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Star Wars: A Rebel ReWrite
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

garhkal wrote:
I can see that. BUT if the enemy is also lowered in their # of attributes, but don't get edges (as i didn't see anything for 'standard enemies'), it might not balance out.
I also kind of got a reflex jerk, when i read )iirc in the intro chapter) something like "players starting out should be able to tackle film characters starting out" or something to that effect.

One of the things i always admired about the WEG system, was how a starting character, had to build UP to the level of the on-screen heroes.

I'm still working on NPC stuff but my intention is that they are built much as before. You will be able to give them Edges and the like or just simple dice pools as you deem necessary. Since most of what Edges do is just skills, the result will be much the same and the power level similar.

I'm not sure where you are quoting from. Some of this document was assembled from older document and it is possible something slipped through from an older version I didn't intend (as happened with the capital ship stuff). I have lots and lots of versions of the rules from different times over the years when I had different idea. I don't recall ever desiring player characters be able to take on the characters from the films at any point but I suspect what I was saying was that I want a system where you can build characters with a broader range of expereinces but still have them balanced against each other.

I do like, I think, a slightly higher power level for starting characters than was RAW but only very slightly. You should, in my opinion, be able to do (at least with moderate reliability) the thing which is central to your character concept. A Jedi should be able to use some telekinesis and fight with a lightsaber, a pilot should be able to fly his plane, etc. and I always felt that some character concepts were better serviced by the rules in this regard than others. I've tried to even that out.

As for the general power of Edges, I see them more as a character creation and advancement tool. Something evocative that tells a player what he's getting into in a similar manner as a template but with some crunch to back it up. Edges replace attribute advancement, they replace some of the attribute dice you used to get and they replace what Force Points used to do. Over all, a character playing with these rules and one playing raw is going to be slightly better when not spending a Force Point and probably a bit worse when spending one.

garhkal wrote:
As i am more of an ADND player these days, one of the consistent gripes i hear from other DM's on some of the stuff put out latter in 2e's reign, was how some of the kits and other optional stuff gave a lot of 'crunch' for bonuses, but 'balanced them' with only RP Downsides, often never coming up. So in effect, they never had those balancers.
So when i see someone coming up with something like those edges of yours, which do give crunch (actual in game bonuses), but lack anything that can really be considered a down side, i kinda flinch. Especially if those down sides are just pure RP stuff..

Maybe those edges (since you let people star with two), have diametric opposites. If you have edge X, you can't get either of A or B.. Or something like that.. That i could see as being a potential balancer..

This is one of the issues I always had with alien templates in d6 as well. As I said above, I already feel the crunch of the Edges is to some degree balanced by aspects I've removed (including alien templates) and I'm more interested in making sure the roleplaying stuff that surrounds the Edges is evocative and inspires stories for the character. I don't consider it to be a balnacing factor in any way. Even a major roleplaying element is not really a negative. If you didn't want to be chased by an Inquisitor why would you play a Jedi. The fact that the story is now revolving around you and your nature is definitely not a balancing factor for the awesome powers. If anything, its an advantage of the Edge, not a weakness.

garhkal wrote:
Interesting angle. I think the manner WEG was going for, was one had to know the basics (how to repair/strip it down and put it back together) before one could design their own. But as you are an actual engineer, i defer to your judgement there.

Smile I'm not an Engineer. I had some training in that regard, once but my life took another direction. I have friends who work in these fields (some not even due to the fact I once trained as one, which is kinda odd). I think what WEG did makes sense in the context of the films, but I've played with both versions and overall I've found players much prefer this one. It lets them play a broader range of character types and lets them have a go at doing difficult stuff when the need arises.

The only downside I see is that I kinda miss some of the goofy names. Who doesn't want Repulsorlift Repair and Hyperdrive repair on their character sheet. Construction and Electronics just aren't as fun to write down but they do seem (in my experience) more fun to play.

That's kind of ironic, with some of the thread i've read over the years, wanting to the exact opposite, Consolidate the # of dice into being less, and giving flat modifiers in their place.. IE say you had a blaster of 7d, but were on a force point, you could say still roll 8d, but add +21 to it (the ave of 6d).. Or something like that. Some people did feel the "bucket o die" effect of weg did put some players off.

My players always seem to love the 'bucket of dice'. Most of the new players especially. Its one of the things people always talk about whenever we talk about Star Wars now and its one of the things people have been talking about when I said I was planning a return to d6 Star Wars.
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