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Emtarra Lupei, Freelance 'Contractor'
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:11 am    Post subject: Emtarra Lupei, Freelance 'Contractor' Reply with quote
Note:This character is meant to be a subversion of the whole "Sexy and sadist female assassin". She knows she is mentally ill and makes no attempt to hide it. She has no friends nor does she want to make them. Everyone she is friendly too are just tools to gain what she wants and she will do work for free if she feel will interest her (As in, she will enjoy the pain caused). If she was born anywere else then the time of the Empire, she would probably

Emtarra has had an eventful life. Her mother was a gang leader and her father an anti-Imperial 'freedom fighter'. She spent most of her childhood in her mothers gang, before joining the Imperial military to 'piss her parents off'. In fact, her parents even led a rebellion on her homeworld after she had been promoted to Sergeant. Emtarra killed her mother during this op but never did find out what happened to her father.

After being promoted to Lieutenant after the untimely death of her predecessor, Emtarra was recruited by Imperial Intelligence, eventually becoming an assassin for them. Of course, Emtarra always put her interests before any loyalties she had and was working underworld contracts during her time in Imperial Intelligence, before leaving it entirely and going officially freelance.

Emtarra has anti-social personality disorder and is a sadist. She has no real friends besides her husband, an Anzati named Sebastian Lupei who is also a fellow assassin. Emtarra knows she is mentally ill and makes no attempt to hide that, but doesn't really care enough to get treated. She is also a bit of a troll, doing things she know will piss people off. It's also why she goes by 'Crow' and names her weapons after things associate with death. It amuses her. She also really likes knives

I designed Emtarra to be a late-game NPC or someone to put fear into the PC's. Through she will only attack PC's if they have a hit or them or annoy her. They can even hire her if they wish.

I am nerfing her skills that I had for my game, through I am keeping her original scores in brackets

Type:Freelance Assassin
Quote:"Yeah, I'm told that hurts"
Dexterity 4D: Blaster 7D (10), Dodge 7D (10), Melee Combat 9D (13), Brawling Parry 6D, Melee Parry 8D
Perception 3D:Con 5D, Sneak 6D, Search:Tracking 6D, Search 5D,
Strength 4D: Brawling 6D, Stamina 5D, Climbing/Jumping 5D.
Knowledge 3D: Intimidation 5D, Streetwise 4D, Willpower 6D, Tactics 4D.
Mechanical 3D
Technical 3D
Equipment-Type 12S 'Raven' (Silence Slugthrower, 5D. 30/70/100, Ammo 20)
Type-21S 'Moth (Silenced Slugthrower Pistol, 4D. 5/10/25, Ammo 1)
E-11 'Crow'
E-11s 'Reaper'
Combat Knife 'Lucy'
Vibro Knife 'Jack'
Harvest Blade "Cadaver"
Fft Knife "Vulture"
Merisee Curved Dagger "Crossbones"
D'skar "Cat"
Rodian Ceremonial Dagger "Scythe"
Rodian Razor Stick "Lyre"
Kal "Butterfly"

Tell me what you think!
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