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Starfall Recap
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:15 pm    Post subject: Starfall Recap Reply with quote

Inspired by udat's thread here, I thought it might be fun for others who are familiar with the adventure Starfall to read through this recap I did. I ran this about 13 years ago for my oldest kids, but only got around to compiling this summary earlier this year.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


A group of Rebel agents has been assigned to accompany the great engineer Walex Blissex, designer of the Victory-class Star Destroyer, to Kwenn space station. Blissex, now a respected member of the Alliance, received a message from his son-in-law, Imperial Governor Denn Wessex, claiming that the engineer’s daughter Lira is near death. Even though it appeared to be a trap, Blissex could not pass up this chance to reconcile with his daughter.

Whether Lira Wessex, who designed the Imperial-class Star Destroyer based upon her father’s previous work, is truly dying or not seems inconsequential. Upon reaching Kwenn, Walex and his Rebel escorts were captured and placed in the custody of Captain Kolaff, commander of the VSD Subjugator.

Now, trapped within the detention block of the powerful ship, the Rebels have little hope of escape. They can only wait for the eventual return of their captors and the terrible interrogator droid that is sure to accompany them.

Unknown to the Rebels, a couple of bounty hunters sympathetic to the Alliance have recently arrived in system…

Vacta Bosea
Tal Terrafin

The Enforcer-class patrol ship Faithful Thunder is quickly snagged by the Subjugator’s tractor beam. Quarren bounty hunter Vacta Bosea and his bodyguard, Arcona outlaw Tal Terrafin, watch helplessly as Vacta’s ship is swallowed up by the larger vessel.

Later, in the detention block, explosions rock the ship, and the lights and power go out. Lira Wessex’s aide (and Rebel spy) Ourracel breaks out Vacta and Tal, who in turn free Rebel agents Sordel Ragr, Modif Rie, and Voshen Rel. Using glow rods to see in the darkness, the heroes dispatch four detention block guards, then rescue Walex Blissex as he is being questioned by a deadly interrogator droid. Tal pulverizes the droid and assists Blissex as they flee the area, taking out two more guards.

Blissex reveals that he was asked questions about Star Destroyers, and he surmises that the Imperial ship has been attacked, providing an opportunity for escape. The group opens lift doors manually and climbs down a turbo shaft, eventually swimming on top of repulsor fields to make their way out of the passage.

On the Subjugator bridge, Captain Kolaff and Lira Wessex survey intense damage done to their starship by a pirate fleet. Kolaff admits to making a tactical retreat, but gloats as if he has planned a trap.

Blissex begins to recover, informing the team of their location in the large ship and proposing a plan to find a computer work station. Eventually they find a monitor and Ourracel accesses a priority message from Kolaff. They learn that the ship is extremely damaged, barely operational, and rigged to self-destruct in about three hours! Blissex suggests that he can manipulate the destruct mechanism to explode one hour earlier than the Imperials expect, with all of them hopefully escaping beforehand.

The group then enters the engineering section, but they are knocked back by hot air from the raging inferno caused by a burning sublight engine! They carefully climb down a twisted staircase, and the brave explorers barely hang on as an explosion rips the hazardous catwalk from the wall!

As they exit the area, the engine column ruptures, piercing the outer hull from the inside. The group is thrown to the floor by the massive explosion! They trek through the hazardous corridors of the ship and encounter a MSE-6 ‘Mouse’ droid, who relays their location to the enemy.

In a wide corridor they are ambushed from behind by a squad of six stormtroopers, who herd them forward into the path of three others who man a tri-mounted automatic blaster cannon! Captain Kolaff mocks them over the ship-wide comlink as the group is pinned down by laser fire, but the Rebels and their allies quickly carve through the Imperial troops and escape.

They reach a blocked corridor, and as they detour through a repair shop, ten stormtroopers assault them, aided by riot-control smoke. The Rebels elude their antagonists and arrive at a medical station, where a medical droid assists in healing their wounded.

Aboard a battered Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, a stoic Captain Torre gets a status report from Task Force Starfall, the Rebel fleet under his command. He orders them to continue to attack Subjugator, which appears dead in space.

The Rebels make their way to the engine control core, where they find a pulsing power column. Crackling energy streams criss-cross a huge cylindrical shaft, which travels both up and down as far as they can see. They extend a bridge to where technicians are working and order the Imperial workers to flee. After finding a control station, they learn that the attacking fleet is from the Alliance!

Blissex embarrassingly reveals that is unable to operate a computer. He carefully walks Ourracel through the sequence to alter the self-destruct, but finds that the last step cannot be completed, likely due to tampering by the only person who would know how – his daughter!

Suddenly another trap is sprung and eight doorways open on their level, each containing a wall of six stormtroopers! With all exits blocked, Kolaff again mocks them over the loudspeakers. The Imperials open fire, and the adventurers engage them in battle, some hand-to-hand and others with blasters. Tal tosses a number down the shaft and the Rebels valiantly dispatch many of the enemy. Walex takes a hit and drops to the ground. After a long firefight that sees many downed stormtroopers, Walex recovers enough to suggest a method of escape. Ourracel alters the energy from the beams to create a repulsorlift field, and the Rebels leap into the shaft itself, using it as an improvised turbolift.

In the bowels of the Star Destroyer, they find an engineering section without power. They open blast doors to reveal a raging energy storm caused by an overflowing power cell! Carefully, the outlaws dodge beams of energy as they race along a ledge to safety. In a nearby supply room, they find computer information that shows Kolaff is having a shuttle readied in hanger bay G-12.

On the bridge, Kolaff assures Lira Wessex that the Rebels are dead. She coldly ridicules him, expressing doubt about that fact and questioning his competence.

The fugitives climb into a cramped corridor that serves as a passageway for maintenance and labor droids. As they traverse the tunnels, they are swept up by a group of escaping robots. Nearly crushed by the throng, which is comprised of droids of all kinds, they pull themselves clear as an explosion sounds ahead. The droids turn down a side passage, and the Rebels meet Imperial protocol droid T-3PO, who offers his assistance. His offer is declined, but the droid follows them anyway, belittling and insulting them; Tal responds by tearing it to pieces.

Blissex warns that time is getting short; simultaneously an automated turbolaser lowers from the ceiling and another Mouse droid appears. Quickly the squad dispatches both mechanical adversaries and journeys on. As they travel through the twisted wreckage, they avoid flying debris and navigate collapsed passages. Viewing the disintegrated underside of the Star Destroyer, they see the atmosphere boil away through large holes in the torn hull!

After moving past a battered Y-wing fighter that penetrated the hull, they move into an area of exposed superstructure without gravity. As they cross the giant chamber, stormtroopers trained in zero-G tactics launch themselves toward them from the opposite end and attack! Combat is difficult, but the Rebels pick up on the maneuvers used by the enemy, taking some of them out and eluding the rest to make their way to the opposite side.

After reaching a gravity-filled corridor, a squad of Star Destroyer troopers chases and herds them into hangar bay H-12, one level above the bay with Kolaff’s shuttle.

Smoke fills the area and obscures vision. As the outlaws enter, they are ambushed by six waiting stormtroopers and four AT-STs! Amid a hail of laser fire, Blissex and Vacta make their way to a control station, where they start clearing the smoke and call the lift up to their level. The lift arrives with an AT-ST on it, which hums to life with Captain Kolaff at the controls! As he blasts at them, the Rebels make their way past a squad of stormtroopers and man empty AT-STs themselves, evening out the odds. Tal climbs atop Kolaff’s walker and uses his claws to rip open the top of the vehicle. With a single blow he kills the Imperial Captain.

The battle is intense, and the outgunned champions prevail after disabling and destroying most of their opponents.

Manning their commandeered AT-ST, they lower the lift to hanger bay G-12 and engage a half dozen more troopers, while a person in Imperial robes watches everything from a control tower. The mysterious figure flees into a corridor, and Tal gives chase. Lira Wessex throws back her hood and pulls out a thermal detonator from the sleeves of her robe. As she gets ready to throw it, Walex appears beside Tal. A wave of droids smashes into her and carries her away, and the grenade bounds toward the startled agents. Tal grabs Walex and leaps for cover, and the corridor is sealed by falling debris when it detonates!

Two Imperial pilots attempt to stop the victors, but are quickly eliminated. The group boards Kolaff’s shuttle and the Faithful Thunder, and warns the Alliance fleet as they flee the destroyed ship.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very cool, Doug! Thanks for sharing this! And welcome back!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a great read and, as someone who knows how much work goes into write ups, thanks so much for taking the time to share! It's added to my excitement about running this in a few months' time! I hope you share more soon!
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