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Single player campaign ideas
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Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:01 pm    Post subject: Single player campaign ideas Reply with quote

Alright, so my friend wants me to run him through a solo campaign, similar to The Mandalorian, without it being a Mandalorian campaign...

Here's what we came up with... We're calling it "The Fixer".... New Republic era, early on, maybe 2-3 years after Endor... the PC is a guy with a shady bacvkground (criminal record, or perhaps a large debt... something that saddles him, a huge burden...). He is approached by General Cracken... Cracken is looking for a fixer to get things done for him, outside of official NR business.... "you work for me, not the New Republic"... he needs a guy to spy, kill, clean things up, etc etc etc on his behalf... Cracken can clean up his mess so he can get on with his life in exchange for him working as his fixer.

The PC would be solo, although I'm going to give him a companion droid (reskinning the dog droid in GG 8 Scouts into the little backpack droid in the Fallen Order video game). He's going to fly around in a ship like the one they use in Episode 9, the one out in the desert, which is a pretty cool ship.

So here's where I need your help... Help me come up with missions for The Fixer. Where would Cracken send him, what dirt work would Cracken need done?
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have had a couple of ideas for solo campaigns , and have even ran some with a freind of mine.

I had one where the player was an imperial defector, sort of accidentally and through his journey he hadto avoid the empire that was looking for hime, and ended up "good guying" much stuff, becommin an accidental and extremely reluctant rebel.

There is naturally the "fallen order" type game, you caan be a former padawan youngling in hiding and on the run.

The typical gunslinger/mercenary of the mandalorians are great too.
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Xain Arke
Line Captain
Line Captain

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 9:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

On mission ideas, I guess it depends on if you are going Expanded Universe (Legends) or Official Canon, because the galaxy
is very different in each case.

Either way though, you could have missions involving Imperial war criminals that have gone to ground. Imperial military weapons
and vehicles leaking onto the black market and into the hands of criminals. Pirates with powerful Imperial vessels they stole from
NR ship yards would be a problem. There were a metric ton of superweapon plans that could be devastating in the hands of criminals
or other military powers. Imperial agents similar to your PC could be out there trying to destabilise the fledgling New Republic. There
are also those Imperial infiltrator droids from the Rebels Cartoon, they would be a huge problem as assassins targeting New Republic
Senators and Diplomats out there trying to make new friends and allies. A small unit of Death Troopers would make terrifying
mercenaries for hire in the Outer Rim. How would the NR deal with a former Rebel Alliance operative who can't let go of the conflict
and starts a terror campaign against former Imperials who just want to live in peace.

On the Droid: I did a conversion from SAGA edition to D6 of that cool little droid from Jedi: Fallen Order if you wanted to use that
instead of a reskin.

BeeDee-One [BD-1], Exploration Droid [Masculine Programming]
Type: BD Model Exploration Droid
Degree: Second
Dodge 4D+2, Electroshock Probe 3D+2
Alien Species 5D+1, Cultures 5D+1, Languages 4D+2, Languages: Basic (Understand only) 5D, Languages: Binary 5D,
Planetary Systems 5D+1, Scholar: Archaeology 5D+1, Scholar: Galactic History 5D+1, Scholar: Jedi Lore 5D+1
Communications 6D, Sensors 6D
Investigation 4D, Search 5D+1
Climbing/Jumping 4D
Computer Programming/Repair 9D+1, First Aid 7D+1, Security 6D, [A] Slicing 5D, Space Transports Repair 6D,
Starfighter Repair 6D
Equipped With:
Walking Locomotion (2 legs)
Magnetic Feet (Allows droids to move normally across unstable or slanted metallic surfaces, like a ship’s exterior)
Jump Servos (+1D+2 to all Jumping rolls)
2 Claw Appendages
Climbing Claws (+1D to all Climbing rolls)
Electroshock Probe (3D Stun/Ion Damage)
Heuristic Processor (the droid is able to use skills it is untrained in)
Automap (actively scans the area within a 20-meter radius of a droid, granting a +2D Search bonus. The scan reveals
terrain, atmospheric conditions, electromagnetic signatures, and lifeforms. Scan also includes navigational information,
such as the droid's direction and speed when readings were taken as well as global coordinates if linked to an orbiting
source of data. Requires a Moderate Computer Programming/Repair roll once per hour to maintain orbital link)
Scomp Link (+1D to Computer Programming/Repair rolls)
Internal Comlink (range of 50 kilometres in clear weather. Monitor up to 10 frequencies simultaneously)
Holographic Recording Unit
Power Calibrator
Medpac Reservoir (Equivalent of 5 Medpacs)
Spotlight (Projects beam of light up to 50 metres)
Data Storage Module
Thruster (Hover only, cannot Fly)
Various Tools
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 5
Move: 5
Notes: 4 unused additional Languages at 5D
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PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2021 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know I am late to reply, and not sure if your still looking for ideas, but here are some crumbs that could be worked into adventures. I find with solo games the key is in keeping the opposition in relative low numbers and focusing more on story, puzzles, actions, and skills.

The General needs something safely transferred from one place to another.
The General needs the player to meet a contact or even himself.
The general needs something stolen (Data, Plans, Equipment) - this could be expanded if the player needs to assemble a crew of NPCs to work with.
The player needs to get in good with a local gang, pirate group, or remnant Imperial Unit.
The general needs the player to track down someone or something...or on a larger scale a scavenger hunt
The General wants the player character to gather information on a person, place, item, etc...
The general wants someone killed...I urge caution with this type, and the person or being should undoubtedly deserve it...or it could take the game in a very non-Star Wars direction.

There are numerous variations to these themes, with multiple plot complications and tie ins. You can also mix and match...for example the item being Couriered turns out to be a sentient being.

You could also consider, if the campaign is to remain a solo campaign for a prolonged period, allowing the player extra skill dice at character creation to account for no other player support, I would also create a few reoccurring friendly NPCs to show up periodically to help get the player out of trouble (or into the case may be).
"There's a set way to gain new Force Points and it represents a very nice system, where you're rewarded for heroism, not for being a poor conductor to electricity." ~Jachra
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