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Welcome to the House Rules Forum
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:42 pm    Post subject: Welcome to the House Rules Forum Reply with quote

How to Gamemaster, R&E p.69 wrote:
Never Let the Rules Get in the Way of a Good Story. You only have to use the rules you want to use...

Use Your Judgement. You have to use your judgement to decide what is and isn't possible in the game. You have to decide what's "reasonable" and "in the spirit of Star Wars"...

Interpret the Rules. No set of rules can cover every situation. It's expected that you will make up new rules to suit the needs of your game - create whatever rules you need to make your game fun and exciting...

The Rules, R&E p.73-74 wrote:
If you're going to be the gamemaster, you need to know the rules.
You've got even more latitude in your game. First, you only have to use the rules you feel like using. Why? Because it's you're game. Run it the way you want to.

Next, if you don't like the rules here, make up your own.

When you're running your game, you can choose which rules to follow strictly, which rules to overlook... and which to make up when you think they're needed.

Welcome to the House Rules Forum. Share, discuss and develop new rules and modifications. Request and provide house rule suggestions. Please note that House Rule discussions often include discussing Official Rules (and vice versa). The rules as written in The Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded (1996) is the default version of official rules being referenced unless otherwise specified or obvious from context.

Please make special note of the following from the Forum Posting Guidelines:

Consensus and Criticism. There is never any requirement to achieve consensus on anything discussed on these forums, so please do not feel inhibited from expressing a minority opinion. And asking for thoughts opens the door to a wide range of responses, including criticism. Even without asking, posting anything invites criticism. It is unrealistic to only expect support for an idea you post, and if you can’t handle criticism please reconsider posting it. On the other hand, if you vehemently oppose an idea and/or don’t have anything to add to the discussion, please consider just moving on. And in any case, please try to keep criticism constructive when possible.

For example, if someone wants to develop a house rule to solve a problem you do not have with RAW in the first place, it is quite pointless to argue against the very premise of the house rule you will not use any version of in your game anyway.

If your Star Wars game system modifications include inserting mechanics like levels, classes/careers, feats/talents, or a significant use of non-d6 dice, please take discussion of your game down to the Other Star Wars Games forum.

Thank you.
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