instead of orangutans.

    8). Orks and Tyranids would be left unchanged, but reduced in scope, so that they are more of a local problem (i.e. still a big threat in the Unknown Regions, but not known to the larger galaxy) than a galaxy-wide threat.

    9). The Webway would be altered to something more along the lines of the Stargate Gate Network, rather than accessing an alternate dimension (It would simplify things), and the Eldar and Necrons would use jump technology (transitioning instantly from one point to another) while the other races would use hyperdrives, except for the Tyranids, who never bother with it in the first place. Commoragh would be in a pocket dimension of some sort, ala Otherspace.

    10). The Rakata and the Celestials could fit nicely with the backstory of several of the older races, like the Orks and the Necrons, as subject races begun as warrior fodder. The Eldar origins could be linked to the Celestials, as a countering warrior species to combat the Rakata's subject races.

    11). Space Marines would be split off to form an elite experimental unit under the Empire, drawn from the stormtrooper corps and upgraded with bioware implants and power armor to create a cutting-edge unit of shock troops.

    12). Psykers and Navigators would be more like conventional Force users, with Navigators being Force users specializing in Instinctive Astrogation, which is a necessity for travel through the hyperspace fluctuations found throughout the Unknown Regions.

The Unknown Regions are certainly huge enough for all of these.

2) The Sith Alchemy Creatures have always been a fun and open field but I haven't seen much come of it. Chaos Critters and Mutant Marines would be fresh compared to the old Sith Henchman in a black hood.

5) The Chiss could use a style upgrade; it can't all be fringed shoulder pads!

8) The Orks' Power of the WAAAAGH! would be an entertaining version of the Dark Side!

11) I designed a Space Trooper squad after the Marine Terminators with Jump Packs. Pretty terrifying with Power Fists and an Assault Cannon (E-Web?)
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