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Syrin "Lucky" Zendu - Pilot/Engineer
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Naaman wrote:
I am happy to entertain a discussion on black holes as a sort of intellectual growth exercise, however, before I do, I'll defer to your authority over the site once you understand where I'm coming from, so I'll offer full disclosure:

I have researched independently many questions on astronomy and have taken a 100-level college elective in astronomy. After the class, I became very skeptical that astronomy is real science since many of my basic questions were left unanswered, or else were amswered by credentialed PhDs with what felt like cop outs.

So, taking what I know and combining that with what I have been taught (I consider the two things as distinct when having a discussion that centers on critical thinking), the best I can come up with is that things like black holes, dark matter, etc, are astronomy's version of gap theory.

So, I am happy to be shown that I'm missing something, but in my experience, discussions that challenge established status quo often fail to bear fruit.

In any case, I will say that the colective level of intelligence and learnedness around here is quite high, and if anyone has any level of respect for a critically thought out point of view that challenges the teachings of Neil de Grasse Tyson and his ilk, then I'm happy to engage, but only if Whill approves first.

I took that 100-level college course in Astronomy. My astronomy professor (who also taught a lot of my math courses) was very proud to have met the astronomer who discovered Pluto. I've also taken a couple physics courses and have a bachelor degree in mathematics, and to earn that I performed some of the 400-level calculus used in the physics of astronomy. And I have done some research on my own. But all that really got me is a tiny peak into the mysteries of the universe. I know a bit of what I don't know.

This thread has already been severely derailed from the OP. The discussion of breeding was somewhat on topic but then Star Trek and black holes were brought up. As far as you starting another thread about Black Holes, I don't mind alternate scientific theories, but I am a bit concerned by a couple of your statements. As far as I understand it dark matter is "gap theory" (if I read you right on that term), but black holes are a completely different thing than dark matter and should not be lumped in with it. Your skepticism that astronomy is even real science because questions are unanswered sets off an alarm. By unanswered questions I think you are likely referring to cosmology, of which astronomy and physics and are only components. Science is all about asking questions, and sometimes it is finding the right questions to ask. It seems quite an arrogant, human-centric view to expect answers to all the complexities of the universe in human timeframes. I feel it is a severe error in reason to dismiss everything that a science does teach us because of the things it doesn't answer for you. That would seem like a childish, all-or-nothing demand. I have no tolerance for ignorance, anti-intellectualism, antiscience, pseudoscience, fundamentalism and wild conspiracy theories like anti-vaxxer and flat-earther garbage. If your thoughts don't venture into any of that, please feel free to start another thread down in Miscellanea. Thanks.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Whill wrote:
ST09 and ID are my top two Trek movies and two of my favorite movies period. I like Beyond less but still like it a lot - I'm just not sure how it ranks to the other two Trek film series.

As I noted before, I've had (and perhaps still have) some issues with ST09, but I liked ID quite a bit, and (although I missed it in the theater) Beyond is presently my favorite ST movie of all time. Even though I missed it in the theater, I watched it on BluRay and loved it so much that it became my favorite.

I'm just hoping that the negotiations between Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth and Paramount get resolved soon, but as of October 10, according to Karl Urban, he hasn't heard any news on that yet.

Whill wrote:
This thread has already been severely derailed from the OP.

I fully acknowledge my part in that. *runs*
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