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Going Crazy with Custom Micro Machines
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 4:55 pm    Post subject: Going Crazy with Custom Micro Machines Reply with quote

So my kids got really into the Action Fleet stuff recently and this has set me down a path of restoring the old regular unposeable Micro Machines sets. I'm thinking I'll generously populate each 1990's planet in the series with figures from assorts sets and see what I can pull off. Hoth and the Death Star are well underway. But there's also Rogue One and The Force Awakens... Sadly these lines ended too soon and had precious few figures. I will be collecting a modest set of playsets for these and filling them out appropriately. First off I've got a small Jakku set coming, which sadly only included Poe and some weird spaceship. So I have made a custom Finn in Stormtrooper armor, and will sell the spaceship. It will be replaced by Rey on Speeder Bike instead because apparently the hashtag Whill mentioned was very strong with this line. Rey micro figures are all but nonexistent. I may do a custom repaint to get Rey with a lightsaber for the small Starkiller Base playset. Time will tell.

Finn looks awful in his closeup. The camera magnifies flaws that the human eye doesn't normally see. But at "playing distance" he's fine. I made him from an old Han Solo. More to follow as various eBay lots arrive in the mail. Unfortunately Rogue One only has a Death Star playset which folds out to be DS1, Jedha, and what appears to be the interior of the Scariff base. If I am diligent I can score a whopping 6 original characters from 3 products to populate this gargantuan play environment with. Guess I'll have to fill it out with Vader, Tarkin, assorted imperial troops, and probably put some rebel fleet troops facing a Darth-With-Saber figure into one of the interior spaceshippy looking parts of the set, ie, either part of DS1 or inside the halls of Scarriff base.

And yes my kids are psyched when they look over my shoulder and figure out that half the time I'm on the computer is toy shopping.

Edit: Had to replace the Finn photo. That was a failed attempt to repaint Luke. I liked his posing better but his hair was too 3D for Finn, so I used the Han figure and a slightly lighter brown for his skin.
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