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Archive of old D6 fan material
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CRMcNeill wrote:
cheshire wrote:
Thanks a bunch for the file, that's fantastic.

No problem. shootingwomprats is still working on the project, but Daniel is pretty much going it alone at the moment. I'm sure any offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I know he feels bogged down in the project and I have had my own projects going on, so I have not been much help. Though it looks like SWRe2 will be out before too long and then hopefully we can get the long anticipated SWDroids book out. Currently I am working on a side-project with a fella who has created nearly 500+ unique items over the past 12 years. A lot of these are tweaked for his shared-universe and really don't do well in the standard SWU, but with a little editing they can be, which is what I am working on.

I would love to get back to converting FFG Star Wars material, but I am also working on the Saga D6 Conversion Omnibus REUP. Which looks like it will be huge and take much more time than I thought it would.

Then of course there is Rogue One, still hardly anything out for Ep.VIII (which just goes to show you how little thought they gave to world creation at all) and of course the many comic books and novels that have come out.

Anyway, I guess, once I get this current project into its first draft I would feel comfortable walking away from it for a bit. The SWDroids still needs some heavy editing, but my editor is doing a good job with that, but he like most of us, has real life stuff going on.

So, the Scoundrel's guide. Would love to help with, but I don't even know where to start.
Don Diestler
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:26 am    Post subject: Re: Thirteen Schmirteen Reply with quote

CRMcNeill wrote:
More info from Johnathan. He is a member of the Pit, under the handle of Trusty. I checked some of his message history, and it looks like I got the two files I had from him; the conversation occurred in September 2012.

I remember Trusty! His last posts here were on September 6th, 2012. Below is those first of those last three posts, when he brought it up here...

Trusty wrote:
cheshire wrote:
NO! No no no... there was a guy around here YEARS ago who said he was working on a new GG 13, and asked for my help. I sent him some stuff to use in it, and after a little while the guy vanished.

Conclusion: GG 13: Scoundrels is the Bermuda Triangle of SW D6 projects. If you make one, it'll vanish. If you head the project YOU'LL vanish. Just stay away... the project is cursed!

Hey, I think I was that guy. I have 16 pages of text for a Galaxy Guide 13: Gamblers and Scoundrels on my hard drive.

I don't think I ever received anything (If I was the guy you are talking about, not saying you didn't send anything, as it may have gotten lost) and so I put it on the backburner. Seeing this post caused me to revisit what I had finished, and I actually like what little is there.

I'd be willing to give it another go if we can get a team together to get it done.

Checking my own activity history here, I was on hiatus from this site in September and October 2012 until October 30th, that fateful day when the Lucasfilm sale to Disney plus new Star Wars movies were announced and I returned here. It is easy to see how I could have missed these posts from a couple months prior. In the immortal world of Lando Calrissian, "It's not my fault!" ...

Checking further, Trusty mentioned the GG 13 Gamblers and Scoundrels project in posts in two threads in 2009. The comments did not did lead to any further discussion about it, and one of the threads indicated that a new GG13 was in the works. I was on the site that day for a single other thread. Blast! Back in 2008 I had even bumped that 2005 thread referring to a new GG13, but it was not clear to me that any original incomplete GG13 had still existed that was being expanded upon. I probably just went back in the discussion far enough to get the latest status of the project. I now see that there was a lot of discussion of GG13 here in 2005, but I didn't join until the site until 2008.

Although it seems evident that there never was a completed GG13, I still feel a bit guilty for expressing so much doubt over the years as to the existence of GG13 in any form. If I had merely done some forum searches I may have at least come across the 2005 posts with dead links to the original document. If I have even unintentionally contributed to the already extreme delay in this project's progress over the years, I am truly sorry.
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