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Star Wars Stuff?
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:44 pm    Post subject: Re: Boba Fett stuff Reply with quote

Whill wrote:

Kytross wrote:
he goes mano-a-mano with Luke and nearly wins.

I am quite certain I am not remembering the same film you are!
    1. Fett jet-packs to the skiff and Luke immediately destroys his rifle.
    2. Luke got distracted by Chewie getting wounded from from Jabba's goons and falling on Han, so Fett wraps Luke up in his cord...
    3. But Luke hold is holding a lightsaber so easily cuts the cord, and Boba gets stunned by a nearby blast.
    4. Luke jumps over to the next skiff to deal with the goons. Boba wakes up, gets up, slowly aims his wrist blaster at Luke, and... misses twice. This is only a few meters away, so short range if not point blank. Luke wasn't even looking at Boba and busy with goons. There was no dodge. Boba just missed.
    5. Han accidentally hits Boba's jet pack, causing it to go off. Boba flies towards the sail barge, yelling with arms flailing wildly, bounces off the sail barge and rolls down into the Sarlaac Pit with another yell. Burp.
I'm not trying to burst your bubble and ruin the character for you, but "awesome" is not a word I could use to describe any of that. I can still see "nearly wins" because all Boba had to do was not miss shooting Luke at short range to maybe win.

I agree whill. Based on ON screen performance, i can't see how anyone can say "he went toe to toe with luke and nearly won, and so is uber awesome.."

Whill wrote:
To address the discontinuity of Boba not living up the bad@ssery of Jango, I think that maybe he suffers from injuries than never fully healed and/or nurses a spice addiction. To account for his reputation being more awesome than he seems to be, maybe Boba secretly enlists the aid of former clonetroopers with duplicate sets of armor who follow different leads, greatly increasing his odds of tracking down fugitives. Maybe there is a "Team Boba Fett" and the clones are nearly identical genetically to him so they get away with most of the galaxy believing they are only one person.

Now that is a very interesting angle as to 'why he's so good'.. And one i would have loved to see one of the novels tackle on.. Rather than going the route they did in stroking the fanboy's ego with making him so uber..
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm the biggest Star Wars nerd I know. And despite being a first generation SW fan, I love The Phantom Menace for Force's sake! IMO, TPM is the 4th greatest movie of all time (not even just Star Wars movies - 4th best of all movies). I feel George Lucas' lackluster direction of the child performances is forgivable. I actually find Jar Jar to be mildly entertaining and not at all annoying. I don't think anyone has ever called me jaded with respect to the SW films. If anything, I am overly optimistic about the films.

I was discussing the films. I was not discussing Boba Fett's game stats, which I found to be overpowered. This phenomena of stats being off is not unique to Boba Fett. Greedo was statted out with 18D in attributes. Greedo! Han calls him a twirp. Greedo is a goon, a mook, not a PC-level character. Boba Fett is clearly way above Greedo.

I was not talking about recreating movie scenes with game play. The game system's purpose is to simulate the cinematic reality of the setting for the purpose of creating original adventures that take place in the same setting. It really isn't to recreate the films in game terms. Luke wasn't looking at Boba Fett, but even if he turned around and deflected the second shot or dodged it is immaterial. The end result is both shots missed. The first one missed wildly shooting way up into the air, not even close.

This was not stated to mean that Boba Fett sucked. This is just stating that Boba Fett is not so "awesome" in the films. He is not portrayed as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Let's please not polarize this discussion into extremes. There is a huge difference between "not the best" and "he's a mook." I never said that Boba Fett did not deserve Vader's respect. I just said he is not that awesome and not the best hunter in the galaxy.

Kytross, you say Jango was fan service as if that is necessarily a bad thing. After being entertained by the humor of Boba's demise and yet still feeling a bit disappointed at the same time, this fan felt well served by Jango being the Fett who fans always wanted to see in the films. AotC is the least standalone film of the entire series, there just to connect A to C. But it had some great action sequences, so the Fett we always wanted is not inappropriate in that film. But still Jango may not have been the best bounty hunter in the galaxy either.

And in RotJ, Luke could only overpower Vader with the Dark Side. Vader, while more machine that man, had the Dark Side and was more powerful than Luke. Vader could have easily killed Luke, but he wanted him alive. Luke, almost wholly still human, could only surpass the cyborg Vader in power with the Dark Side. Being the son of the Chosen One, Luke had more Force potential than Mace Windu and Obi-Wan, but Luke was no where near their training and skill.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:04 pm    Post subject: Re: Star Wars Stuff Reply with quote

Wajeb Deb Kaadeb wrote:
I've got questions....

1*. I'm re-watching Return of the Jedi. In the opening scene, when Vader arrives at the Death Star, he is met by Commander Jerjerrod. If you look at all the troops lined up as Vader's honor guard, there are several officers of higher rank standing at attention, off to the side of Vader and Jerjerrod walking up the middle.

Wouldn't you think an Admiral or a General would be in charge of constructing the Death Star II?

Imperial ranks and insignias seem all over the place. I suppose that, technically, there's rank vs. position. e.g., the captain of a ship might actually be a commander or an admiral. Mostly, I think GL didn't get that into details about stuff like that, and didn't care much. He's an officer, and a big high muckety muck who's terrified of Vader and the Emperor. That's all you need to know.

2. This movie is the first to show Luke in his X-Wing in a non-Combat situation. Wouldn't you think that taking the X-Wing everywhere just screams, "Hey! I'm a Rebel!" I mean, with all the seedy people in Mos Eisely, no one would send a message to the Empire--or just tell the local authorities--that an Alliance fighter is in a docking bay?

Or, maybe Luke parked out in the desert by himself.

As has been touched on, it's the latter. Although you do raise an interesting issue. X-wings are almost exclusively Rebel craft (unlike, say, Y-Wings or Z-95s). So, Luke flying around in an X-wing isn't exactly inconspicuous.

3. More of a comment than a question. d*mn, I hate that stupid blue elephant alien.

I liked Max Rebo when I was a kid. Looking give it a pass. Lucas wanted more variety to the creatures, and got it.

4. tie this all to the RPG....

Boy, old Boba Fett sure is having a bad time on this game session, huh? He's flipping and floppin' all over the place, straight down the Sarlacc's gullet. He's bricking some crucial rolls.

Fett, I think, is a mixed bag. The coolness of his armor and its potential undoubtedly sparked the fandom surrounding him. That and the fact that my cousin's friend's brother's other friend's uncle had a Fett with a rocket firing backpack! (Yes, they existed, no they weren't widely produced.) In seriousness, though, I think he just looked so damn cool. His performance on screen is almost barely worth mentioning. He fends off Jedi-Trainee Luke by popping off a few shots at him...and that's about it. Otherwise, he goes out like a chump. He looks cool and keeps his cool, but in combat, he's kind of a wimp, compared to our heroes. Not a worthy big bad or even miniboss.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The way I look at it, in every movie of the OT there was an evil commander and an attack dog:

SW - Tarkin & Vader
ESB - Vader & Fett
RotJ(a) - Jabba & Fett
RotJ(b) - Palpatine & Vader

Since the main plot of RotJ by and large returned to the script of SW, there was no place for Fett at Vader’s side, since Vader himself returned to the henchman role.
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Wajeb Deb Kaadeb

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the Jedi novelization...

I thought this was neat. All those light bars in the wall? They serve a function (besides giving off light).


Not only do they produce light, but the light is a by product. They're called "light cables" and they carry power and information throughout the structure. They're like power cables/comm lines and such, except they are based on photons and emit light.

I thought that was pretty nifty.
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