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MrNexx's RPG Bibliography
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:15 pm    Post subject: MrNexx's RPG Bibliography Reply with quote

Whill wrote:
MrNexx wrote:
And, one thing I point out is I have more RPG design experience than the designers of WEG d6 (among other systems) could have possibly had. I've got 30+ years of designing and modding RPGs, while, by the time R&E came out, RPGs had only really been a codified thing for 22 years...

Could you post your RPG bibliography somewhere? I'd love to see it.

Since Whill asked, I'll try to break it down a bit. My first published, semi-professional work is Rifter #10, from 2000. I count my experience from 1990, when I made my first games.

First of all, you have to consider my unpublished work. While I started writing RPGs in about 1990, but I was 13, and they were crap... like a knock-off of Palladium's After the Bomb using only d6s (not the d6 system... just d6s). This is also before the internet, so I don't have those early works saved anywhere.

I've got two big archives of my old stuff... is my website from the late 90s, early 2000s, mostly from before "my" first book was published. There's also, which is my more recent site, where stuff I consider finished enough, but reasonably unsaleable, gets published. This includes stuff for d6 SW, conversions of other material, system hacks, and the like. A lot of this stuff gets cannibalized for other things. I've got Savage Worlds conversions of Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Shadowrun, and even a short one of Dragonlance. I wrote some fan stuff for Savage Rifts, d6 conversions of Robotech, stuff for 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D. I converted all of 2nd edition AD&D to a points-based create-a-class system, and I am planning on integrating race creation into the system, as well.

You can also see some of my published work at DriveThruRPG.

Beyond that, let's talk systems and companies for my published work.

Ars Magica:
I was on a big Ars Magica and neopagan kick in the late 90s, early 00s, and wrote a decent sized article on House Diedne, the druidic house that was destroyed in the Schism War in Ars Magica's history. This got picked up and published in a fanzine called "Mythic Perspectives". I've ported it to my blog, at the link above.

Kind of the big one. I was introduced to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness at about 1990 (which is when I consider my design career to have started), and branched into Robotech, Rifts, and Palladium Fantasy, with a lot of Palladium's other stuff serving as inspiration. In addition to a MASSIVE amount of fan content, only some of which is at the editors-wastebasket or blogspot links, I was published several times in the Rifter, their fan submissions quarterly (I know I was published in 10, 16, 25, 34, 38, and 49, but I can't remember if there are other issues). I was solicited for their "Tales of the Chi-town Burbs", and wrote a story, but they lost the manuscript. I published the story on my blog. I also wrote a book, Mysteries of Magic, which I originally finished in 2002, revised in 2006 (they lost the manuscript), and was finally published in... gods, I can't remember, and my PDF copy doesn't list the year. The published version is about 1/4-1/3 of what I wrote, and the editing is atrocious, and I had to threaten legal action to get paid, so I more or less stopped doing things for Palladium.

Third Eye Games
Two published, two unpublished. I'm not sure if the API anthology came first, or the unpublished work on the Burners, a race in their Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. game came first. I think it was the Burners material (I was responsible for writing about political factions, plus some spells, some equipment, and an adventure), which led to Eloy asking me to write a short story for the Anthology. When he wanted to convert the API Canada book to Savage Worlds, he came to me, but that hasn't been published (I think API has mostly fallen by the wayside from them). On the strength of that work, I was asked to convert HP Lovecraft Preparatory Academy to Savage Worlds. I describe it as "Harry Potter, but inspired by the Mythos instead of Tolkien and racism."

Kenzer & Co
I really got into their new Hackmaster game, and so I've written a lot for it, including 4 books which are, as yet, unpublished, and some material that made it into the Hacklopedia of Beasts 2 (the Meadow Spider, the moose, and a conversion of some of their old material, the Sharjani). I've got a big project I'm considering submitting to Knights of the Dinner Table, but haven't gotten off my @$$ to do it.

My unpublished books include:

*Shadesh West. A gazeteer of part of their world, Tellene; this one is under contract. Orcish tribes led by an undead warg and what may be an orcish demigod, human tribes based in part on First Nations tribes, centaurs who hunt massive alcoholic life forms, a colony of gnomes, lesbian halfling communes... lots of stuff. Part of this one was a conversion of an old adventure, The Hungry Undead, set in the area.
*The Krond Heights. Submitted, but not under contract. Another gazeteer of the mountains adjacent to the Shadesh West, including frost giant kingdoms and a massive goblin empire, and the humans and halflings stuck in between. Also, one of the original trolls, from before the Fall of the Titans, and a coven of hags keeping some horrible creature asleep beneath a salt lake.
*Blood & Sunshine: Grel and Pixie Fairies. Submitted, but not under contract. A book about two different races; they were imported to Tellene because they were popular in old Hackmaster, but needed a proper place in Tellene... especially the Grel, who are nomadic marauders.
*The High Cantons: Submitted, but not under contract. Gazeteer about an area in the east of their world... Tharggy, a country led by women in a constant war with their expansionist neighbors across the mountains, Thybaj, a nation that has been at peace more or less since its founding, and the Vrykarr Mountains (and some associated highlands and such). This started as an excuse to examine two other races imported into Tellene, the gnome titans (a subrace of militant gnomes; I worked out where they lived and what their history must be like), and the grevan, a race of giant marauders, most of whom are under the control of a broken artifact, but writing about the one meant I had to write about the rest of stuff to connect it... talking about the Vrykarrs meant I had to talk about Thybaj which meant I had to talk about Tharggy.

This is in addition to a TON of other stuff. I've written like five or six different forms of magic for them (Shamans, Sorcerers, Illusions, Psychics, Evangelists... and those are off the top of my head), some social combat rules, and a project to turn most of the humanoids into playable races (or, as I like to use them, NPCs developed along PC lines), and a couple classes or other options. I also self-published a small anthology (two short stories) set on Tellene, which are mostly westerns-set-in-fantasy.

Library Ogre Publishing
My own imprint. Currently, it only work is the anthology above, but I've written most of two books, and my wife is working on the art for the first one. They're both Savage Worlds, and about mutant animals in the vein of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first, Mutant Dawn, is set in the present day, with mutant animals rare and fairly new. The second, Mutant Rise, is a cyberpunk setting. A planned third is Mutant War, which will be post-apocalyptic. This series is mostly to introduce my Life Path system, letting you make PCs and NPCs based on where they come from, while keeping it mostly in line with the standard character creation.

And that's what I can recall of my professional and amateur stuff.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow. Thanks for sharing!
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