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Where Did You End Up?
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Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:57 am    Post subject: Where Did You End Up? Reply with quote

NOTE: Please don't use this to b****/moan about the new series of films.

My friends and I played the WEG SW 2nd Ed game for almost a decade, starting our adventures a few years before ANH and ending maybe five years or so after the Thrawn Trilogy. We (arrogantly!) weaved our characters in and out of the original trilogy, rewriting history a bit and, of course, interacting with our childhood heroes. We used the Galaxy Guides for stats and stories but flubbed a lot of it on purpose - sometimes for good and sometimes because we were dumb kids.

But where did you end up? Specifically, where did your stories/campaigns go compared to Episode VII and VIII? Did Luke fall to the Dark Side? Did Han go back to being a pirate?

From what little I remember, Luke ended up becoming the military/peace-keeper leader of the New Republic, while Leia ended up as the Political head. The Empire was still just the Remanent but once or twice tried to build a superweapon that our players had to take out. There was a good story building about the Empire resurfacing - originally they were working with the Corporate Sector to create slave circuits en masse to run their ships with fewer crew, which was later revealed to be not slave circuits but actually enslaved peoples - but we never finished the story (and my character and his partner were left standing ontop of a skyscraper, staring down a TIE Fighter.)

We had a couple of Imperial Admirals become our reoccurring "heavies" but they came and went quickly.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only long-term SWd6 game I've ever been in was based on an alternate version of the The Phantom Menace (back when that was the movie we were b**** and moaning about Wink ), and set on the third planet of the Kashyyyk system, Kabashyyyk; also in the life zone of the star, it was colder, taiga to Kashyyyk's jungle. Since it wasn't the Wookie's homeworld, they allowed more settlements (keeping everyone from sacred Kashyyyk), but it was still mostly unpopulated.

We had a couple minor jedi, a Rodian jedi, someone with growing force power who was not a jedi, and a completely non-force sensitive Twi'lek gangster (with a couple of Gamorrean bodyguards).

As the Sith began to infiltrate, the party sought answers, and also dealt with a nascent droid rights movement, founded by one of their own droids in secret). The Rodian set out to prove that everyone was wrong about Rodians... and then started racking up DSP... starting with getting angry at a series of horrible rolls and angrily invoking a Force Point, progressing towards, in the end, fleeing a city, police in tow, and accidentally killing a number of them.
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Sovereign Protector
Sovereign Protector

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

For my games, either i've done the standard 8-10 yrs before ANH, running through to ROTJ then end. OR i've gamed in the post thrawn/dark empire like time frame.. Nothing further into the future, so EP 7 on, have never had any impact on my games.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A couple of my campaign worlds had a couple adventures that took place during or not long after RotJ.

I had one campaign that went until about 2 years after RotJ. That one dealt with rise of the New Republic and Imperial Remnants, but it didn't deal with film characters so it never established that Han and Leia weren't married on Endor and didn't give birth to Ben.

The final adventure of my first campaign involved a 15 years time jump as the PCs were literally blasted into the future where they had disappeared 15 years earlier. But this was a future where the Rebels lost the Battle of Endor, the film heroes were all dead, and the Emperor and Vader were still alive and ruled the galaxy with multiple Death Stars. The PCs believed that their absence from the battle was why the Alliance lost and 3 of the 4 PCs did find their way back in time which altered the timeline from which they had originally been absent, but the alternate timeline never made it to the time of RotJ to see if they successfully restored film canon and completely prevented that awful future.

However the premise the original timeline above diverged from RotJ and the premise of the OP seems to be that RotJ happened pretty much as is so is asking how our campaigns diverged from the sequel trilogy. I've had two other campaign worlds which diverged from film canon before TESB, but again that is probably not what you are going for in this question. (The only film canon that for sure existed in all of my campaign worlds is ANH!) However those divergences were all in my first decade of playing this game so I've long been including the classic films and prequels in my campaign metaplots. Even since then I've stayed close the classic era - I just recently ran my first prequel era adventure ever.

I've adopted Rogue One and Solo into my personal canon (except that was Mauul in Solo instead of Maul). But the Sequel Trilogy is still up in the air for me pending Episode IX. I've adopted some aspects of Episodes VII and VIII in my current campaign universe, such as planets, species, droid models, etc. but I'm pre-RotJ right now and will be for a while. I haven't done anything to contradict TFA and TLJ and I doubt anything I'm currently doing will be contradicted by Episode IX, but we'll just have to see how it ends up in December 2019 and I'll decide then if I want to include the Sequel Trilogy into my game's metaplot or not. But I digress again because the OP seems to be asking how your campaigns before TFA came out compare to TFA and TLJ continuity-wise.
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